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A visit to Serenno

Blackgate Manor~1300 Hrs​
Adron sat in the main courtyard to his manor, eyes closed and braced on his knees with his hands laid on his thigh. Dressed only in a pair of shorts and a thin black T-shirt Adron worked on maintaining his body temperature and staying warm, a skilled called Tapas. Taking a deep inhale he focused on maintaining a field of warmth within his chest, and after a few moments his eyes finally came open.

In the winter climate surrounding Adron's manor it was very easy for one to succumb to the cold. In the warmest of days it was below freezing in the mountains that his families land rested on. After a few moments he took to his feet, his hand combing his waist for his newly made lightsaber.

"My lord." A voice called to him, pulling his focus from his training. Adron turned to glance at the source of the voice, one of his security officers , with an arched brow. "Yes?" He questioned, obviously still struggling to maintain his Tapas technique.

"Sorry for the interruption sir, but it's almost time for your guest to arrive. Captain Nuana told me to remind you." Taking a moment to glance at the watch on his wrist he exhaled once again. "Oh, the day got away from me, thank you." The officer offered a curt bow of the head before returning inside the manor.

Adron pulling his cloak from the ground, as well as his winter pants which he was generally adorned in. Pulling on the heavier clothing he returned his lightsaber to his hip. "Guess I'd better go to the landing pad." Adron began to walk around his estate, making his way towards the landing pad on the rear side of his lands. As he walked he pulled a small rubberband from his wrist, using it to tie the back of his hair into a quick ponytail.

[member="Willow Ike"]
Willow had rejoiced when she received the invitation from Adron, she had at once done her research on the planet then began to pack, she packed winter clothing and prepared all the necessaries. She would then take off, she would fly for a while before preparing for landing, she would be dressed in a nice winter outfit with a scarf and a beanie, this didnt stop her crimson curls from falling down over her shoulders.

She would step out onto the boarding ramp and see him, she had met him on tatooine where she had helped him with a mission. She had developed a crush on him during that day. Now her heart skipped a beat

[member="Adron Malvern"]
Like flies to a Bantha's rear Adron's guards felt the need to accompany him everywhere he went, even to his own landing pad. He paid the men no attention as he glanced up into the sky to see the starship slowly descending down towards his estate. Once it finally touched down Adron stood patiently, excited to see Willow yet again. The woman was an interesting one, and unlike most she had caught Adron's eye, enough so that he invited her to his home.

He believed the girl was slightly younger than him, if his guess was right, but never the less she was considerably beautiful and he enjoyed the time spent with her.

The loading ramp slowly came down to reveal the young female Jedi, Adron allowed a smile to come over his face as he looked to his security officers. "There, It's not a trick. You're dismissed." There seemed to be a moment of hesitation but they knew better than to argue with the Lord of the House. As Willow made her way down Adron drew his arms behind his back, bending at the waist in ritualistic fashion. "My lady, it is my honor to welcome you to Blackgate Manor." He said , a great amount of excitement attempting to show itself from him.

Returning to his full size Adron offered another of his warming smiles. "It's good to see you again Willow."

[member="Willow Ike"]
Willow would smile her signature single dimpled white smile. She looked at theman, she was in love and there was no denying it at all. She would smile some more and say "No need to bow, we are friends we can skip the pleasentries It is lovely to see you as well."

SHe said stepping forward off of the boarding ramp onto the surface of the landing pad

[member="Adron Malvern"]
Adron placed a hand on Willow's back, urging her towards the manor as he spoke. "Would you like me to give you the tour? Or would you rather have some tea?" He questioned, arching his brow at the woman as he guided her deeper into the estate lands.

With his left arm still drawn behind his back he could not help but explain the history of his estate. "These mountains were given to my family a long time ago, even before the Old republic. They've been in my family for generations. But Blackgate manor wasn't created until later. Not until after the Fall of the Old Republic."

He glanced over to Willow with a smile. "It's my home, and you are always welcome here. Hope you like the cold though."

[member="Willow Ike"]
As he made the statement about the cold she would speak "I am actually anemic so I am always cold even when it is hot" She said smiling at him. She hoped to get inside as soon as possible. As he touched her back electricity would arch through her back where he touched her. She would blush at how nice it felt to have his hand on her.

[member="Adron Malvern"]

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