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After the Battle

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After the Battle
Location: Corellian Sector
Time: 104 hours after an unknown conflict

[OOC - This thread doesn't have any defined limits, feel free to Rp however you would like (with or without my character). I created it to see where the story would go, so now you take the reins!]


A graveyard of starships is many things. Poignant, hazardous yet oddly peaceful. But most importantly, it was profitable.

Zai Avery was bouncing up and down on the pilot's seat of his ship. He couldn't believe his good luck, he was the first to arrive at the site of the battle. Other opportunities like this usually had warring bands of pirates fighting over scraps. Other salvagers were also an issue, as they would often pick a site clean long before he arrived.

Large pieces of debris drifted around, so badly damaged it made it impossible to tell it's original structure. Zai didn't know who had been fighting, indeed it was hard to tell exactly how many factions had been involved. What was clear is that the battle had been big, and it had been bloody. Burned and asphyxiated corpses drifted past the windows.

"Perhaps you should be more reverent towards those who lost their lives" said GR-8, a protocol droid and Zai's copilot. Zai didn't hear him however, his celebrations had moved onto jumping around the ship whooping loudly. It came to a short end when Zai knocked the controls and sent the ship rocking. After regaining control, he'd calmed down enough to address the the droid.

"People die all the time GR-8, but we've run out of money and the salvage from here could make us very, very wealthy". Keeping some restraint on his effervescent behaviour, Zai resumed bouncing happily. He brought the ship up to a low speed, using the arms on the front to push away large pieces of scrap.

If it was possible for a droid to frown, GR-8 would have furrows deep into the metal. "I'd like to remind the young master that he'd still have a sufficient amount of funds had he not wasted them on buying a fake lightsaber crystal" Zai sighed. He'd bought the crystal for a small fortune from a man in a brown robe claiming to be a Jedi. As soon as he showed it to the droid, GR-8 pointed out 9 separate and obvious flaws with the supposed artefact.

"I swear Gail must have programmed you to criticize his every move. I'm ignoring you"

Zai spotted a large wreck that seemed like a potential target. He wondered what he would find, with such a large space and so many wrecks, anything was possible. He grinned wider.


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
B'kik heard of a huge space battle that had happened in the corellian sector.
going by buja recent the news was he assumed it was a fresh battle meaning he had a chance to get the best Dooka.
The dooka on Tatooine wasn't ashuna to be enough to supplie want he was planning.
B'kik exited hyperspace to find out he was the second person to get to the battle
Ashuna by buja bok the other reve was he must have just gotten to the battle also
B'kik decidded to hail the fellow reve
"m'um m'aloo Ikee am B'kik right now we are the only people here do you know what happened to the all the reves and buja they were destoryed?"
[member="Zai Avery"]
Koda approached the cockpit, staring at the back of Zai's chair. After apparently murdering the three most important men on Coruscant that was serious enough to warrant a great escape - could you notice her sarcasm - Koda had decided to stick with Zai. She had been on her own for way too long and that loneliness was killing her. If not for his looks, she was definitely sticking with Zai for just a chance to do something. Folding her arms over the back of Zai's chair, she stared out the window at the remains of the battle. She ignored GR-8. She hadn't been with Zai long enough to realize the droids uses. For now, he was just an annoying chatterbox that would be great for spare parts.

"So," she spoke up, her eyes focusing on a more intact piece of a ship. "What do you think we'll find in there?" There were, of course, going to be a lot of valuables, but Koda could turn anything into something useful. Most of the armor that clung to her body was scraps of old ships and speeders that she had cut and shaped into pauldrons and knee braces. Even her gauntlets, which Zai had a bit of a closer look at, were pieced together.

She watched as the chuck of ship she had been eyeing fully rotated around, allowing them a view of its interior. Her eyes widened and she leaned over Zai's chair, pointing up at it. "Look, I can see a bit of a center console. That must have been part of the main bridge." They both would know what that meant. A center console meant lots of cords and electric panels and motherboard databases that would be perfect for credits and information about the ship and what else would be floating around out here.

[member="Zai Avery"]
Ex-Solider | Ex-Spy | Doctor
A orange light on the console was blinking at Zai. He clicked the button and read the report. He'd recieved a message from a transport with Jawa signatures. He opened the message.

