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Always More Trouble

Burn the Mantle
Location: Saleucami, nearby crash site
Objective: Search and rescue

The last number of hours had been beyond hectic. Earlier that day Kaalia had been at home with the expectation of enjoying a day with her family, but now she was on a ship that had just touched down on the surface of Saleucami after she had been contacted to ask for help. The message came out of nowhere and left her scrambling to get to the coordinates of a crash site to search for survivors, but at the same time the woman was nothing short of flustered because of who had contacted her. It had been sent by [member="Hazel Zanteres"], someone who had completely disappeared without a trace a long time ago. Had the situation not been as urgent as it was Kaalia would have asked about what had happened, but that simply had to wait.

As the tip of the boarding ramp of her ship came down to the ground Kaalia wasted no time disembarking and beginning a sprint towards the crash site that was only a few hundered meters away. Someone important to Hazel was on the vessel that had crashed here and if the person were still alive there was no time to lose, a fact that was at the root of the redhead's sense of urgency. As she approached the wreckage, she pushed her sight though the Force outwards and what she saw was the signature of another within, causing her to double time towards it.

She came to a stop at the downed ship, noticing the boarding ramp was likely the easiest way in. It had been damaged quite heavily and a strong pull assisted by the Force would likely bring it down, a plan that was immediately put in action. It did not take long to do so- as her mind focussed the ramp began to creak and eventually came crashing down, granting Kaalia access to the interior of the ship.

"Are you okay? I was sent here to help," she exclaimed while approaching the interior, looking through the newly created entrance for any clues that would lead her to the one she felt through the Force. "Do you need any help?"

[member="Xerxella Zanteres"]

Voices of The Deep

◈ A Z U R E ◈
"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"
At times, it would be effortless to believe that wreckage within the forest was not a ship at all, but rather she was within the decomposing innards of a bloated, fly-infested corpse; the darkness overwhelming, pouring like inky nightfall from the treetops to drench the undergrowth below. Vultures came to roost where the scent of death was strongest; The electrical sparks becoming the only source of light within the shuttle save for the febrile glimmer of her volcanic golden eyes which pierced the darkness like daggers.

The creatures gaze lowered as inhaled the smell of decay, scenting for something that she, herself, was uncertain of. Picking out a particular smell around her that constantly reeked of death could be realistically dismissed as impossible, and yet even that memory she clung to with such tenacity was smothered by what felt like an eternity of slumber. As long as she spent in isolation, repeating memories of past brutality and nauseum, there were still links missing from the chain. The Beast had felled so many opponents throughout her life that as her fraying memory betrayed her, each experience of maiming insignificants began to blur together into a writhing pastiche of anonymous faces. She picked at the pieces of her subconscious held dangling, mulled over the memory of biting into someone's throat; the gush of blood painting the inside of her mouth.

Perhaps that was why she remained, even when she loathed the stagnation that gripped her life at times despite all the obstacles she had conquered. This place was dying. Or rather, it had died long ago. Gallar ceased to think of it as pitiful a long time ago. She recognized the parallels between her and this rotten, lonely tomb that she was trapped in.

Where she sought the remnants of an old empire, in hopes of reliving moments of bloodshed that had since blurred together in animalistic frenzy -- she instead found herself very still and very...very quiet. Gallar was so divorced from logical senses that when a voice called out to her and a shining light shined through the wrecked interior of the ship she had no way of telling if the stranger was a ally or an enemy, but something about mysterious strangers presence struck her as suspicious.

Then again, to Gallar, everyone was met with a weary eye, especially as of recent. Still, the heavily armored creature would huff, the sheer weight of the mangled steel pinning her down with such efficiency that even with her monstrous strength she could not pry it all away from her.

Gallar's voice issued in a mangled rasp, a guttural snarl not unlike glass thrown inside a blender. It was the voice of someone who had the life choked out of them. "Shnal, ga'vani" she would mutter, followed by a rather horrid collection of clicks and reptilian shrieks to alert the stranger of the position of the trapped creature buried under steel further within the ship.

[member="Kaalia Pavanos"]

Mishel Kryze

In all fairness, Mishel hadn't realized just where she was being sent to.

All she knew was that Hazel sent out a message and by the sounds of things, she seemed - frantic? Upset? Mishel played the message over and over as she moved the Pau City Blockade Runner and the Argosy through the myriads of space. Mishel had time to spare, Coren wanted to meet back on Coruscant for something he called a hunch. A crash site, survivors and more importantly this someone who had gone missing was important to Hazel, mom. So here she was flying out to Force knew where, to find this person, and as she broke through the atmosphere the Force called to her. Something, no someone familiar was here and at first she had a hard time reconciling the aura.

And then as she drew closer to the coordinates, Mishel's eyes went wide Kaalia.

Kaalia had been among the first set of faces Mishel saw when she woke from the tank.

With perhaps more urgency than before, the former Ren moved to set both ships down by Kaalia's. From there she threw off her harness and disembarked her ship, utilizing force speed she managed to run toward the all-too-familiar aura. But before her was the wreckage and the Force begged her to the life first it was her duty as a Jedi and more importantly as Hazel's daughter to help this person. "Right, okay, on three I think we can get this up." Charred metal, dirt and the smell of the crash site was enough to send someone's stomach doubling let alone the site and sounds. "Ready, Sister Kaalia?"

Force help her the name rolled off without a second thought.

[member="Gallar Ahamkara"] | [member="Kaalia Pavanos"]
Burn the Mantle
From the bowels of the ship a response to Kaalia's words came, but it was not the kind she expected. Instead of speaking Basic, whoever was trapped inside spoke in a language she had never heard before, causing her to stop and assess the situation for a moment. Perhaps the being was hostile and dangerous, the mere chance of it forcing her to have to search through the downed vessel in a much more careful manner. The being sounded like they were wounded, but the notion that wounded animals were the most dangerous often applied to sentients in much the same way. Still, she had made a promise to Hazel and she had every intention of keeping it.

"Ready, sister Kaalia?"

Immediately, the woman's mind was fully taken off the ship and settled on the woman that had appeared next to her seemingly out of nowhere. A rush of thoughts flooded her confused mind, the most prevalent being the questions of how she knew her name, and why she had used the term 'sister' of all things to refer to her. Kaalia was convinced she had never met her before, yet not only did she know who she was, it seemed they had both been sent here for the same reason. "W-who are you? How do you know my-" Although it was only a short-lived pain that shot through her head, it caused the redhead to recoil for a moment as flashes from the past somehow began to warp and change. Events of the past suddenly played out differently, with the woman she thought she did not know now present in them.

"Wait," Kaalia said as she shook her head, actively trying to piece together what she looked to say, "I... I do, I do know you." A face of pure confusion and disorientation looked intently at the woman, as if she was making sure she was seeing things right. "Mishel? Is that you?" Although the scene in front of them was quite a grave one, she couldn't prevent the smallest of smiles from forcing its way through the confusion. "Listen, I have no idea what's going on, but after we find out who is trapped in the wreckage and get them out I think I will need your help retracing some steps."

She then turned to face the forcibly lowered boarding ramp, which was only being held up on the left side at this point. "I'm not sure who is in here, but they weren't speaking basic and sounded hurt. Let's be careful."

[member="Mishel Noren"] | [member="Gallar Ahamkara"]