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Abigail Meredydd

Abigail Meredydd

Hel's Bastard

NAME: Abigail Meredydd
FACTION: New Republic - Light Side
RANK: Jedi Padawan ( Former: Soldier )
SPECIES: Near Human
AGE: 23
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 1.73m
WEIGHT: 68 kg
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: Pale


* See 'An Old Friend'

'An Old Friend'

Though Meredydd is Force sensitive, she appears to lack the ability to use it via her own will. Instead, she communicates with 'Roger', who she describes to be an endless figure of energy. This entity seems to be able in the Force, being able to move object and trick minds. (There has even been an event where it appeared that 'Roger' was choking someone, but further research needs to be done to be sure)
For more information about this entity we've set up a separate dossier. Any new information is to be put into it immediately.
NOTICE: The actual existence of the Force-related entity 'Roger' has never been able to be verified or confirmed. Through experiences, most scientists and masters assume at least a part of Abigail's claims about the entity to be true, although they, again, cannot prove it. The possibility of the entity not existing should be kept in mind at ALL times.

By Our Side
With Roger at her side ready to help Abigail for both of their survival, they are a force to be reckoned with.

By My Side
It isn't uncommon for Abigail and Roger to have a little 'argument', and when Roger is upset with Abigail, he's just as capable of working against her as he is capable of working with her.

Military Trained
Thanks to her military training, Abigail is a hardened woman. She's a skilled marksman who can also stand her ground in hand to hand combat.

Military Trained
Together with all the advantages military training brings, it also brings some disadvantages. Abigail has been a soldier all her life and it's the only way of life she knows. The chances of ever leaving that behind her, are slim. Right now, it looks like she'll be fighting until she dies.

I See Things
Through Roger, Abigail can perceive and understand things she wouldn't have normally be able to see from her point of view. A simple wall won't help when you're hiding from her.

She's Insane, Isn't She?
Seeing how Abigail openly speaks to Roger from time to time, and she's usually the only one who can 'perceive' him, she's often believed to be a bit insane because of it.

Abigail has a fit body thanks to her regular training exercises.
When not in combat she will usually wear a brown jacket with a hoodie underneath.






Dossier for Abigail Meredydd during her times at the [REDACTED].
Age: 6 to 8

Report #001:
Creating file for Abigail, Soldier ID 86926318. Subject is 6 years old at the current time and she will be taken care of by us from this point onwards.
Subject was brought up for adoption by unregistered parents, after which our agency took her in.
She will partake in the standard trooper program from the age of 12. Estimated age of completion: 18

Report #003
Logging to report that Abigail has been observed talking to some 'Roger' for the tenth time today, [REDACTED]. Constant monitoring is advised.
ADDENDUM: Please let one of the caretakers ask her about this tomorrow- Dr. [REDACTED].

Report #004:
(See report #003) Caretaker M. Brown has asked Abigail who she had been talking to the day before. Subject gave Brown an questioning stare, after which Brown quickly changed subject. Whether the subject didn't understand the caretaker or whether she didn't want to answer remains unknown. Further questioning advised soon.
ADDENDUM: Further questioning has been postponed indefinitely by Dr. [REDACTED]. See attached message:
"For Force's sake, she's just a lonely kid in a military facility! Let her have her imaginary friends!"

Report #011: No legal authorization.

Report #018:
The caretakers have had... significant trouble with Abigail last night, so much so that they had to call in security. The girl, who was supposedly having a nightmare, woke up crying and shivering. The caretaker, J. Williams, that was in the surveillance room next door then walked into Abigail's room to see what was wrong. By then the little girl was already asking a 'Roger' (See reports #003 and #011) to help her. When the caretaker approached the sobbing girl, her nightlight suddenly flew towards the man, hitting him in his chest after which he stumbled back. Despite this the man tried to approach the girl one more time, but after two of her comics, one teddybear and a chair got thrown towards the man, he quickly ran for the exit after which he phoned security.
By the time security entered the room, Abigail had already calmed down and no further noteworthy events happened.

Requesting immediately questioning/testing regarding subject 86926318.
ADDENDUM: Dr. [REDACTED]'s request to postpone testing has been overwritten by the local site manager. Testing is to begin with questioning one week after today, [REDACTED].

Report #020:
Abigail has been asked a range of questions, touching a wide variety of subjects. For the full interview please refer to document I-02 ( level 4 access ).

Dr. M. : "Good morning, Abigail. Did you sleep well tonight?"

Abigail: *slowly nods 'yes', but remains silent*

Dr. M. : "Good, that's good." *small silence as M. takes his notes*
"So, do you have any idea why you're here?"

Abigail: *shakes 'no'*

Dr. M. : "Well, let me tell you then. It's nothing special, really. It's just, I"ve been told you have a.. friend, who's with you? Right?"

