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A Stolen Dawn


It's What's Inside That Counts
Harvey stepped from the bridge of his ship, flexing a somewhat damaged right arm. He, all together, looked rather raggedy, a far cry from the way he usually appeared. His suit was torn and fringed in some places, and along the right side of his face, there was a streak of silver edged by blackened skin, revealing a gleaming durasteel exoskeleton. White liquid dripped from various points in his body, landing on the metal floor with various splashes. His right sleeve was torn to shreds, and another streak of metal was revealed, this one thinner. Looking over his damaged body, the android thought back to how he ended up this way.


A cry for help aroused Harvey from his standby state. It was Elsa Dawnset, his female companion, and she was calling for him. Thinking it was nothing in particular, the android stood up and nonchalantly replied.

"Yes, dear?"

"Help me! They're taking me-AGH! Get off of me!"


Springing to action, Harvey bolted from the maintenance bay to their bedroom, pushing aside equipment that was in the way. His dress shoes clicked against the polished floor with a thunderous force as the android charged in to protect the one organic he truly cared for.
Five masked men were dragging Elsa out of their room. The young woman fought viciously, but she was no match for the well-armed and protected humans. She was still in a silk nightrobe, desperately attempting to escape the clutches of her captors, when she spotted Harvey.

"Harv! Help!"

"Light him up! And shut the broad up already!"

One of the kidnappers fired a round from his blaster. It skimmed the side of Harvey's face, causing him to fall back. A buttstock connected to the side of Elsa's head, knocking her out.

"Nice shot. Let's get the hell out of here."

They weren't expecting Harvey to get up. When he did, it revealed an android with glowing metal on his right cheek and a very unpleasant expression.

"What the hell?"

Harv ran forward, grabbing the nearest man by the neck. He squeezed, hard. There was an audible snap, and his body was dropped to the floor, lifeless.

"It's a droid! Open fire!"

Three blasters went off in a cacophony of noise. Stray bolts of energy ricocheted off of the interior of the ship's passageways. The fifth kidnapper, who was the leader, slung Elsa over his shoulder and barrelled out from where he came, leaving his men to deal with one very angry Harvey.

Lasers skimmed and grazed Harv, who went up to the next closest kidnapper. With an inhuman force, his right arm went through the man's armor and sternum. When he pulled his arm back out, it was coated red, and his target dropped like a stone.

"He just punched through Mari's chest!"

There were now only 2 men left. Scooping up the lifeless organic's blaster, Harvey aimed and fired in the span of a second. He found his mark. Now there was only one man.

"Damn it! Bring it on, droid!"

The kidnapper unsheathed a vibrosword and swung it threateningly. Harvey dropped the blaster. He needed this one alive.

Striding forward, the android raised his right arm in a guard. The man's blow landed against it. Instead of cutting clean through, it caught against the metal of his frame. Using his left arm now, Harvey grabbed the blade and squeezed, breaking it in two before reaching forward and grabbing the kidnapper by the throat, raising him off of his feet. The other hand went to the man's hand, which he held in a death grip.

"Do you know how much pressure it takes to break all the bones in your hand? Allow me to demonstrate."

Harvey squeezed slightly, and a crack like a chicken wing breaking resonated through the corridors, followed by squeals of pain.

"If you'd like your hand to ever function properly again, you will tell me who hired you. Now."

Harvey's tone was calm, and his facial expression was neutral, but there was something vastly intimidating about seeing a battered android coated in blood about to break every bone in your body.

"Se-senator Dawnset...sends his regards."

The android took a brief second to process this information. Senator Dawnset was Elsa's father, a negligent, abusive man. Harvey and Elsa had escaped from him about a year ago. From Harvey's databases, the man resigned in disgrace. Why was he choosing to get his daughter back now?

Harvey punched the kidnapper against the side of his skull. A crack echoed out, and his corpse fell to the deck. The android didn't miss a beat, sprinting forward to the loading ramp in an attempt to catch whoever stole Elsa before he could escape.

Alas, it was too late.

A ship rose up from across the landing pad. Harvey saw the pilot. Elsa's kidnapper. He knew he couldn't catch them now. It was too late. That didn't stop him from recording all of the vessel's information. He saved the description, the identification code, and the make and model before it took off, exiting atmosphere.

Elsa was gone.

The one organic that he cared for was gone.

He would get her back. Or he would die trying.

