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Ailyne Viren

Major Faction


OOC Account

NAME: Aiylne Einani Najwa-Viren
FACTION: The Coalition of Noble Houses
RANK: Queen
SPECIES: Echani subspecies
AGE: 22
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'7''
EYES: Grey
HAIR: Platinum Blonde
SKIN: Milky-White



Strength of Spirit: Able to face adversity as it comes, keeps a steeled resolve.

Vision become Reality: Ambitions are only dreams if one does not strives to see their goals through.

Just and Merciful: Both are necessary to rule wisely.


Emotionless: Excludes feelings in order to make sound decisions.

Troubled: Many through the Viren bloodline have the gift of far-sight. Ailyne shares this trait, though she considers this as more of a curse.



The Legend

Our story starts in the smoke of war, and spans a sea of stars to a world where snow falls a hundred feet deep in the dead of night, and children die in darkness; where a little girl should have frozen to death, sealing another purposeless body to the grave. But fate saw to spare it’s victim, forever changing the mark on history. And so it began. The chronicles of Najwa and Keth, the history of Viren, how these families that had fallen so far from grace became united under one namesake. A tale that paints the intricate details of life's struggle, was forged out of the fire of deaths cinder, and became the legend of fallible humanity.

In birth the tale begins, blessings of the Force built around two male children, one born to a lofty family on Wodenstam, the other born on Thyrsus to a mother too young. Palpatine’s scarlet fires still burned and stars collected the young mother and her son safe from the penalty of Byss. The other bore gladiatorial fires and a love which broke him.

One became a General of fear, melee and disaster, tainted by rejection and dark obsessions with creating strength through strife. The other a Peaceman’s Road, learning the healing arts and strong in battle. Manu Najwa became Echanar to the Kae. And so Najwa bore the burdens Keth once had, General to General, both locked in equality and the fervor of twin souls. For the Echani to rise, both rose, Keth to create destruction and force their warrior spirit, Najwa to lead that spirit in submission to his Royal Wife and the child she bore. And still Najwa cared for the Viren Princess. He folded the arms of his royal family around her shoulders and claimed her for the Echani, for family and duty. He wept over her pains, as he worked to repair all things. The Force was with him, oceanic and white, leading against the cosmic taint and iron laden darkness of his soul-twin.

This was the law of the universe's cosmic balance for both souls. Two souls who shared a single outcome. And so was their fate.

In a bid to challenge destiny, the irresolute Star Mother, torn between family …. found a way, and struck. She threw herself between love of son, and love of Echnar, encasing them all within a solitude crystalline rest, their battle frozen in time.

When Viren and Najwa were united, the time for liberation had passed. Chiara Viren grieved, wailing the echos of her pain in story, a story that was unmatched through time. And so it was that the people did not die any more, and duty became the Princess, picking up the burden and pain of Najwa, rebuilding and restoring. finishing what he had begun. She became hailed as redeeming Mother, uniter of nations, keeper of peace.

Yet the years continued on, and the people never forgot the price that was paid. So they lived, in memory of the wrestles, battles, and struggles of Najwa and Keth. And Viren forever restlessly guarded over the slumbers of death and peace. Guardians to prevent catastrophe from being unleashed, and ensuring the darkness would forever be kept at bay.


The Viren Royal Family
After Xim the Despot's demise, and his Father's death, the Cron Throne was left without a heir apparent and war ensued over the crown. Viren was among one of the four warring houses and eventually won the civil dispute. After claiming the Kingdom, Viren changed the official titles and banners to fall in line with their name. The family has ruled Chandaar independently since 25,080 BBY and has carried a very detailed and extensive historical bloodline. The most recent threat to this line of rule has been the increasing Sith presence.

Notable Ancestor:

Chiara Viren reformed Chandaar nearly 800 years ago, shortly after Manu Kae and Raien Keth's final battle.

As a five year old child, she was thrown out to die by her extended family - the usurpers - and Manu Najwa was the one who found Chiara before an untimely death, raising the Princess as part of his Echani family and as a Jedi. Later on in life she reclaimed her throne, and in her time of reign, Chiara performed many deeds and services. She took an Echani husband and raised Raien Keth and Ahani's son, Yucca, protected him as a ward of her family, and later married him to her first daughter Ressa - named after Divya Kae's handmaiden - to leave a Najwa legacy that was redeemed. She became known in history for her union between Echani and Chandaari cultures, opening the planet as a safe haven for both races. For many generations the planet was the home of peace, and the Galaxies shining beacon of hope.

Ailyne Einani Najwa-Viren
"Dawn of a new Legacy"

The only surviving child of Queen Alisica and her Echanar Yuusan, Ailyne was crowned and ascended the throne at age six when her mother and father passed away from a probmatic illness that swept over their planet. She had no childhood, and was constantly aided in her rule by handmaidens, councillors, and regents, until their young Queen was ready to carry the responsibility alone. At age ten she performed the Telc'ta, a tradition that recognized her as a woman - her coming of age ceremony. Although young by general standard, Ailyne showed exceptional clarity as ruler, managing to carry the crushing burdens as a firm pillar independently. She has continued to grow as a gracious and kind ruler and largely makes the people her first priority.

But there have been many problems which have continued to arise during her reign, the threat of Sith invasion before their dissolvement, her world on the brink of civil war, and more. She fears the pending disasters to come, and joined with the Noble Houses Coalition to help regain her slipping control.


Besides those who justice has demanded payment of? None, killing is not my first resort to problems.


Do you think I have time to play games of cat and mouse?