B'kik said:
"m'um m'aloo Ikee am B'kik right now we are the only people here do you know what happened to the all the reves and buja they were destoryed?"

"Uhhhh". Zai had a lot of trouble talking to Jawas. They had a habit of talking really quickly and scamming him out of most of his money. "GR, do you know what this Jawa is saying?"

GR-8 didn't even look up from the console he was working at. "I believe he asked you what happened to all the ships that are destroyed around us". "Oh".

He heard Koda walking up behind him. She had been sleeping and must have just woken up.

Koda Zaylr said:
So," she spoke up, her eyes focusing on a more intact piece of a ship. "What do you think we'll find in there?"

Zai frowned, focusing on the large part directly in front of his ship. The large frigate had almost split in two; turbolasers must have shredded the majority of the central section. The engines seemed mostly intact and, strangely enough, so did the bridge.

"I just got a call from a Jawa ship, so we're not alone anymore. We've got only so much time and I'm torn between searching the engines or the bridge"

They sat there in silence, examining the wreck as it slowly twisted. Having forgotten about the Jawa, Zai was about to send a message when Koda spoke up:

Koda Zaylr said:
"Look, I can see a bit of a center console. That must have been part of the main bridge."

Zai looked more closely at where she was pointing. It took him a while until he realised the ship was up-side down. The console was on the 'roof' of the wreck, flickering with a dull light.

"You're right, that could be very valuable". He paused for a minute and GR-8 spoke up: "The ship won't fit in there, you'll have to leave the ship to access the console"

The droid then tapped on the message screen on the dashboard. "You are also still in the call with the Jawa, he likely heard your entire conversation"

Zai groaned and put his head in his hands.

[member="Koda Zaylr"]


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
" The atoonyoba is right. Baa have not sabioto call. Anyway ikee wish to offer baa a job. Baa see ikee feel like it would be in m'bwa best interest to hire baa to salvage loo reve graveyard and give m'bwa all the salvaged dooka. ikee weeza pay baa Kisewa Gakisewa for loo job and ikee weeza add po free black vest ikee have after a little mission at a bar."
B'kik knew whoever this person was would get the best dooka first so paying him to get the dooka for B'kik would be the smartest idea

[member="Zai Avery"]
[member="Koda Zaylr"]
Ex-Solider | Ex-Spy | Doctor
B'kik said:
" The atoonyoba is right. Baa have not sabioto call. Anyway ikee wish to offer baa a job. Baa see ikee feel like it would be in m'bwa best interest to hire baa to salvage loo reve graveyard and give m'bwa all the salvaged dooka. ikee weeza pay baa Kisewa Gakisewa for loo job and ikee weeza add po free black vest ikee have after a little mission at a bar."

Zai was pretty sure he got the gist of what the Jawa was saying, but he wasn't absolutely certain. Nevertheless, he would rather have an ally than a rival, so he activated the comms and replied:

"Good to hear, we need your help stripping this frigate. We'll start at the bridge while you start at the engines. Grab anything valuable and see if you can find some details on the ship, information can be as valuable as physical parts" he made sure to turn off the comms system this time.

Coordinating with GR-8, Zai matched the spin of his own ship with the rotation of the wreck. Using the arms on the front, he latched his ship to the observation deck and handed over control to GR-8.

He turned to Koda: "We're going to have to go for a space walk, follow me". He led her to the airlock along the port-side of the ship, careful to listen for she had to say (or didn't say).

They walked into the locker room just before the airlock. "There are sealed spacesuits in each of those lockers, try and find one that fits you". He slipped into a suit with practiced ease and started de-pressurising the first room of the airlock.

