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A small raid on Obredaan.

Black Phoenix

Planet Capital city, Spaceport

[SIZE=9pt]A HWK-290 light freighter arrived at a small Spaceport on Obredaan. In the hangar in which it touched down, were five Jin'ha. One wearing fancy clothing, the others armor. The HWK-290 opened it's ramp and out cam a pale man with black hair. He was quite tall and was wearing a black trench-coat with black trousers. He carried a briefcase and a vibrosword he had strapped to his side.
''Welcome. you are Theebo, I presume?''
[SIZE=10pt]'’In the flesh.''
''We have been awaiting your arrival. Let us go to the diplomatic chambers, there we can discuss our business.''
''Lead the way.''
The Jin'ha in the fancy attire turned around and said ''Please follow me.''.
A little while later the men were still walking through corridors. Theebo was walking next to the fancy Jin'ha, the others walked in formation around the two.
''We are almost th-''
The man was unable to finish his sentence. It got cut off by a hand crushing his throat. Next two of the guards got cut down by a Vibrosword, the other two were shot by a silenced Blaster. The man who had killed them picked up their corpses and carried them into the room they had been leading him to. There he put them into the chairs and gave one of them his trench coat. Afterwards he opened his briefcase.

A couple moments later, the man, now wearing grey armor, was planting a bomb in the room. It was Black Phoenix, special operative and assassin for the Mnenchei Dominion. His mission was to infiltrate the Planet and bring down its defenses, so that the Dominion’s fleet wouldn't have too much trouble invading this planet. For that he would have to locate their main defenses and take them out. He would figure out how to do that once he found their base. This would be the easy part. He was trained in locating and getting into the most well-guarded places the enemy had to offer and this was just another one of those. After he was finished planting the bomb he set it the timer to two minutes. It would be a good distraction for the security forces and he would then not be under suspicion, since he would be thought of as dead. The security forces would not ask about him and he would just be able to get out undetected. It was perfect.

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Zalderic Drayke

Zalderic stood, staring out into space as they soared through hyperspace. They were here on relatively peaceful terms. They would show up in full force and demand a surrender of the planet. It would be quick and easy, provided they had no setbacks. He would accompany the team of diplomats to the service to provide extra security. For now he waited, they would be exiting hyperspace in about 15 minutes.

@[member="Black Phoenix"]


In a message to the warlord under her envoy, the High Queen was explicit about how the forces should go about securing the world known as Obredaan. Violence was not an option unless in self-defense, and all proceedings should be attempted in a proper, diplomatic fashion. Obviously, they had already ruined that part, but such was the price of employing others to do one's job as their queen and rightful leader. She knew of the possible consequences and had come to terms with them long before the initiation of the planet's annexing, content with the capabilities of her citizens and soldiers.
A single frigate arrived from hyperspace where dozens of other warships had already eagerly awaited. It was painted and adorned much unlike any of the others; jet black with somewhat hexagonal splotches of white here and there in a sort of camouflage pattern. It distinguished itself as a vessel of fortune, not any known military vehicle.
"This is Lady Kottos speaking. I have brought you all here on a rare opportunity. I have been tasked with the successful transfer of this planet unto Mnenchei Dominion influence. This world was made to prosper under their flag. Fortunately for you all, this leaves me with the ability to offer you this rare opportunity as a sort of... calling card. We're going to a nearby Cortosis mining and refinement center. There won't be any gunfights or getaways today. This mining facility has already been negotiated as under our control, and by the authority of the High Queen, I may draw from it in any way I deem necessary. Happy gathering, ladies and gentlemen. We'll touch ground in ten."
The black hex ship landed somewhere approximately two kilometers away from the mining plant. For the others, undoubtedly in shuttles or freighters, they could land much closer and haul their share of refined ore directly. Prior to the gathering, they'd all been advised to bring their own hazmat gear and told that they would need to do the heavy lifting themselves. Aside from that, they could refine it on the spot and have it shipped to nearby facilities or craftsmen for forging.
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A free cortosis item for just picking up and transporting raw cortosis ore? It sounded almost too good to be true, but he ignored his gut instinct (which could have been because of a badly cooked breakfast) and continued on. It was too late for him to say no and turn around now, anyway: he was nearly there. Despite not having a starship of his own, or a weapon of his own, or any protective gear of his own, or a plan, he began to feel relatively optimistic about the venture.

