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Alli Vern

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Full name: Alli Vern (Formerly Aurna Vern and Alli Wren)

Species: Human

Age: 30

Human height: 5’ 5”

Human weight: 55 kg

Hair color :red

Eye color: blue

Force sensitive: no

Force alignment: Neutral

Faction: Zweihander Union

Rank: Chancellor

  • History
    Alli Vern has an interesting history. Starting out as Alli wren, she grew up to be the Heir to Baktoid Industrial Systems. After bringing it to a huge success on the global scale the galaxy turned against her. Incidents beyond her control were blamed on her and labeled her a war criminal. Her assets liquidated. She was given a new life. She attempted to bury her old self and had her memories of her former life hidden and lived a while as Aurna Vern but one day that dam burst and her old self was back. She quickly took back control of Baktoid Industrial Systems and integrated her other companies as subsidiaries. Then she ended up joining the Directorate only to help various members break away to form the Zweihander Union. While at first she only let them use one of her A.I’s control their intelligence services like she had for the republic all those years ago. It soon became apparent the government was falling apart due to power grabs. So she rescued as many ZU Citizens as possible and gave them safe harbor in space stations in EE space.Elections run with the survivors elected her as Chancellor. Quickly she installed a Corporate Council and began rebuilding the Union. Then upon discovery of a brand new system in that region of space started the heavy task of colonizing it to let those that wish return to a non artificial habitat.

  • Skills

    • Business Savvy

  • Relationships

    Ex-Wife: Circe Savan
  • Assets

    • TBA
    • TBA
    • TBA
    • Circe Saven

  • Strengths and Weaknesses

    • Genius
    • Beautiful

    • Organic

  • Threads




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[member="Alva Calvarona"]

I am so up for it, as long as you are up for a fun time.

[member="Oka Osaa"]
it hasn't technicly happened yet :D so I don't know lol

Lord Tarantula

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Alva Calvarona said:
[member="Aurna Vern"]

Oh? How about we get to it then. It sounds good to me.
I either want to be a part of that... Or just watch with a huge bag of popcorn. Or both...

Both might be interesting.