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A Shadow In Time

Kamon Vondiranach

Heart in a Jar
Time tells all.

He could remember a time when Coruscant was under the control of the Emperor. Then the warlords. Then it was freed again. Hundreds of years of history. Repeated history. Coruscant remained a planet that was fought over again and again. He did not envy the people that lived there. He felt sorry for them. The rich ones lived in relative isolation from the realities of the Galaxy, a demented lifestyle choice. The poor were stricken to living in the lower levels, unable to escape from the planets history of being assaulted, let alone from the drugery of their lives. He remembered times fighting in the city. It was not a peaceful place.

Even now with this newly rising pro-Imperial party on the world it was getting worse. They claimed to want freedom for the people of the planet, but they were also humanocentrists. They didn't care that the majority of the planet was now populated by a mixture of a wide variety of species. Sure they obtained some popular support, but not enough to change the fate of the world. Especially with the Alliance government in control. They would not allow Xenophobes to become the party of power on Coruscant. There were enough of their kind out there as it was.

So it was that when he felt a presence of darkness on the world that he suspected it was associated with this. It made perfect sense that a Darksider would be involved in the manipulation if the population of Coruscant. They seemed to delight in that. Being present himself, and not wanting to tip of the local informants, he decided that he would investigate it himself rather than reporting it to the proper authorities. They wouldn't be able to do much without Jedi help anyway so he might as well just deal with it.

Dressed in his typical blend of Corellian and Echani garb, no robes, he headed out. Both sabers were hidden in a pouch in his belt as he made his way along. And as he drew closer he wrapped himself in the white current so he could investigate undetected and determine the best course of action for dealing with the situation at hand. Granted he was a bit surprised to find out that the darkness was emanating from a seventeen years old girl, but he'd seen younger practitioners of the dark arts. It was best he gauged what she was up to before acting.

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
Coruscant was always her default option when she needed to get away from the Confederacy. Her grandmother's Penthouse was now hers in every way that counted, and she was sharing it with her cousin, who was barely there. To be fair, Scherezade was barely there as well, but it was nice to have privacy when she was.

Still, she had the day off, and there parts of Coruscant that she had yet to explore. The fancy sector had bored her, the undercity had entertained her, the zoo was nice, but surely there were more things that this planet had to offer. After all, her family wouldn't have stuck around there if it had been dreadfully boring. She'd opened a map and randomly chose CoCo Town.

It was... Underwhelming. Industrial areas didn't really interest her, which made her choice to come here in the first place rather silly.

Still, if she was here, she might as well grab a bite to eat before heading off to another area. Scherezade entered the first diner she came across, taking a seat in one of the corner booths. Her knives rested against her skin beneath her clothes, always ready to be called at a time of need. She sometimes wondered why she often felt like even break times were times of need, but considering her wonderful talent at getting into trouble and managing to get out of it hanging to life by a single hair... Well, she'd convinced herself.

"A tall mug of cream please," she said with the sweetest smile as the droid rolled by to take her order, "and I'll have three bantha steaks as well."

Meat was important. She trained every day, pouring sweat in learning new manouvers, training with the Force, and training her mind to be flexible, to come up with more ideas that would help her get what she wanted. She also hated sleeping and did that as little as she could, since sleep meant Darkness and Darkness was bad. "Oh! And a platter of wings as well."

[member="Kamon Vondiranach"]

Kamon Vondiranach

Heart in a Jar
He'd traced her down to a diner. An interesting choice and not the best place to do battle, but such was life. If he played his cards right they'd be outside before anything came to blows. If it came to blows. He had the drop on her, of course. Or, at least he figured he did. She could have been playing coy with him and really be a practitioner if the White Current, but he kind of doubted it. Her strength felt too unrefined for the delicacy necessary to accessing that branch of the Force.

When he looked at her more closely he couldn't help but feel a sense of familiarity. There was something about her that made him feel as if they had met before. He was certain that they, personally, had not met, but he had met someone of her family. After a moment he winced. He knew precisely who this girl was related to. She was a deWinter. He'd seen enough of Shery in the past to remember the face and see the resemblance.