Abigail: *nods 'yes' again*

Dr. M. : "Could you tell me what he's called?"

Abigail: "Roger"

Dr. M. : "Ahhh, right. Of course: Roger. And.. is he here right now?"

Abigail: *nods 'yes', then speaks*
"Am I in trouble?"

Dr. M. : "No, no of course not. Why would you be?"

Abigail: "Because Roger was bad and threw things at James!"

Dr. M. : "Ah, right. Was that Roger?"

Abigail: *nods 'yes' again*

Dr. M. : "Why did he do that?"

Abigail: "Because he was afraid, and he wanted to protect me."

Dr. M. : "From what? Nightmares?"

Abigail: "Hm hmm"

Dr. M. : "Ah, I see. Well, if I ca-"

Abigail: *interrupts M.* "Can I go back now? I don't want to be here"
*Her voice is noticeably 'saddened' by now*

*Dr. M. tries to convince Abigail to continue the interview, but after a few meaningless questions the girl becomes even more noticeably distressed. After the interviewer fails to calm the girl his notes were suddenly sent flying towards the wall. After this the interview was ended.*

----- End of Excerpt 1 -----

Excerpt 2. Interview was continued on the next day.

M. : "Hello again, Abigail"

A. : "Hi"

*unimportant conversations left out for brevity*

M. : "So, Roger can move objects if you ask hin to, but he can also do it without you asking for him to do so. Has he ever done something you didn't want him to do?"

A.: "Yes, when he's upset or being mean. He threw my comic book to the other side of the room yesterday."

----- End of Excerpt 2. Please see full interview I-02 for more details -----

Report #032:
All planned test regarding subject 86926318 have been completed. Results show that the child is indeed force sensitive. This matches with earlier strange events surrounding her, even though she claims she had no influence on them. Subject holds to her claim that 'Roger', who's 'always with her', is responsible for any of these events. It is believed that the child has made up an imaginary friend to help her cope with some sort of trauma (Can we look into this? - Dr. F) she might have acquired in her earliest years. Obviously the child is responsible for all of the events herself, but because to her it might seem like some other entity is the cause, staff are advised to go along with anything she says regarding 'Roger'.

Report #033:
The results from last week's testing have been discussed by management, and it has been decided Abigail is to be moved into a specialised training program. She will still train to become a soldier, but management aims to trains her in the Force as well. Thus creating 'a new generation of soldiers'.

Report #036:
Changes discussed in reports #033 through #035 have been implemented. Abigail has been enlisted for the specialised training course which starts at the age of 8 (was 12) and ends at the age of 18.

Report #042:
Accomodation successfully changed.

Report #044
The frequency of Abigail's 'nightmares', where she wakes up crying before throwing stuff around, has increased significantly to the point where such an event happens almost every week. Close monitoring advised.
ADDENDUM: Might want to ask her a bit more about these 'nightmares' in the next talking session. I don't care whether she likes to talk about it or not; I'm getting real tired of having to clean her mess up every week. - Dr. [REDACTED]

Report #066:
Abigail requested to have a party with other girls her age for her 7th birthday, which is in a month. Please discuss this at the next management meeting.
ADDENDUM: Request denied.

Report #068: No legal authorization

Report #071:
Subject was noticeably disappointed that no other girls her age were allowed at her party. However, she quickly forgot about this when both caretaker James and Elise entered her room with a big birthday cake and some board games.
Abigail described the day afterwards to have been 'super super fun'.
ADDENDUM: We should be allowed to play with the child more often, she enjoys it immensely and it's more than good for her mental health. Please give us scheduled hours to entertain with her, instead of leaving us only with the little time between assignments. - Elise K.
ADDENDUM 2: Miss K's proposition has been approved as off [REDACTED]. Every day one caretaker is scheduled to entertain Abigail from 11:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00.

Report #075: No legal authorization

Report #076: No legal authorization

Report #079: No legal authorization

Report #085:
As has been discussed in reports #076 and #081, from this day onwards Abigail will have one 'testing' day every 7 days, in which the extent of her force sensitivity will be tested.
ADDENDUM: Seriously? We are already testing a 7 year old whether she can be made into a weapon or not? Unbelievable. - Dr. [REDACTED]

Report #089:
Testing has proved to be semi-succesfull. In short: when asked to do so, Abigail was able to throw three different object off the table without touching them with her hands. It should still be noted though, that she stubbornly asked 'Roger' to blast them away for her every time. She still claims she hasn't done anything herself, and that she merely asked Roger to do what was asked.

Report #094:
Testing sequence F-036-2 completed. See document TW-F-036 for further details.