Harvey didn't waste any time at all. Reaching the ship's communication array, he scrolled though a list of contacts. There it was. A notorious information broker. Another contact, one who could assemble a team for him. He would need these two things: information and assistance. The android typed out a quick message to the broker. Or attempted to, anyways. The damage from the vibroblade was more than he initially thought it to be.

Encrypting......! Done.

Mr. Vigil. Your reputation precedes you. I need information on former Senator Dawnset. Anything and everything you can gather on him. Time is of the essence. Your payment for your services is attached to this message.



Next went out the message to a man whom Harv and Elsa had met several months earlier, a man who said, if the two ever got into a pickle, he could find people to help them out.

Mr. Ferr,

The time has come in which I am in need of your services. Elsa has been kidnapped. I cannot rescue her alone. Assemble a team for me.



Several days later, Harvey paced the bridge of his ship, deep in artificial thought. The message back from Ferr was reassuring. He went out and assembled a team for the android, free of charge. It was the least he could do. After all, Harv had saved his life. They were now assembled in the meeting room of his ship. The time had come for Harv to brief them. Striding out from his bridge, Harv was still slightly battered. His wounds had began to heal on their own, but several spots where durasteel was visible were still present. He wore a different suit, same style. The android entered the briefing room and clasped his hands behind his back, speaking for all present to hear.

"Ladies, gentlemen. Thank you for joining me."

[member="AD-Iqatar.13"] [member="Valkren Calderon"] [member="Hala Jast"] [member="Mascoo"] [member="Raven Elrimina"]

Meeting Room, Harvey's ship.

Hala had gotten the call from Harvey. A back channel contact had provided her with the details of a very juicy plight. Once she read it and assessed the situation she decided it was time for a Field Trip. It'd been a long time since she'd been in space. Even longer since she had attended to matters not pertaining to The Red Devils and the Nar Shaada Originals.

She left Kitty in charge and headed out.

Now here she was, hair in lazy ponytail, with a Black Vest and patches over her tan pacers outfit. One data pad strapped to her arm, one hand in her pocket, cigar smoking between her lips. She squinted through the smoke and leaned back onto a cargo container in the corner, propping up her am and crossing one foot over her other.

Her kit bag with her tools was beside her.

"Pleasure to be here Mr. Harvey."

Now she would wait for him to brief his situation...
Sakka was repairing his tree-house that was destroyed by a recent storm when a mail arrived.
It was on a red enveloped and Sakka immediately knew that this was a special request.
Sakka smirk, this is a blessing for him as he needed money for the repair of the house.
He quickly gathered his equipment and headed to the nearest spaceport.
Sakka arrived from the ship a little late from the said time. He got lost again from the spaceport trying to find the right ship to board.
"hope am not still too late" he says as he opens. As soon as he opens it, the other door opposite of his position opens also.
Then came A bald man on a black suit. But Sakka felt something wrong from the guy. He felt an aura different a human.
"Ladies, gentlemen. Thank you for joining me." he heard as he creeps his way to the corner of the room.
He nods in response when the man was looking one by one to the group.
Now in an Indian sit position at the corner of the room, he waits for the man to discuss the request.


Orwell, The Librarian
It wasn't often that Vigil decided to personally deliver information, in his line of work it was best to be at arms length. Appointments were about as close to this as he usually got, and even then it wasn't really him giving the information over. But [member="Harvey"] was an interesting individual, and he knew his actual 'name'. For that, he hoped to discern the exact reasons that Mr. Harvey actually knew him.

It was likely a mutual connection. Even so, all threads had to be known, lest he find more information circulating about him than he wished. For that, he had found his way aboard Harvey's ship, and arrived shortly after Harvey himself addressed his group of mercenaries. As per usual, his holoprojector disguise of choice was a large Kel-Dor male, a popular persona for 'Mr. Orwell', the information broker. Nothing too out of the ordinary, save for being force dead of course.

His heavy footsteps echoed a little bit as he approached, and he addressed Harvey directly with the distinct sound of a Kel-Dor through their mask. "Quite the ship, Mr. Harvey. No doubt excellent security algorithms for your computers as well, you seem to have quite enough to afford such luxuries, delectable taste. Am I to assume everyone is present?"

