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A walk on Ziost.

Juthan breathed in, feeling the energies around him as they manifested themselves. Ziost, a planet that once housed the Sith empire and was its capital during the original Sith empire. An interesting place, an ancient place, its temples dating back to the founding of the Sith. Juthan looked down at the entrance to the tomb he had chosen to explore, his eyes scanning it as he stepped forward towards the entrance. He looked along the walls as he walked, a glowrod in his hand as to illuminate the walls that were covered in ancient lettering and pictures. He stopped and stared at one in particular, which appearently depicted a crowd of Sith Purebloods gathering around what seemed to be humans.

@[member='Kära Vi'dreya'],
The young Knight wandered through the frozen planes of Ziost, hands shoved down into her robes while each breath traced patterns of white mist through the air. Ziost was, as ever, beautiful... Every shimmer caught her attention, causing her to fixate her gaze upon it. With a tender smile, one she reserved only for time alone, she pressed on, tracing the steps she had taken thirteen years prior. How far she had come since then, since the day she had met her Father. From within the pocket she suddenly retracted an object, eyes alight in fascination at the tiny white pebble clenched into her palm. Truth be told she had forgotten she even possessed it, which made it a pleasant surprise given the meaning behind it. I'll keep you safe he had told her, and even now she believed the words. Gently running her thumb across the smooth, shining surface she continued on, carefully replacing it into her pocket so as not to lose it. Thurion Heavenshield, the only person who had ever come close to redeeming her, the only man she could ever truly trust. And he was her sworn enemy... With a tiny sigh she glanced around at the mystical landscape, eyes alert for any changes.

Juthan breathed in and stepped outside of the tomb, his data collected. He put the mask of his armor over his face and started to walked over the frozen earth of Ziost, stopping as he saw Kara. Curious he turned and walked her way, his blasters and saber hung at his side as he walked towards her. "Hey you, over there. Dont you think its alittle strange to be standing out in the middle of nowhere for no apparent reason?" He yelled out to her as he stopped a good fifteen meters away, waiting for her answer. He also reached out with his mind to see if he could get any kind of read on her emotions or thoughts once she heard him. @[member='Kära Vi'dreya'],
Turning her sights to the male her eyes narrowed into a glare; his presence was dark, and considering the location he was likely a fellow Imperial, but his audacity in addressing her so and being so presumptuous did not come off well with her. "Pardon?" she inquired, raising a brow as she strode forth towards him; her mind was completely cut off from him, as were her emotions, thanks to the tight control she held over her personal inner workings. "Strange to be stood here? Speak of yourself; are you not doing the very same?" Halting a few feet from him her icy blue eyes briefly turned a sulphuric yellow as they flashed dangerously... Yet contained weak traces of humour. Here was someone unused to dealing with Sith, it seemed.

He shrugged and reached up, removing his mask and revealing his eyes and skin. His crimson eyes held nothing hostile within them as he looked at her and held up a datapad. "Im here studying actually, your the one that looks like your starring at nothing as if it were something important." He pocketed the datapad again and breathed in the cold air, looking back at her again. "So why are you here miss?" He recognized the aura she let off, in front of him was a sith, though his expression showed little fear. Only when her eyes flashed did he seem a tad unnerved, evidently taking the change as a threat rather than a tinge of humor.@[member='Kära Vi'dreya'],
A Chiss; that figured. With a heavy sigh she fully halted and turned to face him completely, glaring his way. Could a girl not take a stroll without a tonne of questions? "What are you studying?" she inquired, her tone suddenly holding some form of authority. Here on Ziost were many Imperial Bases, it would not do for him to be stealing knowledge without consent. She did not answer his question, and instead turned to walk off into the ice, still searching for Dranok's old haunting grounds. This Chiss could persist if he really wished, but at present she had a task in mind. Hand clenched around the pebble, she pressed on...

He followed after her answering the question. "I was just studying some of these ancient ruins here and there, not much though to learn that hasnt already been learned. You see these ruins not only act as a resting place but recount the achievements of their patron or events that are linked to him or the sith entirely. From when the sith were first formed, to a battle partaken in by the sith of the tomb. Some of the stories are quite... uh im sorry is this boring?" He glanced up, addressing her tone and reaction to seeing him, both of which were not that friendly. @[member='Kära Vi'dreya'],
She continued to walk through the ice, finally spotting her location on the horizon. With a small, carefully concealed smile her pace hurried up, but she did not lower herself to the level of being rude - no, she upheld the conversation with the Sith at her side. He was Force sensitive, she could feel it, but lacked any serious training; maybe she could change that... Maybe. "You do not need to look at ruins to know the history of the Empire; would you like me to tell you it?" Her question was a genuine one, her voice raised slightly in an excited anxiety - of course he wouldn't know that was what it was, merely that she was showing a keen interest in what he had said. The truth still remained to be seen, however; would he be worth training to Knight? And would he even accept the training?

He thought over her question as he sped up to keep the same pace. "Well actually i knew alot of what i saw in the cave already. But i never turn down the chance to learn more, knowledge is power after all and i fully aspect to learn as much as i can." He grinned at the prospect of learning more than what he knew at the time. And what shouldnt that excite him, after all to forget the past is certain to end in ones self destruction. @[member='Kära Vi'dreya'],
Kara merely shrugged her shoulders as she carried on towards the Temple, flicking her gaze to him every so often and noting that he had followed after her. So be it, then, if that was what he wished. "Who teaches you?" she called, over the whistling of the wind, and while he could hear her words they were little more than a whisper. Slowly the Temple began to show, towering above them in the snow until the tumbled down walls and ruined metal were all but hugging their forms, beating back the weather as they ventured inside. Despite being so run-down the life support monitors kicked into life, and slowly yet surely warmth spread through the lower floor, turning the air into hissing mist as it reached the broken down door. How good it felt to be inside again.

