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  • Classification: Artillery Tank
  • Role: Delivering extreme damage to heavily armored targets such as capital ships and fortresses
  • Size: Extremely large
  • Weight: Extremely Heavy
  • Armaments: Very High
  • Rail_gun
  • Advanced_targeting_computer
  • Defenses: Very High
  • Deflector shield generator
  • Thick Durasteel and Quadranium armoring
  • Agrinium lining
  • Environmentally sealed to allow full functionality on most land based planets
  • Encryption_module
  • Maneuverability Rating, Very Low
  • Speed Rating: Very Low
  • Propulsion: Tracks/Hovercraft tech
  • Minimum Crew: Three
  • Target navigation (primary adjustment)
  • Marksman (minute adjustments)
  • Command (target choice/communications/driver)
  • Optimal Crew: Seven
  • Passenger Capacity: None
  • Cargo Capacity: Very Small
  • Rail_gun: The AAC-42 is armed with a single massive railgun allowing it to fire incredible distances into massive targets from fortifications to even capital ships. This is a perfect weapon against heavily shielded/armored targets or taking down capital bombardment attempts.

  • Advanced_targeting_computer with additional scanners and scopes: (mostly required in order to actually locate a target due to distance)
  • Encryption_module to use with allied communications systems
  • Sealed off from the outside environment through layers of doors and walls to allow its use in unusual planets, including an Agrinium lining to help defend against radiation damage.
  • Powerful engines and backup generator.
  • Combination of Tracks and Hovercraft tech to allow it to actually move without crushing the ground underneath it. This is especially important when firing up.
  • Heavy artillery: Due to the fire power, it can take down massive armored targets from long range. Not needing to get nearly as close as most weapons to cause devastation.

  • The Mammoth machine: Due to its raw size and armoring, both to handle its own firepower and protect it, it is extremely difficult to destroy without very heavy weaponry that ships may be armed with, or by other large artillery. Getting inside would require going through several layers of highly fortified locked doors. Even if it wasn’t environmentally sealed, it’d take quite a while before anything got inside. Even most EMP’s and ION weaponry would be hard pressed to actually disrupt the systems.
  • Slow, though well defended and powerful, the AAC’s have no functional dodging abilities, and could easily be caught up to. It is almost exclusively offense or defense, and would provide little almost no aid in transporting individuals, having a max occupancy of ten total crew and almost no room for cargo as it’s used for storing the machines supplies.

  • Large target: When something is the size of an ugly moving mansion, it’s hard to miss. The AAC’s may be well defended, but they couldn’t be easily snuck anywhere. This also makes getting them from one planet to another both expensive and noticeable.
The AAC-42 is a heavy artillery machine that can only barely move on its own, but which can take down capital ships and fortresses before they’re even within visual sight. The raw power behind each shot is enough to break most shields and easily rip through armoring, if not break the entire ship itself due to the impact. Because of it’s massive size and armoring, it’s very hard to damage. But also very hard to miss. Transporting the AAC’s is an incredible trouble, aside only from getting them planet to planet requiring considerable sized ships, making disguising their use almost impossible, the AAC’s are probably some of the slowest vehicles available. They require the combination of tracks and hovercraft technology to get moving, and use the hovercraft tech to try and prevent the AAC from slamming itself into the ground when firing. These extremes of power at the loss of discretion and speed make it excellent for lasting battles, but would be a liability in short land locked battles that required maneuverability of forces. Since it has no other weapons than the main cannon, it also needs to be supplemented by allied forces. Often both on ground and in the skies.


King of Pumpkins
Factory Judge
Detro Detro
Hi there I will be looking at your sub today

So this sub is very under balanced
Limited -2
Extremely Large +3
Extremely Heavy -3
Very High +2
Very High +2
Very Low -2
Very Low -2
Very Small -2
= -4 all up. So if you wanted to we can pass this as is or you can push it up 4 ratings.


Ravenfire Ravenfire Hello and thank you.

I don't suppose I could make anything extreme for that? I didn't want to make it over-powered and knew that I was effectively making a weapon you'd normally find on a capital ship, or which couldn't move at all. If I can't make one extreme for the exchange of the -4 then I may move something a little bit, but it'd probably just be moving up the speed.