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Affiliate Criminal Organizations (Player run)


Warden of the Ice
This thread is to compile any crime organizations within the Black Sun's sphere of influence. Feel free to post about your operation in this thread. Simply list your group's name and as much information and detail about them as you like. Below is just a rough idea of information you might want to include.

Organization name​
Type of Organization
Leader: Open
Other Members: Open
General info​
Criminal syndicate
Criminal syndicates are organizations that have a wide range of criminal activities. Usually, they are the largest of criminal organizations and the most diverse. Sometimes, even the most feared.​
Slave-trading organization
Slave-trading organizations are groups that seek to make a living by acquiring and selling slaves, almost exclusively. While hated outside of Sun Space, those within find their services to be extremely valuable for the prosperity of the Black Sun.​
Drug trafficking organization
Drug traffickers almost exclusively sell illegal drugs on the black market.​
Weapon dealer organization
Weapon dealers almost exclusively sell illegal weapons on the black market.​


Drug Trafficking​
Leader: Blitz​
Other Members: Various NPCs for now​
There is no name, they are simply a family. (like the mob)​

Vincenzo Palminteri

The Renegade Gypsies
Criminal Syndicate
Leader: Vincenzo Palminteri
Other Members: This is open to any player involvement if you wish, otherwise it's Vincenzo's family (NPCs)
Tis a family run business


The Silent Dawn​
Operation: Criminal syndicate
Leader: Basara
Other Members: Open to any
The Black Dragonfly Association​
Weapon Dealers
Leader: Airal Thamne
Other Members: Open
Need a special something to settle a dispute, the law has you down and won't let you have​
that pretty new after market mod? Look no further the Black Dragonfly Association has you back.​
Need someone one place to shop?​


Dead Men End All Tales.
Ashe Pembrooke, Welqzana and Associates

Leader: Mr. Ash

Members: NPC's, open to members who are lawyers.

Law firm. Not really a criminal group. But not really not a criminal group. Link in signature.

Black Scorpion assassin clan.

Leader: Mr. Ash

Members: Crazy cultist ninjas, who now have better fashion sense.

The Black Scorpions were taken over by Mr. Ash during the failed revolution of Nar Bo Sholla. They are his personal honor guard. Liek him,, they wear black suits.