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Approved Tech Advanced Combat Lenses

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"You have to follow your own path."
  • Intent: To create contact lenses that perform a series of functions more akin to a cybernetic implant.
  • Image Source: Link 1, Link 2
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Dynetech Industries
  • Affiliation: The Confederacy, Closed-Market
  • Model: ACL
  • Modularity: The color can be modified to blend in with the wearer's natural eye color.

  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Micro-circuitry, Digital data
  • Extensive Visual Programs: Though these contact lenses are exceptionally small, they are created with cutting edge micro-technology that allows them to host a series of visual programs. Many of these programs are very simplified, however they are still extremely usable in both combat and espionage situations.
  • Interactive Visual Terminal: These lenses can project an image of a terminal over the viewscreen for the wearer to utilize. This visual is capable of connecting to a pre-programmed source terminal, allowing the wearer to remotely access the terminal and have access to it's standard functions.
  • Additional Functions:
-Measurement Scanner
-IFF Identifier
-Holonet Connection
-Cam/Video Function

  • Multiple Programs: These ocular lenses use the latest in micro-technology. Because of this they are able to host a series of utilizable programs, most of which have to do with sensor/scanner technology.
  • Unnoticeable: These contacts are completely natural looking, when not activated. After being activated they create a miniscule ring of light that circles the wearer's pupils. Even when active, this ring is easily missed.
  • EMP/ION: Due to the thin material these lenses are woven into, they are extremely susceptible to EMP technology. If the wearer is within range of an EMP or ION blast the lenses will be rendered useless to the wearer.
  • Minor Signal Output: Due to their connection to the Holonet, these lenses can be tracked via said connection. While the output is very minor and could likely be missed unless specifically searched for, it is present on scanners geared towards finding such technology.
The ACL's are the best friend of the modern espionage agent. The lenses were manufactured by Dynetech Industries as a means of outmoding the traditional helmet with a HUD attachment, as well as creating a more subtle means of surveillance and Holonet connections. The lenses are created with the same material as authentic contact lenses, however their is a thin, micro lining between them that hosts several minuscule technological veins. Each vein is the host to a different program for the lenses. While combined, the lenses hold over 8 functions, however each individual lense only holds half of those programs. The lenses are set up in pairs, so if the wearer was to lose one, they would potentially lose half of their programs.
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