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Akarui (Approved!)


Empress of Akarui
As seen from Aku
  • Intent: Create the home planet of my species a new RP spot to develop.
  • ​Image Credit: Planet!
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: N/A
  • Planet Name: Akarui
  • Demonym: Akaran
  • Region: Outer Rim
  • System Name: Hikari
  • System Features:
    Sun: Hikaru Prime; Main Sequence star, tinted a pale blue
  • Orbital Position: First/Second (Habitable zone), reason being, Hikaru San and its orbital neighbor, Hana Kin, have oblong orbital paths, and opposing orbit directions, in which the planets switch positions halfway through the orbital period. In passing, Hana Kin gains its name from the fact that it briefly eclipses the sun and the corona makes the planet appear as a giant “golden flower” in the sky.
  • Orbital Period: 502 days
  • Rotational Period: 36 hours
  • Moons: Five, in order from largest to smallest; Akai Tsuki (Red Moon), Shiroi Tsuki (White Moon), Ao Tsuki (Blue Moon), and the “twins”, Yoi and Aku. Outside of this, the planet possesses a wide set of rings that maintain a geosynchronous orbit with the planet itself.
  • The Hikaru System is only home to three planetary bodies:
    Akarui: The primary planetary body in the system.
  • Hana Kin: Another terrestrial planet in the habitable zone. This planet has an elongated, opposing orbit, with Akarui, which it trades positions with midway through the orbital period. It is another habitable world that holds no sentient life, but is scattered with unknown treasures. Shares very similar dimensions with Akarui.
  • Sakura: A Gas Supergiant towards the outer edge of the system. The massive planet really has no outstanding features, other than its pink color, but is key in the lore and mythology of the Kitsune.

Coordinates: O/60

  • Major Imports: Nothing yet
  • Major Exports: Nothing yet
  • Gravity: 1.7 times standard
  • Class: Terrestrial
  • Diameter: 14,648 km
  • Atmosphere: Type-1, Oxygen/Nitrogen mix
  • Climate: Temperate, but more akin to a Mediterranean climate due to the large ocean and small continents. Only one desert, in the north and one polar cap, being in the south.
  • Primary Terrain: One large ocean with four main continents with a total area of 377,972 square km. From south to north; The south pole is mainly solid ice with few mountain peaks and shorelines that jut out from the thick glaciers. The first continent, directly north, lies length-wise parallel to the southern continent, covered in lush deciduous forests with a mountain chain running along its center. It is split from the second by a narrow sea. The second continent continues the pattern, except for the narrow peninsula on the east side of the land mass. The Capital is on the southern coast of this continent and is surrounded by more forests, no mountains here. The final landmass lies just off the eastern coast of the third continent, except it extends just north of the equator, with more forests in the south that rapidly turns into a sprawling desert that makes up the northern half of the landmass.
  • Major Locations:
    Kitsuhana: The millennia old capital of the Kitsune. Located on the southern coast of the middle continent. The city has expanded over the ages into a bright and sprawling city rising from the surrounding forests and extending out into the ocean. The main hub for all things business and entertainment. Some notable locations include: The Grand Market, Kitsuhana Port, and the Royal Theatre.
  • Taiyou Citadel: Located within the capital itself, nestled within the eastern most corner, the citadel is by far the most prominent landmark within the city itself. For generations, the ruling Queens and their families have resided within it's stark white walls. The citadel can be a self-sustained bastion if needed, with powerful defenses and the Royal Guard stationed within at all times. In current times, the white citadel has somewhat darkened due to the current corrupt leadership.
  • Grove of the Gods: Legend has it, that the origin of the grove was when the Gods descended upon Akarui and brought the planet to life. This legend holds true in two separate parts. The original power that resided was from a Celestial who indeed granted the seeds of life to the planet long before any history records were kept. The second part comes from the time of the Old Republic, when a Jedi Master and her Padawan were drawn to it out of curiosity. This interaction was signaled as a 'Second Coming' of sorts before the Kitsune once again fell off the map. The Grove is now a sacred place that Kitsune with special 'powers' make pilgrimage to in order to gain a deeper knowledge connected to the Gods.

[*]Force Nexus
[*]Size: Location - [Area large enough to be renewed, being both large and powerful. Example is Valley of the Jedi, The Wellspring]
Intent: A sacred spot in the southern mountains, claimed to be where the entire civilization originated from when the Gods descended upon the planet to bring it to life. Members with exceptional 'powers' make a pilgrimage to the grove and meditate to gain it's knowledge and secrets and return as leaders among the people. The powers that radiate within the grove allow those Kitsune who are strong with the powers to commune with nature, the planet, and all other Kitsune (*cough* the Force *cough*). There is no malice held in the confines of the grove, nor is there an excess of light. Currently within the domain of the Toujou clan.