"No one really, i had a master for a time but that was over and now im just heading from tomb to tomb studying them on my own and what not. Why do you ask?" He kept pace and entered the building, breathing in the warming air. "Ahh, how that feels good even to me after being out in that weather." He looked around the walls and studied them for a moment, absorbed by them and nearly forgetting Kara was right there. His expression was one of curiosity and interest as he immediately took out a data pad and started typing notes on it without looking down at it.@[member="Kära Vi'dreya"]
So this one was a studier. Well, she supposed every type of Sith had their uses. It would be a shame to see it go to waste. After all she had her tank and her shadow - a source of information would not go amiss any time soon. She did not say a word, however, as they ventured through the quickly warming building and off to the rooms that Kara herself had visited when she was here. It had been just thirteen years and the place was barren, a shame really all things considered. When they reached the room where Kara had been tended to she halted, and stared across to the fabric tapestry which still hung against the wall, frayed and lacking the same sharp red pigment it had once held, the Sith Emblem still recognisable all the same. A few of Dranok's possessions were here, too, he had left in a hurry. The chair in the corner, from which he had watched over the almost-dead seven year old. It sent a shiver down her spine despite the warmth, and after a mere second she stepped back out again and carried on through the winding halls. "I have a proposition" she finally said, "If you're willing to comply."

"What proposition?" He talked while he was studying the wall, to any bystander it would like he was completely ignore her and was more interested in the walls. Though, after a few moments, whether she answered or hadn't yet, he would turn his over his shoulder and look at her with a sideways glance. "And i do not see a reason yet i would take you up on what ever proposition this is, unless especially if it meant more knowledge." @[member="Kära Vi'dreya"]
She wandered further down the warming building and into the former mess-hall, where chairs remained scattered around. Picking one up she carried it to the table, and brushed off the dust through the Force - no need to get her hands dirty, now, was there? Sitting down she gestured for him to join her, her fingers becoming steepled around her chest as she pondered on the answer. "You require training -- and don't even try to deny it -- and I could use someone willing to learn the finer parts of our Faction; aspects you seem to possess and show. The willingness to learn and retain information. Knowledge is key, Juthan." Finally she showed him that she knew who he was, it was easy to pluck a name from someone's frontal-thoughts.

"I accept." He hadn't even sat down as she talked, though he had taken in every word and weighted each carefully. And why shouldn't he accept her offer, it would be rude to not accept with the way things are with him masterless. He merely remained taking notes on the room and its walls, studying every inch of the area. "What do you require of me miss... whats your name by the way?" He didn't glance back then either, he was absorbed in the many details around him, yet he fully was aware of the conversation. His mind working at a million miles a minute. @[member="Kära Vi'dreya"]
Slowly she began to nod her head, her eyes flashing in thought for a moment. "You can call me Master" she simply put before rising up from the chair and turning to face him. "You seem to have an affinity towards knowledge; I'd like to harness that." Slowly but surely she began to step into her usual pacing, circling the man before her. She was actually younger than he was, it was always the way it seemed, that she would assist in the training of someone older. Not that it mattered. "And you like to explore. Mix the two together? Well then you have a Seeker. More to the point, my Seeker." Finally she halted, her body behind him. "On your knees, Juthan, and focus. I won't abide disrespect."

Juthan nodded, without even needing to hear the last part of the command the moment he heard her command to be called master he kneeled. His hands immediatly went to the floor as he knelled and he spoke. "Very well master, and there if no need to worry about me disrespecting you master." He remained where he was, his muscles frozen and mind open, his breathing was slow and controlled. He easily took the role as student, after all he had been with them Empire for years. He knew what a displeased sith could do and he was smart enough to not piss off the Sith that had called him her Seeker. A new title... one that he thought fit perfectly. @[member="Kära Vi'dreya"]
She stared down at his form for a long while, before finally speaking; "When I speak to you, do not absent mindedly continue to potter around staring away from me. That is disrespect. Understood?" After waiting for a sign of understanding she then stepped around his form, encircling him like a predator would its prey. "You're to seek out fresh information, old information... Like you already were, but for me. Do you understand? This is your duty, and if you do it well then you may be rewarded for it. Artifacts, relics, holocrons, datapads, scrolls; anything of worth that you stumble across. And in response you shall have access to what lies within, provided I deem it suitable, and training from myself." Stopping at his front she crouched down to his height, somewhat belittling in her nature if only to make sure he knew his place to begin with. "Do you understand?"

"Fully." He remained still, even as she crouched down his eyes are the only thing to move, drift towards her but not at her. A chance at knowledge beyond what he could attain alone, an amazing thought, an intoxicating thought. And all he had to do was what he did best, gather knowledge and spread it among those whom deserved it. How could anyone turn down such an opportunistic offer, how could anyone not accept this, he had but one question though that his curiosity forced him to ask. "Are there any orders you have for me as of this moment." @[member="Kära Vi'dreya"]
Slowly she glided back on the ground to rise up to her full height, keeping her gaze fixated down upon him. "Your unyielding loyalty, unflinching, uncompromising. You will me mine, and in return I shall make you something great. This arrangement stretches beyond Apprenticeship, even if you make it to Knight. Fall back on your word and I will hunt you. Do you understand?" Again she waited for some sort of acknowledgement before continuing. "Rise" her voice, barely more than a whisper throughout this exchange, peaked slightly when she gave this direct command, "and take your place at my side."


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