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A Walk Down A New Road

"You have to follow your own path."
​Asher had spent the majority of his afternoon at the markets of Viniifall city. Having just moved to the planet he was in need of more than a few amenities. In the market, the man stood out like a sore thumb. His slightly tanned skin was a stark contrast from the dark grey and purple of the native Lyrkon's. Aside from that he was also far more broad than many of the natives. They had taken notice of him and often he could feel their lingering gazes falling on him.

​It will pass.

​He decided against worrying on being accepted by the natives. If things went correctly he could be working out of this planet for the next few years. Even if the Lyrkon's were a suspicious people, they would come around in time.

​Pulling a hand from his pocket, he glanced over to the watch on his wrist. It was nearly time for his meeting with the Viceroy of Mikko. Asher did not know anything about the Viceroy, nothing other than she was a native of the planet and served the CIS. While he had served in the Techno Union, and recently enlisted as a science officer, his accomplishments were all in the private fields, nothing to impress a viceroy. Now, he had to convince her to allow him to build a headquarters on her planet.

​Without another moment. Asher would make his way to the Viceroy, he did not have much time before the meeting.