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All the possibilities. (Open to RR and ME, anyone else PM to get in)


King of Pumpkins
Teth system
Working with [member="Alkor Centaris"]
Using Rex's ay-92-aquila-starfighter

Tom sat in the pilot's seat along with several toys. He and Alkor had come to the system to have a look around the RR's space. Tom had received word from his dad's old network. His Dad [member="Rex Taff"] had gone missing and so Tom had taken over his company and network of helpers. In doing so he had recently heard rumors that the RR was coming after the ME after a few things.

Firstly there was Myrkr, then there was the SJO debacle and the sullst. He was almost certain this rumour was true. A few sources had told him the RR was readying themselves to hit the mandalorians this excursion was to find out if it was true as he suspected or not.

"Okay Alkor, this is Tom Taff, I am going to go for a look in system in particular at The Graveyard. You can do whatever you need. Remember we are not ME at all. Your signature is for a private group and mine still says the CIS which is where dad got this ship. I will call you if I get into to much trouble." He would then begin scouting the system.

Harley Fenstermacher

remeber it's not personal, just buiness
The Graveyard was the home for the dead mans legion, a sort of voluntary penal military force for the hundreds of Hutt criminals gathered from the crime ridden worlds of Nar Hasska and nearby systems. It was a policy and program that Harley had a big say in, being the current Senator of the once Hutt controlled world, and also the person who had helped fun the entire thing.

As such it was not uncommon to see Harley around the complex checking in on things along with supplying the legion the necessary weapons and equipment, most coming from HCLI. After all didn't want good RR gear to be used by criminals, as such provided a small buffer between the regular military and Dead Mans Legion, also meant if they did something stupid in combat the weapon used would not be tracked back to the republic.

Walking down the corridors the Echani CEO was eager to have the penal battalions try out the new space combat craft the company had been developing, a single seat fighter along with a corvette. "So here is a list of people that have past piloting experience, interesting, finding people for the NH-XV won't be hard, though a full crew for the corvette may be a little harder, not that we are lacking manpower". Each day saw more Hutt cartel members brought into the prison system, just a matter of time to filter out those necessary for the present task.

"Now the next problem... what to have them fight against", unlike ground combat space battles where hard to simulate, they would need a real life battle of some sort to really get a feel for the new wares and how the crew performed.

Aeth Deschart

Risen Empress
RNV Reparate Hope


Tylane was in her cabin looking over star charts. There were various systems that they were exploring the possibilities of. Some were Mandalorian since the Mandalorians had a propensity for attacking Republic allies, but they weren't the only threat in the galaxy either. She had star charts for Galactic Empire space, Sith Empire space, and First Order space as well. Each was equally viable and while they were gathering some military forces at Teth, no definitive target had as yet been identified. There was a lot of strategizing going into their thought process, including whether or not the Mandalorians were really worth the effort since they were more freelance than anything. Plus there was the fact that the real Empire's of the galaxy, the speciest ones, were more of a galactic danger.

"Admiral?" a voice came through her commlink.

"What is it?"

"One of the Picket's detected a hyperspace reversion, but lost tracking immediately after."

"Could be an anomaly or it could be a stealth vessel. Put all of the picket's on high alert and send a squadron of A-wings to recon the area. Have them follow a likely flight pattern that might have originated from the reversion location."

"Yes, ma'am."
She wasn't too worried about it. A single blip wasn't going to do much. If there had been more to it she would have scrambled the fleet to engage. The fighters and pickets could deal with trying to figure out whether it was a radar anomaly or a hidden vessel. She had more pressing matters to attend to. Strategies to formulate. Just to be safe though, she grabbed her commlink.

"Captain put all vessels at yellow status as a precaution."


Better safe than sorry.

[member="Tom Taff"] [member="Harley Fenstermacher"]