[member="Koda Zaylr"]


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
B'kik signaled A'raak to get ready to go into space to get the dooka that was once known as a reve engine.
A'raak put on a space suit which looked pretty funny since he was a tusken and exited the reve with a tow cable in hand.
The main dooka B'kik needed were engine parts opakwa, keeza opakwa, keeza systems and shield generators.
B'kik could tell the kid knew buja to salvage but he seemed like someone who was easily manipulated and didn't even bargain for a better pay or even make sure he got a share of the salvage.
B'kik decided he was ashuna to give the kid a lesson in the politics of salvaging.
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[member="Koda Zaylr"]
Koda wasn't so sure about this deal Zai had made so blindly. She didn't trust anyone, especially not slimy, greedy Jawas. The first time she met Zai, he had thrown a tantrum about how he was an adult, 19 to be exact. Well if he was such an adult, then he should know better. Honestly, it felt like babysitting sometimes. She followed Kai to the airlock, opening the lockers and looking through all the spacesuits for one that fit. Finding a suit was easy enough, sliding it on quickly. Removing her gauntlets, she reattached them on the outside of the suit. She didn't know what they were walking into and Zai looked less than equipped or even experienced.

"Wait, hold on," she spoke up, muttering a curse. Picking up one of the helmets, she turned to Zai, holding the helmet up next to her head. He could see that it wasn't going to fit, her horns were too tall. "We got a problem."

[member="Zai Avery"]
Ex-Solider | Ex-Spy | Doctor
Koda Zaylr said:
"We got a problem."

"Hmmm? What is it?" Zai said, turning around. He saw her frowning at her helmet and stifled a laugh when she held it over her head, showing it wouldn't fit.

"Oh yeah, I see the problem" he took a moment to think. Normally this part of ther job would involve gathering loose components in bags, then bringing them back to the ship. However, it required no more than three space walks for safety's sake and there would need to be two salvagers attached via cable or one salvager attached via cable to the ship.

All reason and logic said to abandon the walk, and go after easier salvage. But this one was too valuable to pass up. The bridge on frigates were rarely intact; they are usually the second target after the shields go down, right after the engines. And he'd heard of central console components from other salvagers. Powerful motherboards and processors, as well as the best cable for transmitting commands all over the ship. Not to mention that most major factions usually paid a large sum for the recovery of the ships final reports. No, he had to make this walk.

"Looks like I'm going on my own" he said, not giving her enough time to argue. He grabbed a handheld welder and grinder, shoving them through the toolbelt on the outside of his spacesuit. He slung a hundred metres of cable over his right shoulder and the reflective bag for components over the other. The first chamber of the airlock had finished the pressure cycle and the door had opened. Zai stepped in but didn't push any buttons.

"I'll need you to keep the ship attached until I'm on the wreck, then you can move it away out into the junk fields. Try and see if you can find anything else. Or maybe keep an eye on that Jawa, make sure he lives up to his end of the bargain and doesn't make off with the hyperdrive".

He stood in the airlock and grinned at Koda. "Any protests?"

[member="Koda Zaylr"]
Corellian Sector. 0.24 parsecs from wrecks

Emilia sat slumped in the chair, fidgeting. The command vessel of task force 24 was supposed to have contacted them and arranged a rendezvous point 6 hours prior. The patrol was supposed to be routine, if something had gone wrong surely word would have gone out. To pass time she checked The Avenger's systems. The engines of the Fortan II heavy corvette hummed contentedly, and systems were functioning as normal. With a heavy sigh Emilia sat back in her chair and corrected her heading which had deviated slightly. If only there was something to do while she waited for the transmission, but Wampa Squad was out on assignment, so she couldn't even call Jackson or the others to the bridge to talk.
Once again Emilia sighed. It was going to be a long night.
Koda watched Zai enter the airlock, crossing her arms, her grey lips turning down in a pout. She did have a protest about this whole plan. "I really wanted to go out there." She sighed and shrugged. "I guess we all have our parts to play, just," she paused, placing her hand against the glass in a comforting way. "Come back safe, okay? And keep your comm on. In case anything happens." She gave him a warm smile as she would watch him disappear into space. She would wait until he was out of sight before moving back into the cockpit, slipping off the spacesuit as she went. "Alright, Great." She addressed the droid, hopping into the pilot's seat. It was a little nickname she had come up with. GR-eight, it was just too easy to pass up. "Let's hope this goes smoothly."

Reaching over the dashboard, she flicked on com-links with Zai. "You doing okay out there?" As she waited for his response, her gaze drifted to the space around them. The way their ship was positioned, she couldn't see the Jawa's ship. She wondered what that little grease bag was planning and if he would keep his word. "Well," she muttered under her breath, leaning back in her chair. "If he doesn't come through, I'll make him."

