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An Incredible Journey

Once Ra was positive that moving Flinx wasn't going to cause him any harm, she arranged for his ship to be kept and had him brought onto her own ship. He needed to recover from the injeries he received on Ossus when he fell into a chasm and then climbed out of himself. At the time it happened, Ra had been unable to find her friend and left him there assuming the worst.

However, a few days later they had been reunited and the story explained as to what happened. Now since she had left him there, Ra felt it her duty to make sure he recovered properly and was cared for while doing so.

While she did have some deliveries to make, Ra did not pick up any new business or clients while he was on board. She got him comfortable and secure in her own room instead of one of the other bunks and walked to her bridge, BB-3 staying to watch Flinx and make sure he stayed in bed.

She arranged her take off and flight parameters, took off when she was given clearance and hit the hyperspace level when she was clear of Nar Shadda. Making sure her ship was in order, Ra went to check on Flinx and see if he needed anything.
Ra returned his smile and sat down on the side of the bed, taking off her boots and stretching her toes at their freedom.

"Do you need anything, Flinx?"

She had taken off her cloak already and went about changing her clothes. All of them were in her room where she had her friend so she really didn't have much of a choice but to change in front of him.

Before taking off her clothes, she went and found the two she wanted to change into. A golden top that almost matched the color of her eyes and a white skirt. Not looking to see if he watched her, Ra changed and went back to the bed.
Flinx not being privy to many scocial graces watched her change, however he only payed attention to the cat like lithe framework of her muscles as they moved under her exposed skin. and so she knew that he ment no disrespect he opened their link so that she could make sure he was honest.

"Nothing really right now dear."
Nodding when Flinx answered her, she stood up again and picked up a tablet. Ra held it out to him to look at if he wanted to.

"You need to stay here and rest. Keep your physical activities limited and allow yourself to recover."

Blushing that she forgot he couldn't see, she took the tablet back.

"I'm sorry, Flinx.

I have a few deliveries to make, but then have some time before I would need to get more work."
"Its ok dear, I understand. If you want, while we are in transit we can work on unlocking the holocrons and maybe even work on some aspects of the force." Flinx laid his head back bored but with nothing to do for now he started to drift back to sleep.
"Unlocking the what?"

Ra shook her head in confusion not knowing what a holocron was.

She saw he was drifting back to sleep and made sure he was covered again. Finding a bunk for herself to sleep in, she fell into a fitful sleep.

In her dream, she was on a single path, walking next Flinx. They held hands and were companions. Eventually they came to a splitting in the path. She wanted to go one way and he other. The left hand path was shaded and went down the hill, winding around trees. The path to the right, was flooded in light and lead to a sunny outcropping of rock.

Before a decision was made on which path to follow, she woke up on the floor of her ship having fallen out of the bunk.
Flinx worked himself to a standing position and held onto bb-3. He had the same dream as she was and he felt her fall out of the bunk. He was slowly hobbling toward her using bb-3 and the force to keep himself standing.
Ra shook the dream off and stood up. She heard the sound of Flinx moving around and the comforting beeps of BB-3 urging his master on.

"If you're not back in bed by the time I get there, you're in trouble."

She yelled this out the door and down the hall with no real heat or anger in voice. A smile on her lips as well and that travelled through to him.

"Unless you need to use the fresher, you have to stay in bed."

Meeting him in the hallway, she gave him a dirty look, turned him around.

"Oh do you need to use the fresher?"
Flinx gave her a withering look, "Our dream, it seems we both have a decision to make." He looked at her with a pained look on his face. he knew he woud follow her wherever even if she choe the dark path.
Evidently Flinx was cranky when he first woke up and needed time to drink some caf or something.

"Come on, let me get you back in bed and we talk about this. I'll be right back."

Like caring for a small child that wanted to be into everything, Ra didn't expect him to stay in bed after she got him there.

Quickly making the caf for them both, Ra returned with two mugs and placed on the table next to the bed.

"Our dream, what are you talking about? That was my..."

Her voice trailed off and she remembered their connection, he shared his dream with her the other day and now she had shared his.

"Am I going nuts or something?"
Still lost as to what Flinx was talking about Ra just shook her head and looked at her friend quizzically. He may not be able to see the look, but he should feel it.

"Light, dark-what are you talking about?"
Flinx looked in his friends direction and softly sighed. He hated that he wasn't very eloquent.

"Ra, the force. The force is wanting you to choose, dark or light?"

Flinx really felt tired. Something just felt wrong, slept but yet he still felt tired. He was fighting to keep conscious. She needed him right now and honestly he was afraid to sleep. To many dreams had been haunting him and he was legitimately scared of falling asleep.
Ra let out a small growl of irritation, not directed at her friend but at the situation. He needed to recover and she needed to know what he was talking about.

"Tell you what. Go to sleep and I'll keep watch over you. When you wake up, I'll sleep."

She could sense he was afraid of sleeping, but didn't know why. Reaching out a hand to lightly touch his leg, Ra reassured Flinx she would be there when he woke up.
Flinx sighed before he saw it. It was hanging over her bed. It was a dream catcher just like the one she had made him that now resided on his docked ship on Nar Shadda. He slowly fell into a deep almost coma like sleep.
Ra drank both her cup of caf and the one she had brought for her friend. Though that was rather chilled by the time she got to it. Picking up the datapad, she went through the next few days schedule, trying to figure out a way to cram things together and make the deliveries faster. Not seeing any, she let out a sigh and perused other reading material on the pad. All the time, she was keeping her ears on Flinx to hear when he started waking up.
Flinx slept way longer than normal, all the while sinking deeper and deeper into his coma. As time passed his body slowly started fixing itself, but in the process Flinx looked like he had aged a few years, not a whole lot but enough to be noticeable. His hair now blanched white and grew longer. Whether this was biological or done by the force Flinx was unsure, but by the time he was fully healed Flinx saw the three force weilders in their humanoid forms. Each spoke in turn first the winged goddess, then the fanged god, and finally the bendu.

"Flinx, we know you have had a rough life. Unfortunatly, we cant change what was. But these gifts we do give to you. From myself, Ashla, i give you your heart and life, you will live longer than those of your kind. May you add beauty to those around you and use your charm and heart to help others."

"Flinx, you see yourself as weak, and as you are you are right. Now I, Bogon, give you strength so that you may weather the trials ahead. Not all of this will be tests of physical strength, however you will also have the mental fortitude and stregnth of will to survive."

"Young one, I, the Bendu, give to you the knowledge and will to not stray from your path, whatever it may be. Be mindful of what you see, be the one to see both light and dark. You have the potential to bring peace to the galaxy, but only if you find the peace in yourself."

The three now spoke as one as the changed ito their natural forms to leave. "Go now and learn what has allways been there, the path of balence and peace. We put our trust in you, Flinx."

With a gasp of relife and shock i sit bolt upright in the bed beside Ra and hug her glad to back to myself again.
While Flinx slept, Ra caught bits and pieces of his dream and watched as he healed overnight. She sensed he had moved beyond even her touch and went to get more caf during this time. After going through about five more glasses and having a hard time staying awake, Flinx jolted awake and grabbed Ra in a huge embrace. She blinks a few times and looks down at him.

"Nice to see you awake.
How are you feeling?"

She could see he had aged and wasn't sure how that was possible, but he was healed and whole once again.
" I feel like I have lived years in only a few hours." He looked at her and felt like they were even more equal as beings and friends. He got up to a multitude of cracks and pops.

"You sleep while I get us some food started."

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