They were a family always in the middle of things. He now doubted she was involved in the Coruscant First camp, but he did not doubt that she was a Sith. It was a family characteristic. Nor did he doubt that she was trouble and that it was his job as a member of the Alliance's military to insure that she was not able to cause harm to the citizens of an Alliance world. He was going to have to deal with her.

Drawing his saber, one of them, from the pouch on his belt, he activated it and waited a moment just in case she might notice. Then he leaned it over to her so it was dangerously close to her throat. Only after that did he release his grasp of the Current and allow himself to become visible to her and those around them. Undoubtedly this would have the kind of affect on her it did with others, which he was hoping for.

"You are a child of darkness," he said by way of introduction."This is an Alliance world and we don't suffer Darksiders to wander freely and cause mischief. Will you come quietly?"

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
She never knew he was even there. Even had his presence not been cloaked, she wasn't even searching for the signatures of other Force Users. She'd taken the day to wander around and sit down and eat, not get into a fight. Heck, Coruscant was probably the only place where the number of fights she got into was very close to zero. After ordering her food, she'd just drawn patterns against the faux-wood of the table, doing absolutely nothing of notice.

And then there was a lightsaber aimed at her throat.

Emerald green eyes looked up to see a man she'd never - flashes, images, memories. I knew him once, centuries ago. This is not a friend, child, and not a man who will be patient with you. Scherezade blinked as the memories rose to the surface of her mind. Usually, she hated those things. Her grandmother's information dump had a tendency to annoy her and stop good things from happening, and it usually happened when... Okay, Scherezade made a mental note that it had to do with adrenaline and excitement levels. Maybe anxiety too. But that was not for now.

"Kamon Vondiranach," she said, pronouncing each syllable slowly, letting it roll on her tongue. Her voice was unlike her grandmother's. Whereas her mother's was deep and rich, hers was as youthful as she appeared to be, almost even innocent to the ear. She already knew this was not a man she wanted to fight. Probably couldn't fight and make it out with all her limbs intact.

But what she didn't know was how he knew who she was. She was the child of both the deWinters and the Family of Darkness. Maybe he had no clue who she was and merely referred to the fact that it was easy to smell through the Force that she belonged to the Darkside?

Scherezade swallowed hard. She was going to have to talk her way out of this. She was almost comically bad at diplomacy. There was a reason she wasn't in any government branch.

"It's very rude to draw your lightsaber out in public like that," she noted, doing her best to put on a brave face. She wasn't feeling very brave, "the Galactic Alliance is in an alliance with the Confederacy and I belong to the CIS. I have as as much right to be here as you do. Also, I was just about to have lunch. If you put that silly thing away, you're free to join me. My treat."

[member="Kamon Vondiranach"]

Kamon Vondiranach

Heart in a Jar
She knew his name? Interesting. He wondered how that was, but couldn't really hazard a guess at the moment. Could be she'd come across his past exploits. Could be his name was passed down from her relatives. He was no stranger to her family. Mortal enemies, really. Always had been and always would be. Not even Shery could entice him off his path in life. This child wasn't about to do any better than she had. She didn't even have the rapport Shery had with him.

"Interesting," he said, offering a frown. "If the Alliance has chosen to ally itself with Sith, even if they aren't part if the Empire, then perhaps it is no longer worthy of my service."

Either way, he flicked his blade just enough to catch a whisper of her hair and singe it off while also jerking it towards the door. There was no escaping what was coming to her. Heck, if anything it gave him an opportunity to break an unholy alliance. The Galactic Alliance should not enter into alliances with parties of Sith. If they did that, they were no different from their predecessors. Sith code dictated a desire for power. They were incompatible with the Light.

The main problem was the family she was a part of. Kamon knew them. Manipulators. Destroyers. They were incapable of being free without destroying things. He didn't trust them and he didn't particularly care about alienating the Alliance. If they shunned him for dealing with a Sith then there was a greater galaxy out there for him to thrive in. It wasn't as if they could kill him anyway. Not without help from his children.

"Up. I won't suffer a deWinter to roam this planet freely and I don't care about your alliance. You will be dealt with by the Alliance or by me."

