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Approved Tech AMBER Pistol

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Rainbow Smurf


Intent: To create a blaster for firing the AMBER in the Ambered Alert mini-event
Image Source: Aaron de Leon
Canon Link: n/a
Restricted Missions: Ambered Alert event
Primary Source: n/a

Manufacturer: [member="Terrance Olavi"]
Model: Pistol
Affiliation: Only Olavi and his crew will have these on hand (unless they are killed and someone steals it)
Modularity: No
Production: Semi-Unique
Material: Durasteel, pistol components

Classification: Blaster pistol
Size: Small
Weight: Light
Ammunition Type: Tiny two-part capsules that carry Catalyst A and Catalyst B within them.
Ammunition Capacity: 20
Reload Speed: Average
Effective Range: Personal
Rate of Fire: Average
Stopping Power: Very High
Recoil: Low

¤Small capsules for bullets
¤Minimal recoil

+Powerful Impact: The specialized capsules keep the ingredients of the AMBER separate until it hits the target.
+Minimal Recoil: Given that the capsules are small and lightweight, there is less energy needed to fire them, giving the weapon a minimum recoil.
-Short Range: This is not meant for the battlefield, but for ambush and personal purposes.
-Dangerous Ammo: You do NOT want to get hit by the capsules yourself, less you run the risk of getting AMBERED. So try to avoid accidental firings.
-Not Compatible: Designed specifically to fire the specialized capsules, this pistol cannot be modified to fire any other type of ammo.

The AMBER Pistol is the safest way to carry the latest creation by Terrance Olavi. It's small size and light weight makes it easy to use. The chamber itself is designed to keep the capsules safe, so that if dropped or hit by a small impact, the capsules would remain intact. However it is useless at firing any other type of ammo. Depending on the type of capsules inside (small, medium, large), the targets struck would become AMBERED. The more capsules fired in quick succession, the larger the field of AMBER created. It could be used for anything from AMBERING someone's hand or foot, to an entire room full of people. As this is meant to be very unique to sell for the highest of prices, there is only 7 in existence.
Not open for further replies.