  • Native Species: Akaran Kitsune are the main sentient species. Other flora and fauna exist that resemble non-sentient species on any number of forested planets, but most of the native species have evolved without any outside influences.
  • Immigrated Species: None
  • Population: Moderately populated in terms of primary population as compared to land mass
    Akaran Kitsune: 37 million
  • Hisan’na (Wretched) Kitsune: 4 million

[*]Demographics: With the population of Kitsune on the planet isolated from outsiders, there are no Galactic races found on the planet itself. The Hisan'na however, are outcasts from the southern regions and live primarily within the caves of the northern desert. These Wretched Kitsune differ from their regular counterparts by having devolved into primal versions of themselves while in isolation. Poor vision, muscular atrophy, and a pronounced back arch are only a few visual cues to denote one from the general populace. With the border tightly controlled, one would rarely see one.
[*]Primary Languages: Kitan
[*]Culture: Day-to-day life on Akarui is peaceful and not normally strife with conflict or grief. The Kitsune, being the social creatures they are, gather across the planet and converse with anyone they meet. Whether it be for business or pleasure, there is always rowdy laughter and good natured conversation in the air. They are also a people of music and will you will never go far without hearing some folk song that differs in every rendition it is performed. They have a loose religion based more around multiple Gods and Spirits that guides them in their lives. Shrines and other places of worship are scattered throughout the cities and towns.
  • Government: Totalitarian Stewardship currently in place of the regular Monarchy
  • Affiliation: Kimiko
  • Wealth: Low, compared to Galactic standards due to their isolation, the use of the barter system, and sourcing currency internally. The upper classes, however, can be easily distinguished from the average citizen.
  • Stability: With the complete subjugation of the clans, the planet has the feel of a prison world. All feel the sting of the whip when it comes to the Steward's desires and no one is safe from being tried for treason and sent to the salt mines (figuratively speaking). The nine lead clans have built quite a following of those who desire change and are awaiting the right opportunity to wage open rebellion against the Steward.
  • Freedom & Oppression: With the power hungry Steward sitting on the Throne for nearly the past four centuries with no competition, the Kitsune have lived under her thumb at the whim of her decisions for some time. Though they were once peaceful, they now live in servitude to the Throne under the watchful gaze of the Royal Guard and are treated as slaves. The desire to return to their once former glory has sparked ideas of rebellion across the planet, led, though in secret, by the strongest of the clans.
  • Military: The primary military force planet side is the Royal Guard, who maintain the only technology in the system and use it to great effect at keeping the populace under control. They also manage a handful of Old Republic-era ships used for patrolling and as physiological deterrents to keep the other clans from rebelling. The regular militia is ill-equipped compared to Galactic standards, using mainly handheld weapons such as swords and spears. The clans militias outnumber the Loyalist forces, but are outgunned due to the technological limitations.
  • Technology: Due to the isolation from the Galaxy, the Kitsune have been deprived of technology since the days of the Old Republic. The most advanced tech being from that era and being barely held together by the Royal Engineers for use by the Steward and the Royal Guard. Archaic blaster technology is scarce and only used in Royal Guard units protecting the capital and surrounding land. As far as vehicles, there are only a handful of ancient speeders that are used in the transport of personnel over long distances. Most other ground transport is by foot or pack animals.

The legends state, that the 'Golden Fox' descended upon the planet during the creation of the universe and planted the seeds of life within the crust of Akarui...that is only legend.

The real history is rather cut and dry with the Akaran Kitsune living a relatively peaceful existence in their own little corner of the Galaxy. Keeping relatively safe from outside influences up until sometime around the Great Galactic War. An unknown Jedi Master and her Padawan were drawn to a Force disturbance on the planet. Upon realizing the sentient Kitsune, they sent word to the Republic and began trading with the people. This only lasted for a few decades, when the Republic withdrew and lost all contact and knowledge with the planet.

For the next several millennia, life continued in its own archaic way. Nothing of significance happened until the Gulag Plague, which spread throughout the Galaxy, hitting Akarui hard resulting in the death of over fifty percent of the population. This included the last actual 'Queen' who had no real successor, leaving the throne in the hands of her daughter now known as the Steward.

During her reign, she became disillusioned and power-hungry, secretly making political and social moves without the consent from the leading clans on the council. This led to a build up of friction within the council against the Steward. They began plotting rebellion, but never could actually act on their plans until Kimiko happened upon the planet in her travels.

Her chance arrival caused great cheer from the general populace, seeing the prophesied heir's return had greatly raised their spirits. But the Steward wanted no such thing to occur. Swiftly, she had Kimiko imprisoned, which sparked open rebellion from the clans, and with help of her companions, she managed to escape.

The attempted rebellion had begun, and for a time, the clan's militias had the Loyalist forces on the run. Kimiko had confronted her sister, the Steward, to a duel to decide the fate of their people's future. Ceres bested the younger and less experienced Kimiko, forcing her and the rebellious forces to retreat and lose all the ground they had gained.

Ever since then, Ceres has tightened her grip on the planet, forcing those who rose up against her into servitude. Now, the planet awaits to finally be liberated and join the Galaxy!