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
He was a bully. There were no other words to describe it. When he burned her hair, little of it as it may be, Scherezade jumped back in her seat, inching closer to the wall. Her eyes darted around the room, trying to catch anyone who might be watching them, hoping that someone would call officials. If nothing else, she would be able to use them as meat shields while she made her escape. But no one took notice, or if they did, they kept to themselves, either by heads down or looking away. Buttholes. She was going to kill them all for this. The fear and the rage began to mingle inside her. That was bad. If she got too angry she'd stop thinking, and if she stopped thinking...

But he knew who she was. Or what she was. He knew the last name. Scherezade blinked. It wasn't the answer she had wanted to her earlier questions. Her grandmother hadn't supplied her with enough information for her to know why this was a personal thing. But she hadn't actually done anything - not against him, and not against the Alliance. The moment she'd been informed that the alliance existed she had done her utter best to tip toe and not cause it to break.

"I don't know what your krakking problem is," she finally said, working very hard to keep her voice even, "I'm just a kid trying to buy herself some lunch. I even offered you some!"

Still, delaying wouldn't help her now. He cut her hair. That was a red line. She had to kill him. She was not going to do it here. Slowly, she began to make her way out of the booth, wishing she'd had her Glitter Bullets with her. But the slugpistol was on her ship. All she had were her knives, ad much as she loved them, unless she could gain enough distance from him, they would put her at a disadvantage, since their reach was nowhere near to that of a lightsaber.

"Take me to the Alliance, then. I'm not going to fight you here and get a body count of innocent people," she half spat at him, "I might be a Sith but at least I remember the Jedi code better than you. And FYI, the deWinters have been living on this planet for at least six centuries if not more."

Now that she was out of her booth, it was all too easy to see how tense she was all over. She wasn't a great actress. She was nothing compared to her grandmother or even her mother. They'd had their entire lives to learn how this was done. She'd been a non-baby for a grand total of five months. And this man terrified the crap out of her. "I hope they demote you and humiliate you over this BS, you shmuck."

[member="Kamon Vondiranach"]

Kamon Vondiranach

Heart in a Jar
"Clearly your relatives didn't tell you enough about me," he said, watching her, uterrly unphased as she moved back away from him.

Honestly, Kamon cared about little in the Galaxy aside from his children and granddaughter, and Romi. The rest of the Galaxy could go to hell for all he cared. But Sith? He didn't care. He knew their code. She might not be killing right now, but she would. It was in their nature. It was who they were. It was what they did. No Sith was immune from that curse of being, and she certainly would be no exception to it. She was going to be dealt with.

"I'm not a Jedi. I'm a Rogue. I don't care about the Jedi code. I care about killing your kind."

She wasn't getting out of this. Either she was lying about the CIS alliance and would be imprisoned or he would kill her. It really was that simple. When she stood he could see the tension. Echani were very good at reading body language. She was going to fight. Like her ancestors, though, she was going to game it so she didn't appear as bad as her little dark heart really was. It was a common tactic that he had seen hundreds of times over the years.

Pointing with his saber, he indicated the door. She would go first, not him. Otherwise she'd stab him in the back. He would at least give her a fighting chance. No Echani would deny a foe the right to self-defense, even if they were was a Sith. Kamon wasn't completely without honor. No he was just dedicated to his mission if eradicating Sith from the galaxy. It was the only thing that gave his life purpose aside from his family. After eight hundred years it was hard to care about much else.

"I'm not in the official rank structure and it's hard to humiliate me. I've endured a lot since the last time I ran into one of you. But nobody will really care if I kill another Sith. One less imbeicle to terrorize the galaxy. Now, keep walking. The nearest office is two blocks down on the left."

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
She wanted to point out that her relatives had said nothing about him, but it hardly seemed like the right thing to do at the moment. He motioned for her to walk before him and she did, constantly glancing backwards to take it the position of his saber. She didn't want to find the thing going through her shoulder blades. Getting hit by Force Lighting had been bad enough, a lightsaber melting her insides together was probably going to be worse, and much harder to bounce back from.

"So far my kind is better behaved than whatever your kind is," she retorted after a delay. They were still walking. Walking was goo. She checked the location of every knife that was hidden beneath her clothes. She repeated words inside her mind that would help her gain distance if it came to that.