[member="Zai Avery"]
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Koda Zaylr said:
"Come back safe, okay? And keep your comm on. In case anything happens."

Zai felt blood rush to his face and muttered: "I'll be fine, I do this all the time".

He turned to the control panel and resumed the airlock cycle. The cabin depressurised and the outer door opened.

Space walks were Zai's favourite part of being a salvager. There was something majestic about the galaxy that you couldn't see from a ship window. He had a healthy respect for it too, however, and took his time climbing around to the front of his ship. He positioned himself towards the wreck. Careful not to put too much force into the jump, Zai carefully pushed off his ship and glided gently to the wreck. He bounced lightly off one of the walls and grabbed hold of a railing from a walkway.

Koda Zaylr said:
"You doing okay out there?"

He flicked on the comms unit. "Yeah made it in alright, you're good to head off. I'll contact you when I need pick up" .

Attaching one end of the cable to the railing and the other end to his toolbelt, Zai scanned his surroundings. Most of the damaged items had drifted out into the empty space but a few items of interest drifted around. Zai snatched a powered-down datapad as it came close and stuffed it in the component bag. He spied the central console on the wall opposite him and planned a short jump. He drifted over and used the console itself to reorientate himself.

The console was well designed, not too bulky and with a smoothed, no-nonsense frame. It was also remarkably undamaged. Zai was startled a bit as the screen turned on to his touch. He grinned, that meant there was a back-up battery for the console, and a pretty powerful one at that. He looked around but there was no obvious indication of where it was stored. He'd have to break open the frame, but he wasn't ready to do that yet. Not while he had access to the database.

There where multiple warnings flashing brightly on one part of the screen. He navigated through the commands until he could bring up the latest report. It displayed across half the screen:

First Order ship: "Rising Dawn"

Systems check
Engines = <Offline>
Ventilation = <Offline>
Life support = <Offline>
Communications = <Offline>

Multiple hull breaches detected. Oxygen has been vented across all sections. Major threat detected, emergency beacon initiated.

A chill ran down his spine. "Emergency beacon? Oh no". Now he knew why there was no other salvagers, they'd detected the beacon signal and realised the site would be crawling with First Order reinforcements. He'd foolishly left the reciever off on his approach because the static annoyed him.

He had to warn Koda and maybe the Jawa. They had to leave immediately.

He fumbled with the communicator, flicking it on. "Koda, we need to get out of here immediately! Reinforcements are inbound!".

There was no repsonse and Zai looked down at the device in confusion. The device was out of power, he had left it on and what little battery remained had been drained.

He looked around in a panic, desperately looking for some solution. He forced himself to take deep breaths. He needed some way to communicate with Koda on his ship. The sooner the better. Maybe he could make his way to the outside of the ship, try and wave her down. Or maybe there was something on the wreck that he could use...

The battery in the console! That was it! Zai hurriedly broke open the screen, careful not to puncture his suit on the glass fragments. The battery was nestled amist a bundle of wires. Zai disconnected it and, using a spare connector from his toolbelt, plugged the communicator in.

The communicator would take some time to reboot. Zai crossed his fingers and hope it wouldn't take too long.

[member="Koda Zaylr"]
Corellian Sector. 0.24 parsecs from wrecks

The noise of the transmission startled Emilia out of deep thought. The loud beep for an incoming transmission was a stark contrast to the quiet hum of the engines and the dull murmur of voices. Frantically Emilia hit the receive button, as if the transmission might fade away if not answered.

Zai Avery said:
Multiple hull breaches detected. Oxygen has been vented across all sections. Major threat detected, emergency beacon initiated.
This was all she needed. Her brain was already fired up and ready to go as she reached over and grabbed the intercom. "All hands to battle-stations! Prepare for hyperspace jump!" She then turned to the officers who'd just entered. "ETA is 5 mikes. I don't know what we're gonna find so I want a hyperspace route to the nearest battlegroup prepared for if it gets too hot." Emilia turned back to the yoke. Hyperspace jump in 3...2...1...

