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Aging Jedi Master Seeks Snarky Apprentice

Keepin Corellia Weird
Corellian Jedi seeking a Light/Rogue sided padawan or Knight to mentor (Padawan preferred). Specialties in Aing-Tii teachings & philosophies and all 7 forms and a healthy variety of lightsaber types. Primary skill set focuses on agility and speed.

That out of the way, Julius is snarky, turning bitter old man who could use someone with a spark of youthful energy to revive him. His bio is here, and pretty comprehensive. Also - must not mind Mandalorians or Dark Jedi. His wife is both. Or maybe you *can* mind them. That might be fun. Looking for a long, story-driven association and would prefer apprentice to be Corellian, or roguelike at the least.

Hit me up here or in a PM or Discord.

Ben Corscifine

The Left-Behind
[member="Julius Sedaire"]

I am just coming back to Chaos after a (very long) absence from the boards. Think this could be a very nice way to get back into things if you are still looking.
Keepin Corellia Weird
[member="Ben Corscifine"] - Unfortunately it got filled. HOWEVER, I really encourage you to check out the following groups to help give you a place to land while you are getting your bearings back.

The Jedi Praxeum (good guys doing good)
Outer Rim Coalition - Rebels and Fringe types with a host of various force orders and independent FU.

The Silver Jedi Order is still a thing as well, just not sure what they're up to these days.