[member="Mascoo"] | [member="Hala Jast"]
Sergeant Valkren Calderon stood idly by, his gloved hands wrapped about the railing on the bridge of his ally's, [member="Harvey"] , ship. The ex-special forces operator watched as the cyborg entered the bridge where the rest of his make-shift team had arrived to. Calderon sported a black combat vest with multiple gadgets and utility pouches for extra ammunition and supplies. His ruck rested at his black combat boots, which had a pair of khaki 'combat's' tucked into them. This, ofcourse, was opposed to his usual full combat-suit designated with Republic colors..But no more. His sidearm rested in a drop-holster directly above his right knee, for ease of access. His rifle was folded and resting against his ruck. He seemed to be ready for anything.

Harvey's appearance threw off everything.

It had been awhile since Harvey and Valkren had sat down for another one of his 'counseling' sessions, but even then, it was like the android had taken a 180 on his fashion senses. The call alone for him to assist with Harvey was a red flag already, and with the android helping Valkren so much, there was no way he could deny the call.

The obvious wounds on his acquaintance caused the operator to grip the railing even tighter during Harvey's entrance, but as his ally spoke up, he visibly relaxed.

After a brief shrug of his shoulders, and readjusting his chest kit, he seemed to be 'settled in' in his exact location. With his focus on Harvey, he only waited.

[member="Vigil"] | [member="Mascoo"] | [member="Hala Jast"] | [member="Harvey"]


It's What's Inside That Counts
The android took a look at the assembled men and women before him, studying them intently, making his own analyses.

His icy eyes first ran over Hala Jast. She was a gangster, a crime lord, and from what he heard, an amazing pilot. She puffed away at a cigar, greeting Harvey when he stepped in.

Next was a young man sitting cross-legged on his deck. Sakka. A hunter, tracker, and mercenary. It'd be good to have someone who was skilled with navigation.

Then there was the Kel-Dor. Vigil. His photoreceptors immediately revealed that the alien before him was actually a holoprojection. Smart. The android supposed that one could never be too paranoid in his line of work. His information would be vital in tracking down Senator Dawnset.

Sergeant Valkren was the last individual. He had come in as a favor for Harvey. The android's therapy had helped the troubled soldier out of a dark hole at one point. There was no one he could think of that would be more skilled in infiltration and covert operations.

"It would seem everyone is present, Mr. Orwell."

The android decided to use Vigil's alias instead of his real name. There was no telling how closely guarded of a secret his name really was.

"Now, for the matter at hand. A very dear friend of mine, Elsa Dawnset, was kidnapped just yesterday. Her father, former senator Elias Dawnset, I discovered, ordered the abduction. We are going to rescue her. Mr. Orwell, if you please, brief the party."

The droid stepped back, waiting for Vigil to share what information he gathered on Senator Dawnset.

[member="Valkren Calderon"] [member="Vigil"] [member="Mascoo"] [member="Hala Jast"]


Orwell, The Librarian
After allowing a brief few moments to pass, the Kel-Dor representation of Orwell strolled past the group to the head of the table, turning to face all present. "As Harvey was kind enough to mention, one Elsa Dawnset has been kidnapped by her father Elias. The former senator resigned in disgrace after Elsa and Harvey left him behind, choosing to escape public eye entirely. The man left a paper trail, of course, pinpointing his current residency to be one of two locations. The infamous smuggler's moon Nar Shadda, or an abandoned Hutt castle on Nar Kreeta. After investigating both locations, it was determined that security on Nar Kreeta was higher to a statistically significant degree. Further, using information provided, we did not find the docking information of the ship that took Elsa landing at any known space port."

He removed a chip and put it into the holo projectors of the meeting room table, bringing up a diagram of the facility. Or, rather, compiled of all the data they could collect. "There are no recorded maps of the location, and it was unlikely a scan of the facility would go by unnoticed. Thus we resorted to the use of probes to detail the surrounding area of this hutt fortress, and sent in mouse droids equipped with programming to record their routes and infrequent, small photographs for retrieval. Using this data we have a mostly complete floor plan of the location, including what we've determined to be the throne room, and the barracks. If you would notice here..." He enlarged the diagram to show a large, vacant spot in the center.