With its engines roaring happily The Avenger leaped into hyperspace. The gunners performed preliminary checks while the troopers aboard kitted up. Emilia sat stoic at the helm, ready for whatever would meet her on the other side.


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
B'kik didn't bother checking the receiver till now.
Now that he did B'kik saw that the reve had a FO distress signal and worse his radar was picking up a third reve heading to loo location via hyperspace
"Chances are thats a First Order reve. A'aak get in the reve now"
B'kik decided to send a emergency comms message to zai's ship
B'kik then just remembered something about that kid. The kid had the same voice as the pretty bad slicer at a certain bar.
"Meeting place is The Red Draft bar"
Koda drummed her fingers on the dashboard. She had detached from Zai's piece of rubble and was now navigating the ship around the rest of the pieces, but kark there was nothing to do around here. She wished she was out there, finding a bunch of new treasures. Stupid horns not fitting into the stupid helmet. "I'm bored!" She groaned, knowing she was annoying Great with her complaining. It was part of the reason why she did it. She leaned back in her chair. "I could so take a nap right now." Just as her eyes closed, the comm crackled to life. The broken Basic of Yellow Eyes came through, jolting Koda out of her chair with a scream. "Ugh that startled me." She reached for the button to reply to the Jawa when she paused, tilting her head in confusion.

He sounded frantic, urging them to go to Nar Shaddaa. She watched him disappear into hyperspace. "That little punk better not be backing out of our deal. If he is I'll--" Her threat died on her tongue when multiple ships exited hyperspace in front of her. "T-those are First Order ships." She muttered before lunging to the comms. "ZAI! We need to get out of here." She paused, waiting for his response. There was nothing, just sickening static. "Zai, the First Order are here. We need to move, now. Zai! Kark, where is he?"

She spun the ship around, trying to remember which chunk of metal she had dropped him off at. They all looked the same, and there were so many floating around. He could be anywhere, or dozens of clicks from his last coordinates. "Where is he?"

[member="Zai Avery"] [member="Emilia Ravel"]
The Avenger arrived 5 klicks from the wreck with a SW-0608 cargo shuttle another 2 klicks behind it as a support vessel. Quickly surveying the area Emilia came to the conclusion there was no threat from the ships that attacked the battlegroup, and it was scavengers that had activated the beacon, which meant they were stealing First Order property. Slowly Emilia began to fly her heavy corvette in a large circle around the largest wreck- what had been the command ship. Before long she spotted an old junker. "Bingo." she said. "I need a squad ready to board that ship, and another to suit up for a spacewalk so we can secure the command ship" Emilia then activated the ship's special communications system that was designed to blast any open or poorly secured commlink with the broadcasted message. "Unidentified pirates, you have been caught stealing First Order property and your ship is being tracked electronically. Surrender now and prepare to be boarded. Resistance will be met with destruction." Emilia turned on the ventral floodlights. Pointing them at the junker.

Emilia then fired an Imperial XX-23 S-Thread Tracer at the junker to assist The Avenger in finding it should the ship escape and hide its electronic footprint. With that done she handed control over control to her co-pilot and went down the security/tac office to kit herself out for a boarding. Emilia grinned, she'd been cooped up in that ship too long. It'd be nice to stretch her legs a bit.

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[member="Zai Avery"]
R2-Z6 was on one of the ships when something caused an explosion in the hallway he was going through, sucking him into the vacuum of space. after a couple or so days after the conflict was over, several ships appeared looking to scrap the ships. R2-Z6 used his rocket boosters and flew towards one of the ships, a junker of sorts, R2-Z6 was then captured by the tractor beam of the ship that was taking in scrap metal. However he noticed something coming the other way and turned his head 180 degrees and noticed another ship coming towards him, afraid of who it might be, he quickly flew into the junker.

Though the door was locked R2 was able to open it up with a little bit of slicing and rolled his way into the ship trying to avoid being caught. He detected 1 lifeform on board, and 1 outside, wait another lifeform snuck inside, it must be the pilot of the other ship must've boarded the ship. R2-Z6 noticed that the ship was somewhat damaged. he decided to introduce himself to the owner of the ship, as he rolled around the ship he finally found the cockpit, in it was possibly the captain? Apparently a female Togruta. R2-Z6 whistled slowly trying not to startle his possibly new master.

