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Approved Tech Amnesia

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][ A B S O L U T I O N ][


Intent: To create a primary weapon for Kyrinov

Image Source: Here - 4th Post Under “Shared Folders”

Canon Link: N/A

Primary Source: Vibrosword


Manufacturer: Kyrinov

Affiliation: Kyrinov

Model: Custom Vibrosword

Modularity: None

Production: Unique

Material: Havod hilt, Durite blade, Sullust Leather casing, vibrosword components


Classification: Swords

Size: Average

Weight: Average [3 kilograms]


Razor Sharp
Heavy, For Most Beings To Wield


[ + ] Knife Through Butter - Amnesia will cut through most standard material with extreme ease

[ + ] Ez Pz Fix - Repairing Amnesia is easy to do if you understand how to work a few key wires and systems

[ + ] Cortosis Boost - Like most vibroweapons, Amnesia is laced with cortosis which allows it to stand against lightsabers and even short them out temporarily.

[ + ] Home Training - Because of his culture as an Epicanthix, his younger years were spent building up strength, speed, and grace in different martial combat styles. It is because of this that Kyrinov is able to wield Amnesia with a single hand instead of the traditional two.


[ - ] Electricity Begets… - If the weapon is struck with an electrical current, the user may be electrocuted… or have their hand blown off. Whichever comes first.

[ - ] Ion/EMP Shortage - Ionic and/or EMP bursts/blasts can disable the generator and the user will be at a disadvantage for a short time.

[ - ] Brute’s Weapon - By most weapons standards, vibroswords are heavy. Most beings must use two hands to wield it.

[ - ] Don't Point Knives - The blade of Amnesia is kept razor sharp. Both the user and the opponent must be careful not to be cut by it.


Amnesia. Kyrinov’s first weapon that he ever crafted himself. It was made before he became Sith, and now serves as the sole reminder of who he was before his name was ever “Kyrinov”. The sword holds a special place in the man’s heart for that sentiment alone.

However, he also prefer this weapon whenever a more... morbid mood strikes the Sith Knight. On those particular days, the weapon is his favorite simply for the fact that he can feel skin and tissue and bone give way as metal craves into another mortal’s body to steal their life or sap their strength. There is a twisted pleasure in the impact of blade and flesh.

The perfect weapon for a sadist such as he.


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As per RM rules:
2. Under no circumstances are two restricted materials allowed per submission. New alloys created by blending two or more restricted materials are not allowed.
  • You have both Impervium and Cortosis. Remove one.

Kyrinov said:
Heavy, For Most
  • This seems to be an unfinished sentence.

Kyrinov said:
Ion Shortage - Ionic bursts/blasts can disable the generator and the user will be at a disadvantage for a short time.
  • Is this also true of EMP? If yes, please add it in, just for clarity's sake.
Looks good elsewise. Just these couple minor edits, and we should be good to go. :)
][ A B S O L U T I O N ][

Changes made:
  • Changed Impervium to Havod
  • Added a Sullust Leather casing
  • Complete sentence: "Heavy, For Most Beings To Wield"
    Added Home Training strength to justify/clarify this in regards to Kyrinov

[*]Added Don't Point Knives weakness to balance the number of strengths out
[*]Added EMP to Ion/EMP Shortage

If anymore changes need to be made, please let me know ;)
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