The main problem was that all the plans she could come up with relied on him not actually trying to kill her before they reached the Alliance office, and he didn't smell to her like the sort of person who'd keep his word. If he launched for her she had nothing to shield herself with. Czerka knives were not armor against a lightsaber.

"You are so going to cause a diplomatic clusterfrak," she noted. The anger was all too clear in her voice. And now she was having once against to try to control it. Control. She needed that. Her key to surviving this encounter lay in her self control and if she let that go, they were going to have to find her mangled bits in several different systems. He definitely seemed like the kind of person to do that.

"You do realize that like, a third of the Galaxy is this or other form of Sith territory, right?" she found herself asking, "if you're so intent on ridding the Galaxy of Sith why don't you go find someone your size over there? Right now you're just bullying a girl."

[member="Kamon Vondiranach"]

Kamon Vondiranach

Heart in a Jar
"Good. Maybe the Alliance will wake up and smell they hypocrisy if I do," he said, utterly unfazed by the idea.

She did have a mouth on her. It liked to run at a mile a minute and didn't seem too inclined on stopping anytime soon. It didn't matter, though. Her fate was sealed the moment he'd discovered her on the world. Kamon would suffer no Sith to live, regardless of where he found them. He also didn't care about their age, mental or not. Either he purged them with the light, utterly cutting them off from the Force, or he killed them. It really boiled down to how he felt on that given day. Usually with the younger ones he purged them to give them a chance to rectify their ways without the power absorbing their minds. Usually. He had half a mind to do the same with her, but he wanted to double check that the Alliance wouldn't take her first.

The rest of what she said didn't bother him. They were the words of someone trying to save their skin by pointing out that there were hundreds of her kind out there. He knew that. He'd faced off with them more times than he could count. It didn't change the fact that he had her at saber point now. He wasn't the kind to care that he could be hunting bigger fish. When a fish came along, he swallowed it whole, and he didn't bother to wonder how powerful they were or were not. She was a Sith and that was all that mattered to him.

They approached the Alliance building, and he opened the doors with a flick of his hand, ushering her inside. The woman behind the desk looked up and blinked at seeing the saber. She looked at him, and then at the girl, and then back at him, as if expecting someone to explain the situation at hand.

"My name is Master Vondiranach. This girl is a Sith who claims that the Alliance has an alliance with the CIS. Can you confirm this?"

"I can inquire but it'll take a moment. Hold on."

While she tapped away, Kamon pointed the girl towards one of the chairs. It was obvious what he wanted her to do. Naturally he expected her to say something about it, or make some wild plea to the woman behind the desk but it didn't really matter to him. Either they were going to throw her in a stasis cell or he was going to deal with her himself. The ultimate decision relied entirely on whether or not the Alliance did have the alliance that she said. If they did, then they wouldn't lock her up even though she was a Sith. Diplomatic immunity and all that crap. If they didn't, they'd lock her away for a very long time. Ultimately she had already lost this engagement. It was just a matter of how.

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
"And while you're at it please notify the officials because this lunatic is threatening me with his lightsaber!" Scherezade called after the woman as she left, but she didn't feel liker her request would amount to anything. The people on the streets and in the diner had ignored her need for help, and there was absolutely nothing about the woman that indicated she would do otherwise. Scherezade really hoped that she was wrong about her, but she had a strong gut feeling that she wasn't.

As Vondiranach motioned at the chairs, she shook her head. She was not going to sit. Sitting made the body relax, added a fraction of a second to response times in case of need. If that woman was going to lie, or Vondiranach decided that the truth did not work in his favor, she'd need every advantage she could take, even the tiniest one among them.

She was so going to file complaints if she got out of this alive! The importance of the alliance between the Confederacy and the Alliance had been pounded into her head until she'd stopped suggesting they go take their territories over. The stand of those who ruled the Confederacy was very strict, and it did not leave any place for her to even make another attempt at changing it. Force knew how much she wanted to. But then this tushface had to come along and the worst of is was just how unprepared she was.