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[member="Zai Avery"]


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
B'kik needed to save Zai and his crew
B'kik was about to do a very risky move
B'kim sent the FO reve a voice message using his best human voice
"This is admiral kasadan of the galactic alliance. You have illegally entered alliance space. Surrender your ships or leave. If you do not leave well im sure you can see what happened to your fellow FO ship."
B'kik really hopes this trick will work
Ex-Solider | Ex-Spy | Doctor
Zai was making his way to outside of the ship when a large Corvette with First Order symbols jumped in space just outside the junk field. The ship looked like it was designed as a mass of guns, with the 'ship' part added on as an afterthought. A sense of impending doom washed over him as he saw the corvette point flood lights towards his ship.

They were trapped like rats in a junk-cage. His only hope was that the First Order wouldn't immediately vaporize them. Indeed, the First order ship looked like it was planning to board his tiny junker. He watched as the first order ship docked with the airlock at the back.

An idea popped into his head, a dangerous and possibly suicidal plan. But he had no other option.

He popped the battery out of the communicator and placed it carefully on a section of the wreck's hull. Next he used his grinder to crack open the communicator and pulled out several pieces of wire and two fragments of copper plate. He placed this carefully into his pack.

He gathered up his cable and unhooked the end connected to the wreck. The next part was crucial. He grabbed the larger end of the cable that held the bigger of the two hooks and squatted down. He took time to size up his target. He took a deep breath.

And jumped.

He was insane. This was, by far, the craziest thing he had ever done. He laughed maniacally as he sailed through the empty space.

He planned his jump from a certain section of the wreck so he wouldn't hit any other debris. Despite this, he had a few close calls as the junk shifted around. He was on a beeline for his ship, aiming for the port engine.

He groaned as he mentally plotted his trajectory. He was off by a small margin, not enough to be completely doomed, but enough to present a problem.

He let go of the cable a moment before he passed his ship. He passed cleaning, only a foot from the engine, but the hook catches on the engine vent, pulling sharply from the other end attached to his belt. The inertia swung him around the ship until he collided with the airlock attachment between the two ships.

'Perfect, this is exactly where a want to be' he would have said, were he not gasping in pain. Hoping that Koda and the others were still on his junker, he pulled his newly created device out of the bag.

The outer part of the airlock had two terminals for modifying the pressure gradients of the airlocks. It was designed with a certain fatal flaw, any electrical fault would cause it to revert to its default state, which was a disengaged locking mechanism. It was an oversight the previous owner ignored, and a job that Zai was forever putting off. For once, laziness would work out in his favour.

Zai pressed the two copper plates (which were in turn attached to the battery via loose wires) into the open ports of the terminal. He watched the the terminal flicker. There was a loud 'thunk' and~

'WOOSH' A jet of air shot out as the two ships detached. Zai was knocked back and would have been lost deep in space had he not been still wrapped up in his cable. Zai figured he must have been a cat in another life, and a few of the nine lives had carried over.

Ducking into the outside airlock ring, he engaged the manual airlock sequence and ducked inside his ship.

[member="Koda Zaylr"] [member="Emilia Ravel"] [member="R2-Z6"]
Emilia stepped confidently through the airlock into the small junker. Before she could get an idea of the situation her comm-link buzzed, distracting her. Not now, she thought, turning her attention back to the ship, and noticing a Togruta girl near the front of the junker, by the cockpit. Emilia raised her SE-43C baster pistol at the girl. "Hey you! get down on the ground! You're under arr-"


Emilia was thrown to the ground when the ships detached, holding on to her blaster but accidentally discharging it in the process. Roughly she bumped into the wall of the central corridor and had the wind knocked out of her. Slowly she got up, leveling the blaster at the girl, who'd also been thrown to the floor. "What the HELL was that?" she screamed, her voice dripping with anger. "Oh girly, whatever trick this is, I'm going to gut you for it."

When the ships disconnected the troopers in transit between the airlocks were blown out, and two stormtrooper corpses floated in the vacuum of space, having already succumbed to the harsh environment.

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