"Hutts, for all their greed, have a fondness for two things. Fine slaves, and fine pets. Locked behind massive gates are the latter, as we've determined this primary section to be. However, we also noted that the area was too large to simply be a beast pit. For those of you aware of galactic history, you may recall another similar hutt fortress wherein a Jedi by the name of Korr set about freeing slaves. There had been a labyrinth of sorts, home to both slave and rancor with control panels to halt the rancor's advance when need be. Given the size and location of various doors the droids simply could not access, we believe there to be a similar labyrinth under this palace. If Elsa is here, it is undoubtedly somewhere inside one of these cells. We were unable to determine if Elias is in possession of a rancor or similar beast, however. Depending on the group's skill set, we may be able to enter the area without setting off alarms, however there are already very few routes available."

(OOC note: I waited this long cause i semi expected someone else to post first. ^^" Made it lengthy to compensate for time.)

[member="Harvey"] | [member="Valkren Calderon"] | [member="Mascoo"] | [member="Hala Jast"]


It's What's Inside That Counts
"Thank you, Mr. Orwell. Now, to the more tactical side of things. I do believe that this team is capable of entering the palace without detection. I've read all of your dossiers. This is one of the most skilled teams I've seen assembled before me. Now, before we proceed further, does anyone have any strategic input?"

Harvey wasn't about to make important decisions by himself. He was fully capable of doing so, but sometimes an organic's viewpoint revealed things that could otherwise be hidden in the eye of a droid.

[member="Vigil"] [member="Valkren Calderon"] [member="Mascoo"] [member="Hala Jast"]
[member="Harvey"] [member="Valkren Calderon"] [member="Vigil"] [member="Mascoo"]

Meeting Room, Harvey's ship.

Hala nodded.

"Yea two things. One we're gonna need a super good, super fast disguise to get in there. Like get a ship modded to look like a gas freighter or something, I can call in a few old contacts and see if we can arrange for a smuggling run there as an alternative cover. I have a few Jast series freighters that would work for that."

Then she paused, and grinned.

"Two, we're gonna need some really, really big guns, in case things go awry. Sorry when things awry and our disguise falls apart under scrutiny."
"I can handle guns..And big guns for sure." He looked to Jast as he said this, before going back to the android.

"Anything you need Harvey, you got it." The young soldier nodded, folding his arms against his plated chest. The operator definitely had some connections. These connections he'd be more than willing to use for Harvey. He had numerous contacts from the Galactic Republic before it fell, and with his current ties to the Silver Jedi's rangers.

[member="Hala Jast"] | [member="Harvey"] | [member="Vigil"] | [member="Mascoo"]


Orwell, The Librarian
"A personal curiosity has also been noted for my organization. As such, one of my custom droids will be accompanying the group, in the pursuit of my organization's agenda. Though our objectives will align for the most part, do not think of it as favoritism. Should you become an obstacle the droid is capable of leaving you behind. That said, the droid will possess highly capable programming to infiltrate the compound, and more than likely capable of slicing into anything in the compound."

Orwell disabled the hologram as he stepped back, putting his arms behind his back as he continued. "I believe the last question to ask, Harvey, is what to do in the event that Mr. Dawnset is encountered. I would assume it would be best to leave him alive, however that will likely lead to problems down the road."

[member="Valkren Calderon"] | [member="Hala Jast"] | [member="Harvey"]
@Hala Jast [member="Vigil"] [member="Valkren Calderon"]

Hala snickered.

"Umm... I would assume shoot 'im in the face right? I mean that's what I'd do if someone took my family member from me. Probably worse than that on second thought..."
Sakka shakes with excitement when he heard there was a possible Rancor in the area.
They were a formidable foe and if he can kills one or more of this beast, It could boost his reputation on the guild.
Just the thought of it bought hype to him and thoughts of ways to fight the beast.
"If I may, I'm a really good tracker ya know. And if I could just get one of her clothes just to get her scent, I could lead the way to her." he said finally after coming to his senses
'but with a little detour' he says to him self with a grin, he already has a plan on his mind.

@Harvey@Hala Jast@Vigil@Valkren Calderon


It's What's Inside That Counts
"If Mr. Dawnset is encountered, we eliminate him with utmost prejudice. We cannot allow a threat like him to be free to strike again."

Harvey took a brief second to process all of the input. A final plan was formulated in his artificial mind.

"Thank you for your input. I have made a plan that incorporates each one of your ideas. We will infiltrate the area through a ship disguised as a smuggler's vessel. Upon landing, we will enter the palace undetected as long as possible. Mr. Orwell's droid shall slice into otherwise inaccessible areas of the compound. With us will be enough ordinance to eliminate any obstacle that crosses our paths, whether living or not. From there, Mascoo will lead the way to Elsa. I have plenty of articles of clothing that belong to her. Locating a scent shouldn't be too hard."

