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Approved NPC Admiral Jaggar the Impaler

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Zahori Denko

  • Intent: To further supplement the Imperial Armada with accomplished officers
  • ​Image Credit: Gears of War Wiki
  • Role: Imperial Admiral
  • Links: N/A
  • Age: 73
  • Force Sensitivity: Knight
  • Species: Graug
  • Appearance: A large and imposing beast of a man, Admiral Jaggar's fearful size is his most notable feature. Standing over 2 meters high and weighing almost as much as a pair of wookies, Jaggar is as imposing as he is deadly. His flesh resembles ash and is hard as stone. Jagged teeth protrude from his mouth, each one extending to a sharp point.


[*]Personality: Jaggar is a ruthless and cold individual. His demeanor has been forged through countless bloody battle, turning him into the being he is today. He thoroughly enjoys the heat and thrill of combat. He will actively seek it out in certain situations in his attempt to cause strife wherever he goes. He uses this well in his position in the Imperial Armada, making him a well feared and respected commander.
  • Weapon of Choice: Spear of the Ashen Verdict
  • Combat Function: When in combat situations, Jaggar will command his legions from the frontlines. Always prepared to jump into the fray and slaughter his foes alongside his subordinates. Jaggar's greatest strength is his size. He towers over ordinary men and crushes them beneath his boot with ease. However, his greatest strength can also be his greatest weakness. He is big, but he's pretty slow. Faster opponents could easily best him if they are smart enough.

    When in space combat, Jaggar is known for pressing his fleet close to the enemy. He is disgusted by the use of long range attacks, saying it shows fear and weakness. Fear is not something Jaggar knows. He will happily put his ships deep into the fray and decimate his enemies with unparalleled barrages of cannon fire. This has proven to be a worthwhile tactic in most cases, but, without the proper support, Jaggar could be easily overwhelmed by his enemy.​

    He's also blind in one eye. This potentially messes with his combat skills.

Jaggar was once an admiral of an older incarnation of the Sith Empire when it was ruled by Darth Vulkanas. His time in the Sith Empire was brief, much like the rule of the Graug Emperor. During that brief time, however, Admiral Jaggar was a participant in many battles in the Sith's push for galactic dominance.

His shining moment, however, was an Imperial attack on Mon Cala. Jaggar lead the Sith fleet into the battle. The battle was swift as Jaggar's unpredictable and vicious tactics were too much for the Mon Cala defenses. After the battle, Jaggar met with the king. He allowed the king to beg and plead for his people's lives. Jaggar granted him that mercy, but demanded his life for theirs. Without hesitation, Jaggar grabbed the king by his bulbous head and crushed it with his titanic grip. As the final trophy of hs victory, Jaggar took up the king's weapon as his own and impaled the fallen king upon it before walking out with his kill firmly placed on his trophy for all of Mon Cala to see.

After the inevitable dissolution of the Sith Empire, Jaggar returned to his home planet of Gratos where he lived in squalor after word of his exploits in the Sith Empire reached home. This was short lived because soon, the Sith Empire had returned and called Jaggar back into service. Never hesitant to answer the call to war, Jaggar complied and returned to his position as Admiral of the Sith Imperial Armada.
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