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Akara Dalavesta



NAME: My official title is Lady Akara Dalavesta. My given name is Akara Qiera Dalavesta.
FACTION: I am associated with no faction at this time.

RANK: I am a noble, a soldier and an ex-Jedi.

SPECIES: I am an epicanthix echani hybrid, while my body is strong like my fathers my appearance is that of my mother.

AGE: I am in my early thirties.

SEX: I am female, nothing more needs to be said.

HEIGHT: I stand at five feet and six inches.

WEIGHT: My weight is average for a fit woman of my build, including the increased density of my bones.

EYES: My eyes are a amber that I inherited from neither of my parents.

HAIR: A very pale blonde though I tailor it to different shades.

SKIN: I have very pale skin, much like my mother, that contradicts the part of me that is epicanthix.

FORCE SENSITIVE: I am fairly Force Sensitive, though I would not consider myself exceedingly powerful by any means.



  • Unwavering: Very little affects me. While I am capable of expressing emotion, I was raised by my mother to express as little emotion as possible; especially in light of my father's and brother's passing.
  • Capable Fighter: Whether it be a blade, a lightsaber or a blaster I am more than capable of handling myself on and off the battle field. This includes defending others should the need arise.
  • Experienced: Despite my young age I have seen and lived through events many would require years to accustom to. My upbringing taught me that one must adapt. Always.
  • Pitiless: I do not sympathize with those who have risen to great heights and fallen. Nor do I spare empathy for those that have brought about their own misfortune. They must suffer their own misgivings.
  • Merciless: The weak die, the strong survive. If you are unable to survive due to your own inability to endure the test of the galaxy and the dangers it has to offer than you deserve all that you receive.
  • Post-Traumatic: I watched my brother and father die in battle, watched my comrades fight and die for people who didn't care for them. I can not unsee the sights I have seen, my upbringing is what has kept me sane.


I am five feet and six inches of combat capable, lean beauty. While I am not perfect, bearing the scars of battles I have fought and won or lost, I proudly display my figure and cascading blonde locks. Some have said that my eyes are the bottomless well of emotion that I reserve only for myself and those who have earned my concern; whether it be caring or disdain. I am no goddess, but I am hardly beyond appeal; one does not endure what I have and come out pristine and perfectly well kept.

That is not to say that my scars are visible, as many of them are beneath the surface.

I was born into the House Dalavesta on the planet Honoghr, though my family is not well known in the galaxy. I was born a soldier and a noble, raised a soldier and a noble and will die a soldier and a noble; from childhood to adulthood I've known nothing but the shaping of a woman into such a life. While the wars I've fought and the tests I've endured will go unknown by many that I meet, my actions and character will show just what they should expect from me.

The wavering of the Galactic Alliance has spurred me forth from my family's home, and this galaxy is now my home. My mother remains while I strive to show the rest of the galaxy what I have learned from the men that helped raise me. Where I go first is dictated by the rumors I've heard of stirrings south west of Hutt Space. Perhaps there I will find the purpose I have left behind on my home world.

Only the Noghri I travel with knows of the past I bear.


A basic transport that will be replaced later.

No PC kills, but many in her past on Honoghr.

None to be noted.


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