Harvey made it sound simple, but in reality, it was going to be difficult. No matter. Harvey would swim across Kamino if it meant rescuing Elsa.

"Now, for more specific taskings. Hala Jast, you are in charge of our initial entry and exfiltration. No doubt your piloting and your contacts for a vessel will be without problems. Sergeant Calderon, I want you to man the heavy weaponry. If anything happens, we're going to need someone competent behind the gun. Mascoo, your priority one we get inside the palace is tracking down Elsa. And Mr. Orwell, your droid and a continuous stream of information would be much appreciated. Are there any questions?"

[member="Mascoo"] [member="Hala Jast"] [member="Vigil"] [member="Valkren Calderon"]


It's What's Inside That Counts
"In one standard day, we will meet at whatever vessel Ms. Jast is providing. Use this time to prepare for the upcoming tasks. Gather weapons, equipment, and whatever else you may require. It is rather short notice, but we are limited on time. One can only wonder what my Elsa is going through as we speak..."

A noticeable twitch ran through Harvey's body, then another one. The android had taken a more significant amount of damage than he initially diagnosed.

"Excuse me. If there are no further questions, be on your way. Rendezvous at the appropriate time at the appropriate location. F-f-f-f-zzt."

The last words were a series of stutters, a malfunction of sorts. The android then excused himself. No one had to see him in this state. During the course of the next day, Harvey would take time to repair himself and further assess the damage dealt to him.

[member="Mascoo"] [member="Hala Jast"] [member="Vigil"] [member="Valkren Calderon"]


Orwell, The Librarian
Naturally, come the next day, the 'droid' sent by Orwell was the same as before, Orwell himself. Vigil was fond of the identity, but in having it be secret he could act as a droid to use the perceptions of people against them. Mind games, it was all he could really utilize outside of his technical abilities and gunplay. Not that he was bad at either, it was simply a small toolkit of tricks. Still, the value of mind play was not something to be understated...

Especially now, as the droid body that was Vigil's mobile unit made its way to meet with Harvey. Upon arrival, the droid made to indicate its presence before it could enter, having that much decency. In his body was both his handguns, hidden in the thighs, as well as the analytical mind of Virgil, calculating the probability of mission success even as the preparations would be made complete.

[member="Harvey"] | [member="Mascoo"] | [member="Hala Jast"] | [member="Valkren Calderon"]


It's What's Inside That Counts
Harvey stood upon a landing pad, awaiting Hala Jast and her disguised vessel. He had patched himself up thoroughly in the free time he had. An error like the one last night would not happen again. The android had several blasters stowed away in his body, and several other surprises that he would equip if necessary.

He looked towards Vigil, and nodded.

"Everyone else should be arriving shortly."

[member="Mascoo"] [member="Hala Jast"] [member="Valkren Calderon"] [member="Vigil"]
Sakka arrived shortly after Harvey arrived. Equipped with his spear and sniper Rifle at his back with his pet fox sitting at the top of his head.
He also bought traps and utility grenades in preparation for the rancor.
"Hey Harvey, did bought the thing I was asking..? One of her clothes, I hope ya bought her underwear" he jokingly said as he approaches Harvey.

@Harvey@Vigil@Hala Jast[member="Valkren Calderon"]
Valkren Calderon appeared almost out of nowhere. During the groups brief time apart, the soldier had been recruited into the Silver Jedi Order, and had even received the rank of Colonel before returning to Harvey to honor a promise he made.

However, with his new rank, came much more responsibility. This meant that his identity would have to be disguised come mission-time, thus with his black protective vest and knee pads, came a protective facemask which was currently clipped to his belt. Behind him was a lone protocol droid that was assisting the newly-appointed colonel in the transportation of a large crate.

The young officer would dismiss the droid, before turning to the rest and placing a gloved hand on the top of the crate. "Someone call for weapons?"

Within this crate would be a multitude of firearms and gadgets, ranging all the way from two rotary canons, assault repeaters, blaster pistols, and scatterguns. Not to mention, the thermal detonators he brought along aswell.

Soon after saying this, he'd hear the words come from Mascoos' lips, simply shaking his head and his gaze returned to Harvey.

"Where's your pilot?"

[member="Mascoo"] | [member="Harvey"] | [member="Vigil"] | [member="Hala Jast"]

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