Report #095:
On the day after the last testing sequence (F-036-2. See reports #087 through #094) two of the guiding personnel held a revision meeting with Abigail to review and talk about the last period.
Surprisingly, even though Abigail still doesn't particularly like doing the tests, she told them she 'doesn't hate them like earlier'. Even though she'd obviously rather play in her room, she tends to cooperate most of the time.

Report #100-A:
Today marks Abigail's 8th birthday, which also means she will be starting her training tomorrow. She has already been informed about all of this, so this (hopefully) won't pose any problems tomorrow.
ADDENDUM: Wrong. She has been informed about the courses, yes, but she doesn't know that she'll be relocated to a more structured military esc facility. On top of that she has NO CLUE that James and I won't be taking care of her anymore. Why hasn't this been discussed yet... - Elise K.

Report #100-B:
Abigail's birthday went as planned. She received a birthday cake and a few new toys. On top of that she spent the entire day playing games with her caretakers James and Elise. James reported that Abigail is 'excited and scared at the same time' for the start of her training course tomorrow.

As of [REDACTED], Abigail Meredydd, ID 86926318, has been transferred to the specialised training program as has been discussed in previous meetings. She has been moved to a different facility where she will begin her daily trainings, teaching her subject like but not limited to: gymnastics, handling weapons, basic tactical insight, history and current affairs, the nature of the Force and Force abilities.
I am hereby officially closing 86926318's file. Should anyone wish to edit or reopen it, they should file a request by their local manager. In addition to that, for reports or events from this point in time forwards, I point you towards our [REDACTED] where Abigail is staying as of now.




SUBJECT: 86926318


Abigail, ID 86926318, had started participating in her course from the age of 8. Even though her 'scientists' over from [REDACTED] had warned us about the fact she would probably be unwilling to participate at first, we found her to be quite interested. The daily trainings and exercises seemed to give her a sense of purpose in her life, something she lacked in her protective youth. Training as hard as she could every day, she had no mercy for her own body, always striving to be the best.

When her learnings in the Force began as well, she showed that she already had a strong mastery of some abilities. Even though the scientists already informed us about it, we still thought it to be strange. On top of that, her constant claims that it wasn't her who did all of it, but 'Roger', raised a lot of questions.

On the [REDACTED], a test had been put into motion regarding Abigail and her claims surrounding the entity. Abigail had almost fallen asleep in a chair with her eyes closed, when a hooded man (one of ours) silently approached the girl from behind with a blaster in his hand. He aimed the blaster at the back of her head and nothing happened. However, when the man let out a loud 'sigh' (he never believed Roger to exist, so he was annoyed he had to do this to prove his point) the girl slowly opened her eyes. But not a second later, way before the girl could have become aware of the blaster pointed at her head, the gun was blasted out of the man's hand by an unknown Force. Multiple personnel who have viewed the footage agree that there was no way for Abigail to both have felt the man's presence and to have reacted so fast (unless she was already 'a master in the Force', but the possibility of this being the case is basically nonexistent). From this point on everything regarding Roger is to be taken seriously.
"There's definitely more to this girl than meets the eye"- Dr. Crow.


Somewhere around [REDACTED], when Abigail was around 12 and a half, it became clear to us that our new testing methods had indeed been more than promising. They had worked remarkably. Abigail had returned to being the hardened girl she was, always trying to get the best results she could. On top of that, Roger too seemed to have become more willing and willing, but whether that was because of the new methods or because of Abigail remains unknown to this day.


Abigail passed all of her courses like she had already done them before. She was one of our best soldiers. Her and Roger. Together they are an unstoppable force. It was when she did her final test on the age of 18 that it became apparent to not just us, but to our buyer as well.

After her training has been completed, we've sent her away to our buyer, with whom she will fight to make the galaxy a slightly better place. We've also instructed her to seek light side masters in the Force, in the hope they might be able to help her where we could not.

- Meredydd has been with us from the age of 8 to the age of 18. Our cooperation has nothing do to with any event or actions involving Meredydd before her age of 8 or after her age of 18-



None yet




Abigail Meredydd

Hel's Bastard

Security Level: 5

Known relations:

Master: [member="Alexandra Feanor"]
Student: None

Mother: Unkown
Father: Unkown
Sister(s): Unkown
Brother(s): Unkown

Current Locale:

Unkown. Rumour goes subject has taken refuse within the New Republic, where she is being protected by none other than the grandmaster herself.

Current relation with the Order:

Kill at all costs. Subject knows too much about classified locations to be left alive at this point.

Subject had left the Order before the current leadership had overthrown the old one. Previously, it was ordered to leave the girl in the dark, as she didn't know about any of the events in the new order. However, recently Abigail sought to contact an agent in an old training facility, where she discovered more than she should have, and killed our agent. As unpredictable as she had always been, she knows too much to be ignored.