Her brain continued to reel as she stood there. The shmuck had a lightsaber! Would her knives even be able to compete with that? Think, Scherezade, think. What were Czerka knives made of? Phrik. Was Phrik resistant to lightsabers? She hadn't actually checked at any point. When she made her Glitter Bullets, she'd looked into things she actually had access to. Phrik hadn't been on that list. Grandmother, give me your memories, Scherezade begged inside her head. It didn't matter that her grandmother wasn't there - her memories were, her knowledge was. Did her grandmother know about these things?

The silence echoing in her mind gave her the answers that didn't help her.

The woman came back now, and Scherezade turned to look at her, waiting for an answer, the tips of her fingers ready to move in case of need.

[member="Kamon Vondiranach"]

Kamon Vondiranach

Heart in a Jar
"We do indeed have an alliance with the Confederacy, Master Vondiranach. If she's not committed a crime you will have to let her go."

Preposterous. The notion that the Alliance, which was supposed to be about fighting evil in the Galaxy, would ha e an alliance with a government that tolerated Sith was sickening to him. Perversion of what was good and right. How could he trust them to do what was best for the Galaxy when they couldn't tell right from wrong. The Sith code advocated that peace was a lie. This alliance was likely only because the Confederacy needed assurances they wouldn't be struck down.

It was utterly detestable.

"You have served your purpose but aren't of sufficient rank to serve mine," he said to the woman before looking at the girl. "Outside. Now."

If it wasn't clear that this wasn't a request, he moved his saber closer to her. It was a ruse to get the Alliance officer to believe he was going to take matters higher up when really he was going to take her outside and kill her. He wouldn't suffer a Sith to live. The Alliance may have become more lenient, which seemed odd given their militant Jedi, but he was not. If he ruined their alliance and became a pariah then so be it. At least he knew right from wrong.

So he would usher her outside, most likely against her will and with her pleasing with the Alliance officer to stop him. If she continued he'd just kill her right there and scar the woman for life. It would serve her right for supporting the ridiculous alliance anyway. Perhaps he'd give the girl a chance and just purge her of the darkside altogether. He could do that. Or maybe he'd just kill her. It'd be easier.

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
"No," Scherezade said firmly as she took a step back, trying to regain the little distance she had from him. Outside would be worse. Much worse. Her eyes glanced to the woman. "Alert them, now!" she ordered, taking another step back. She had perhaps three more of them to take before her knees would bend and she'd fall into a chair. She had to move fast if she didn't want to become shishkabab'd at the end of his lightsaber.

She didn't know what his abilities were. If he could sense the Force being worked, he would sense her doing so now. But what was the point of not using the Force if it was the only chance she had at staying alive out of this encounter? Scherezade quickly calculated to reach of his saber and the length of his leg, hoping she was correctly gauging how much and how quickly he would move, and then she moved herself.

He hated Sith, but maybe he wouldn't hate the woman enough to kill her.

Scherezade took a side step and made the attempt to pivot towards the woman. It was a cheap move, she knew. But she wasn't above trying everything that would give her a chance.

As she did so, a dozen knives slid from beneath her clothes, hovering in the air, their pointy ends aimed at Vondiranach. If she caught him moving towards her quickly enough,she would try to send them right into his stupid face.

[member="Kamon Vondiranach"]

Kamon Vondiranach

Heart in a Jar
Of course she would go for the operative of the Alliance. Sith were ultimately cowards who talked a lot about people being tough and facing death with a middle finger, but at the end of the day they cowered from it themselves. This one had chosen to try and either harm the officer or use her as a hostage. Neither of which he was going to allow her to do. The Alliance may have lost it's way, but the people were still good and she didn't deserve to die.

In the blink of an eye, the woman completely vanished. Kamon hadn't moved, but he'd utilized his presence in the Force to wrap the officer inside the Current, making her disappear altogether. Scherezade could stand in the same spot as her and not find her there. She was safe, and it would force the little Sithling to focus in him with those knives of hers. Yes, he'd spotted them. There were always ways to tell when someone was carrying weapons if you knew how to look.

His other hand reached down and plucked a second saber from his pouch. She knew he had one, but how would she react to two?

