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A visit to Royalty

Kyrel had recently dropped out of hyperspace above Imahalyan which belonged to [member="Stardust Raxis"], so far she had served with him on several missions including the campaign on Mustafar. The TIE Advanced zoomed quickly through the atmosphere, he sent his codes to the security forces of the spaceport and was granted access to the a house located outside of Geo'Rigda where Stardust was located, Kyrel had thought of coming for just a casual meeting as he had never talked to the Twi'lek master. The fighter landed outside of the house, and Kyrel hopped out walking into a purposeful stride into the gardens where he agreed to meet her, he waited for her crossing his arms as he looks around at the plants.
The plains of geo'rigda was where she enjoyed spending her peaceful days at, no one around for miles of her home except for the animals and grass that was common for the place. The place also made a good place for meeting people, one such person much to her surprise was [member="Kyrel Ren"], she didn't expect the vader crazed ren to come and visit her casual for that matter

Upon being notified his craft was landing stardust stood and laid her child down, she moved put to the garden that had assorted types of flowers and a few peach trees setting grown and waiting for the bloom to come. She got to him and bowed

welcome Lord kyrel I didn't expect to have a personal visit from you

She wore traditional clothing, a robe that was adorned with symbols and patterns, however with how she walked it was obvious she was still recovering from the fight she had
He nodded as he crossed his arms he noticed the child but did not care, nor did he even want to ask, and even saw she was wearing traditional clothing other than combat. He merely walked a bit close, showing no signs of damage he suffered during the battle he just looked at her his breathing just going as the only sound he made. He asked her in the commanding baritone. "Greetings Raxis, It has been quite sometime since we have last spoke is there someplace private we can go and speak, if you don't mind that is?" He said as his cape was blowing in the wind, the landscape was beautiful but Kyrel didn't care as he mostly didn't get out of his suit either way he stood there waiting patiently for an answer.

[member="Stardust Raxis"]
[member="Kyrel Ren"]

She looked in the eyes, she gave a soft smile polite one at that, she looked around and held a arm out morning around at the plains before looking back to him and waving for him to follow her as she spoke

last we spoke was during the battle even then it was small talk, bit please follow I have a patio, as for privacy best we got no one for miles

She said as she led him to a table with chairs around it, with bit a wave of her hand she had a chair pulled out for him as she pulled her own out and sat down slowly
He followed her to a patio admiring the craftsmanship of the house. He also looked around at the patio set, and thought that she must have made a life quite well for herself her, and even wanted to ask about the child but refrained from doing so instead following her, and taking a seat. He looked at her closely before saying " Nice set up you have here Raxis, your skills were quite impressive in the Battle of Mustafar."

[member="Stardust Raxis"]
thank you I hand picked this goes well with the surroundings I'd say. Were They? Huh never been commented on that before, I mean it's been years of practice for such and still improving

She said as she sat back the memories still fresh as the wounds she held, she then sat up again as she looked at him

I must say you fought well, given the fact the odds were not in your favor at all you still made it our alive
[member="Kyrel Ren"]

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