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A Simple Chat

The Auction of Contruum had caused a considerable sum of Galactic turmoil. The Republic had attempted a raid in order to recover stolen trinkets from the hands of a Dark Master, and in the process had managed to step on the toes of two of the members of the Ithorian Conference. In light of this, the drums of war could easily be thumped and the end of the Republic cemented. However, as opposed to simply igniting the powder keg and calling forth the Conference to rally their arms and launch into full-scale invasions of Republic worlds, the Grand Marshal of the Confederacy opted to try a simpler approach. He would, first and foremost, attempt to secure reparations for the mistreatment of his trusted Diplomat Vorhi Alestrani; and in doing so would liberate the Republic from losing their alliance with the Confederacy.

And also halt their impending demise.

As such, from the bridge of his personal vessel as it surged through hyperspace inbound for Contruum, he opened a line of communication to the office of the Supreme Chancellor. He fully expected the young Aleidis to answer the call, but this, sadly, would not be the case in light of recent events. The clone, of course, was unaware of this fact and his azure hologram appeared on the desk-mounted terminal of the Supreme Chancellor. Rendering a polite incline of his head, the armor-clad Genesis Rostu began bluntly. He wanted this to be a short, sweet affair; for after all, he had a meeting to get to.

"Supreme Chancellor, I do hope that this message finds you well. The events on Contruum have strained the relationship between our nations to a breaking point. In light of the mistreatment levied upon my subordinate, reparations of the highest caliber are to be made. Otherwise, I am left with no option aside from appealing to the Conference and dissolving our alliance. It is not my intention for this conversation today to end as thus, so if you would, please consider a viable option for reparations so that peace may continue to characterize the Galaxy."

@[member="[/COLOR]Philip. J Halen"]
Instead, he was greeted by the Interim Supreme Chancellor, due to Aleidis's disappearance.

Indeed, it had been a long day for Halen. He had been in constant contact with Aleidis during the INVESTIGATION of the auction. Aleidis had made plans to investigate the auction that was in their borders, in their territory, brought on by the Rogue Sith that not only had blown up Republic and OP worlds, but had raided the Jedi and Sith archives respectively, selling said items at said auction. Though Aleidis had tried to handle things peacefully, a traitorous Jedi Master had given the order behind Ijet's back to attack, and confused, it was answered by the loyal Republic Jedi and Soldiers.

Of course, this had ruffled a few feathers, despite this not being Ijet's fault whatsoever. Cody Jorin had held one of the CIS authority at gunpoint during the without permission attack, drawing the ire of the faction. And here they were, hoping for war over it, when in reality they could just ask for punishment for the ONE person responsible. How quaint.

The situation had driven Ijet off, tired of being backstabbed by the Republic she had loved and sacrificed her entire life for. And thus, Halen had been called to temporarily replace her.

Halen wanted this to be short and sweet. He already had to deal with the Suns. That was still being worked on.

"Grand Marshall" Halen greeted as communications began. "I apologize for the sudden change if you were expecting Miss Ijet. I regret to inform you that due to the traitorous actions of several Republic members on Contruum, ordering the attacking while defying orders, and destroying the peace that the Chancellor sought out for, she has resigned from her post and left the Republic. My name is Philip Joseph Halen, Vice Chancellor of the Republic, and current Interim Supreme Chancellor until elections begin again"

"I want to apologize, on behalf of the Republic for any harm that may have come to your ally, Grand Marshall" he said. "The ones responsible for the attack in general have been punished, some severely. As for the one who held your man at gunpoint, Cody Jorin... Well, obviously he will be punished as well" he added.

@[member="Genesis Rostu"]
It was time to learn simple facts about the Grand Marshal. First and foremost, he would go to bat for any of his subordinates; so much so that he absolved an alliance with the Black Sun Syndicate over a destroyed vessel during the events of what had become known as "Dead Space". Second, Cody Jorin had held at gunpoint a man who was more than simply a subordinate. He was a friend, and a valued member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. If a single hair on his head had come to harm, the reprecussions would have been excessively dire. As such, the new Supreme Chancellor was going to learn the consequences of wronging an ally; and if the Republic's single ally meant anything to the man, he would comply to the demand of reparations.

"Supreme Chancellor Halen," he began, doing his absolute best to contain the frustration which arose at the mere thought of harm coming to his subordinate, "due to the actions of Cody Jorin, the Republic is asked to make reparations of the highest caliber. Justice has undoubtedly been served, but it is the principle of the matter. In order to maintain our alliance, the single alliance that the Republic has if my intelligence is correct, the reparations we seek are of the highest caliber. Rumor speaks of a vessel, astronomical in size, that is under Republic possession."

"We ask this, in exchange for Peace."

Declining meant a declaration of war.

@[member="Philip J. Halen"].
Halen almost started laughing. Was this guy serious?

Oh, but he was. The CIS seriously wanted the Shepard because Jorin put one of his friends at gunpoint. No losses. No compensation. Just pure greed on the CIS's end.

But he was right, it was their only ally at the moment. And due to not needing war, Halen decided sacrifices would have to be made.

"This idea is petty, Grand Marshall... But with the circumstances, sacrifices have to be made. The ship will be sent to you as soon as we can" he concluded.

Halen would remember this.

@[member="Genesis Rostu"]
"Excellent. I will make certain that the Conference hears of your willingness to offer reparations. I bid you good day, Supreme Chancellor, and may your reign be characterized by a successful bid for Galactic Peace."

With that said, the transmission ended.