"You can't hide from your fate," he said, pointing one blade at her while the other was angled downward and away. "Don't be a coward. Embrace what's coming to you."

She had no idea what was coming either. Two sabers and a memory from the past that he wouldn't be lenient toward her. That wasn't enough to tell her how dangerous he was, that he was a trained Echani, that he had fought more Sith than most people would ever meet. She was just another in a long line of such for him and eventually he would forget that he had killed her, just like he forgot all the others.

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
The woman vanished. Scherezade would've let out a string of curse words befitting a sailor if she had the time to. There wasn't a way to get out of it. In her attempt to use the woman as a meat shield, she had furthered herself away from the exit, and Vondiranach was standing between her and escape. And now he had not one, but two lightsabers! She had... A grand total of zero.

"Mighty spirits, bring forth the mist, bring forth the fog. Spread forth around here, hide me now!" the words were almost screamed out of her, causing the room to fill with the thick sort of mist that kept you from being able to see a hand in front of your face. But it wasn't enough. It just wasn't enough. He knew how to find her without seeing her, otherwise he would not have managed to locate her when she was just trying to frigging eat her lunch.

Sending a hand out, her knives began to launch themselves at where he had been standing. Force, she hoped he was still standing there. His lightsabers would only injure the grabby part and not the hilt, maybe if he bled a little she would have a chance.

But she already knew she would probably not.

Scherezade inched closer to the wall, her back now flat against it, her mind reeling to find more solutions. She'd only have a few more precious seconds before the mist vanished and by then if she was not ready... She would rather not think about the consequences.

[member="Kamon Vondiranach"]

Kamon Vondiranach

Heart in a Jar
A witches spell? Well, he hadn't expected that, but it really didn't mean much to him. Sure, she had filled the entire room with a mist that made it difficult to see if you only focused on the visual spectrum, but it hadn't helped her much. What it did do was allow him to release the Alliance operative from inside the Current. She'd been standing still the entire time, completely terrified, so Kamon reached out to her mind and told her to go and hide. The poor girl had now seen first hand what Sith would do with civilians: use them as a shield.

Kamon focused his attention back on the little Sith in time feel the danger coming towards him. The movement in the air was sufficient. A twist and a turn and a slight dance of footwork later left him free of any serious injuries. One of the blades did manage to cut his cheek just a little bit, but not enough to do any serious damage. Not enough to do much of anything but cause an annoyance as blood ran down. He would bandage it later.

Knowing precisely where she was, he revered the grip on one of his sabers and held it with fingers on the base. His right arm came across to rest on his chest as he turned to the side. She probably didnt hear any movement for a bit as he stood there. It might gice her a false sense of security in her position. When he was satisfied, he released his arm forward, sending his saber darting through the air, with the blade more or less aimed at her midsection. Given that it was close to the same color as the misty in the air, it would be hard to see coming too.

Even if he missed, he still had his other blade and they were in a small confined area. He wasnt overly worried about the possibility of her retaliating to the strike. Howver, to make matters worse for her, he wrapped himself in the Current and completely masked his presence in the Force before stridng forward towards her. She was in a very bad place. Very bad.

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
She didn't know if her knives had hit their target. There were a few things that she knew how to do, but feeling through them to know if they were inside someone else's flesh wasn't one of them. The again, she hadn't heard any screams or grunts, which made her think they had probably missed Vondiranach.

She called the knives back to her, completely unaware that Vondiranach was making his way towards her, closing the distance between them. It was only a few steps anyway.

Something inside her head warned her to duck.

Scherezade ducked, but it was too late.

Vondiranach's lightsaber went straight through her right shoulder. The pain was almost unbearable. Wasn't she supposed to have enough adrenaline pumping to block it out? Apparently not; she could feel the pain thudding and spreading from her shoulder to her arm. That was not good. She was better with her right arm.

But... But she could scream.

Scherezade let out a Force Scream, hoping the strength of it would repel Vondiranach away. Maybe enough away so she could make a break for it as the mist began to spread. Because frankly, even if he hadn't been masking his presence in the Force, she was in no state to look for him through it.

The sad part was the pulsing pain though - whereas she knew that she could Force Scream for a long time, long enough to blow someone's brain up, the pain kept her from doing so. She lasted four, perhaps five seconds.