Acquiring a lift in transport there had been more difficult than he first thought. Apparently a few warships had been hanging around in orbit for a while, scaring off the interstellar transport companies from continuing routes through the system. He had managed to find one, though. Which was relatively empty aside from the groups of burly, husky-looking male aliens. He had thought they were miners, due to their musky odour which trailed behind them. The journey had him hugely discriminating against at least four different species - although not one word left his mouth. He was much too scared of the consequences to say anything to them at all in case they took offence to Basic.

The end of the journey came quick enough. All departed the transport at a large port near an even larger mining facility. Even from the surface a few of the larger warships that lingered in orbit could be visibly seen. It didn't give him the best of feelings, considering he didn't even really know who the woman that contacted him about this "rare opportunity" even was. Free cortosis, though. Who was stupid enough to pass that up?

Voroll followed the group of aliens to a smaller transport that clearly named a mine. He assumed it was a cortosis mine and he hoped it took him to the right one. When boarding, a thought popped up in his mind. Just out of the blue but entirely related to the events that were occurring: he had no clue how he was going to get off the planet with the cortosis, or what he wanted to pick. A bridge best left until crossing, he thought to himself.
It's Real to Pretend
Complex was the name of the game, so far as it went for Circe. She was here for one thing only, and that was the cortosis. Well... And Aynea, too, but that was sort of a given. Only issue was, Ven was along too. You know, for extra support and all. And cortosis was everywhere here. That was nice, and it was a possible concept for creating a full-scale cortosis starfighter, She had no idea how that worked out, but hey, it sounded cool.


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Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End
Where Savan went, the Sekairo followed. Didn't matter where, didn't matter when. The mad merc loved her employer, and would follow the lass to the edge of the universe. Even if she had some competition for affection- meaning this... Aynea person. But that wasn't on Ven's mind. She was to busy doing her job and helping out where she could. As she did she hummed a little tune and imagined all the things that could be made with cortosis.
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When Aynea had arrived by the iron gates of the complex, she was seated on the open hatch of the head of a Cabracan AT armed with two racks of rotary cannons on its gun turret. Mastodon was blaring out from the cockpit's communication speaker system. The vixen leapt down from the edge of the Cabracan and slid down its leg, kicking up a plume of dirt on her landing.
"Circe, you made it!" the foxtress gleefully announced, leaping on her. Her eyes scrolled over to the other as her limbs embraced her lover's torso. "Ah, where are my manners.... This must be your personal body guard. Hmm."
Aynea slid back to her feet again, tails wrapped around her, and slowly approached the other individual. The glare of the sun against the Cabracan shone in their face from behind her like the corona of an eclipse. Menacing, deadly, and down to business.
"Hey! -- Shut that crap off for me! Aynea Kottos, at your service. Hmph, hope my love hasn't been working you down to the bone lately. If you're ever looking for something a little less... risky," she glared at Circe momentarily in jest, "...And with a little more pay, you let me know. Have an ore, on the house."
Aynea's belly was quite a sight to behold, already more than half way through her accelerated pregnancy with Circe's rightful, hybrid child. Covert infantrymen from the Corps itself flocked around, ready to secure the compound in the event of an incident.
"I need a head count, who arrived here on my personal invitation?" Aynea shouted, so that everyone could hear clearly.
She began punching something in to a nearby military comlink.
@[member="Zalderic Drayke"], @[member="Black Phoenix"]: All Special Forces, rendevous at the uploaded location. New orders from the ONI, we are securing vital mining locations and establishing a minimal forward operating force here, everything else is no longer a priority.
(Come get some cortosis while it's still hot ;))
---End Message---

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It's Real to Pretend
More cortosis. Fun. And Circe was curious as to what exactly Aynea was up to out here. Sure, she was very pregnant, but it made the Vinithi worried about what was going to happen to her child. After all, Darren was the only other child she had, and if something happened to him... her only surviving child would be the unborn daughter she was having with the fox-woman.

A pathetic attempt to fill the void, but hey...

@[member="Ayña Kottos"] @[member="Ven'Rain Sekairo"]


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After leaving the small transport with a group of heavy, broad miners, Voroll spotted two women and an armoured person close to a large machine, or vehocle, he had not seen before. He wandered over with an air of confidence about him. They were out of place amomgst the rest of the soldiers and miners, so naturally, he thought they might be who invited him for cortosis.
"Is this where we get the free cortosis?" He asked when still approaching, but close enough for them to hear him clearly.

@[member="Circe Savan"] @[member="Ayña Kottos"]


Aynea pushed off of the Cabracan and looked in@[member="Voroll Dey Astaar"]'s direction when she heard a new, unfamiliar voice. Only one other person came through, it seems. Maybe free rare metals weren't peoples' thing. Then again, maybe they didn't headfirst enter life-threatening situations with rare and powerful Force sensitives.
"Yup, yup. You're in the right place. Feel free to just run in and grab the stuff."
Of course it wasn't that simple, unless he could find already smelted bricks or pots, and the amped security meant it fairly certain that he wasn't going to go steal something important, or anything crazy.
"Just take what you can carry, no more, and I highly advise no less. You'll have to get it off of this rock yourself, though." Then the vixen turned to the Vinithi @[member="Circe Savan"]. "Circe, you know I can't carry heavy lifting. Could you be a darling and get some of the men to help you load up freshly made cortosis and load it on a repulsorlift bed so we can tow it with the Cabracan?" she'd said with a bright smile and a soft, happy tone no one could deny.
Hopefully they'd be done and out of there in fifteen to twenty minutes. It didn't look like anyone else was going to show, and it wouldn't be her problem; it was only free while she was there, then it belonged to the kingdom and to the Industries.


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The fact that no one else has turned up so far slightly concerned the young, naïve Esselian. It was something to accept free things, but it was slightly different when no one else wanted it. Although he could only assume that they were delayed in some way, maybe a hyperdrive malfunction or caught in some cataclysmic event that either wiped the rest out, or rendered any ship they were in useless.
He pressed on, after the woman had easily offered him entrance - more specifically to "run in and grab the stuff" - but found himself pondering on her words. She had said take as much as he could carry, but did that mean physically carry in his arms and pockets, or carry on some form of repulsorlift transport. Either way, he still had to find a way off the planet with the refined stuff, if there were any left.

As he walked, the towering refinery - which spilled out black fumes into an otherwise clear sky - shadowed his approach: the sun had been blocked by the enormous structure, most of it coloured darkly even when in the light of the sun.
The entrance was large: with a group of steps surrounding a prominent archway leading into darkness. He wandered in and only then realised the grandeur of the situatuon he now faced.

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Two large-set burly men walked past the twenty year old, one of them was a human with some form of dark tattoos across his face and hands while the other was a species he had never seen before. Nevertheless the pair of them looked as if they would throw him out if he dared touch anything that he was not supposed to, so he continued on into the depths of the mine.

The further he walked, the darker the area became. It was littered with small lights; portable and free-hovering, but not great by any means. The surrounding hallways, which looked like they had been lined with sheets of loosely-welded metal became darker and longer, often with a break into various sections. Suddenly, after turning he found a turbolift to lower levels.
He could feel the warmth of the complex rise through the diagonal-grate of the turbolift door and walls - which permitted him limited vision into the black depths where he descended. Eventually his ears started to thud to the sound of machinery: a slow, deep thudding and many whines of drills completely overwhelmed the grinding of the turbolift against the four bars that held it in place.
The turbolift slowed, eventually, and came to a stop to, what Voroll assumed, be the lowest reachable level before the vein of cortosis could be mined. The drills and thudding were still a while down a large shaft that was in the centre of the area while some other sounds originating from small, dimly-lit hallways were new. He assumed they were either continuing to mine for smaller veins of the highly-combustible ore, or a different ore that had coincidentally formed near it. Either way he now had to wear specialised gear - which he managed to find a spare set in a nearby storage cupboard - to avoid the effects of physical degradation from the toxic gas created with the ore.


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The chemsuit that the young Esselian had picked up was a good fit, after it was strapped on and the wrist and ankle cuffs had been tightened. Boots were also provided, but were a larger fit than the rest of the suit. He had to pull them over his current footwear, which was probably why. He finally placed a mask over his face to assist in breathing and to filter out toxic chemicals from the air. It was lucky the miners had spares of these things, especially since it was so easy to actually get down to where he was. Now he looked like a miner it would have been easier to take the ore out from the mine to a refinery, he hoped. He only wished that there were mirrors down there to see how he looked; if he looked like he fit in or looked like a goon in an orange jumpsuit.
When he was comfortable with his appearance (and in the fact that he could not check it) he continued on to try and find the nearest batch of the precious ore.