She was going to die by his hand.

[member="Kamon Vondiranach"]

Kamon Vondiranach

Heart in a Jar
The scream was unexpected.

When it came down to it, the difference between the scream and a telekinetic blast was minimal. Both threw him away when he didnt expect it. The difference came in the ringing of the ears,and the dizzyness. Now he was not only blinded thanks to her mist, but he was more or less deaf as well. That was going to make matters a little bit more difficult, but honestly he could be deaf, mute and blind and be perfectly alright thanks to his grasp of the Force. The only downside would be situations involving ysalamiri.

The problem she faced was that he was still wrapped in the Current, so she had no way of knowing whether or not hed been blown away. She would hear nothing and see nothing. The current didnt require constant concentration, making it one of the most deadly arts in the galaxy when used by the right person. He was one such person. Though he wasn't as skilled as some and could basically only hide one person at a time within it.

Her first inclination that he was still conscious and there would be him calling his saber back to his hand and out of her shoulder. It had been a good strike, so shed done well to not get killed by it. He expected no less from a deWinter, even one like her. She had less class to her than Shery. At least the elder deWinter had tried to be less obvious about what she was. The same could not be said for her descendant. The pretentious nature on this one told him enough.

The second indication she might have ghat he was still with it was the white light that pierced the mist. He was still on the ground, waiting for his insides to relax, but that didnt mean he was without tricks. His old master had called it Spark of the Lightside. It was an intense concentration of lightside energy. Against the mosy vile of darksiders it could bore a hole through them. Against her it would act more like a concentrated blast of Force light. If it hit her she woukd feel an intense amoint of pain from the locale, and probably revulsion as the darkside was repulsed from the location.

He wasn't letting her escape.

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
The lightsaber was out of her shoulder, and her knees almost buckled beneath her. The weapon had ensured she would not bleed out, and that was a problem in itself. If there was no blood, and there would be no body (for she had no idea how Vondiranach chose to act after he'd had his kill), there would be no chance for evidence, no one to look for her.

And she still could not feel him, could not sense him, could not see it. But perhaps... Perhaps he had fallen?

Yes, that seemed like a logical thing to do. Her scream might have caused that. Scherezade grabbed one of her knives with her left hand and cut along her right arm. She had to leave blood behind before she made her next daring attempt at running away. She rubbed the bleeding arm against the wall, leaving evidence of her presence there, and decided to make a run of it.

All of this took less than two seconds.

Just as her legs began to move, the Spark of Lightside penetrated the mist. Her eyes widened, her legs moving too fast to stop herself before she ran straight into it-

-and found herself blown back, into the wall. She hit the back of her head, but that was the least of her concern right now. Everything in her body hurt, ached. This was worse than it had been to be hit by Force Lightning a few months ago.

Scherezade deWinter crumbled to the floor, her body writhing in agony. There were no tears; the Sith would not cry. But the moans of pain that escaped her lips without control were more than evidence to the sheer pain roaming through her. Limbs spasmed. Blood pooled beneath her from her earlier cut. And she could not will her muscles to move in any direction that she wanted it to.

[member="Kamon Vondiranach"]

Kamon Vondiranach

Heart in a Jar
That got her. Better than he had expected it to. Granted she had been completely unable to see what was coming, which made it even harder to avoid it. Since he had his senses back, he was able to stand once more, at which point he stepped out of the Current and stood in full battle glory once more. His cheek was bleeding and his eardrums were ruptured, but he was otherwise unharmed. That was good. It would make it simpler for him to leave after.

He moved over to where she'd fallen, and stared down at her as she writhed. Blood became a smear across the floor as he watched her. A young fool she was. Choosing the ways of the Sith was predictable because of her family. He didn't see any alternstives to this battle having played out given that the Republic did, indeed, have an alliance with the band of Sith. Kamon couldn't stand Sith. Even when they were family it was hard to stomach.

"You were a stupid child to havr chosen this path," he said as he brought both of his blades around in reverse grips. "Your crime is that of allying yourself with the Sith Code, which preaches that there can be no peace. For that I sentence you to death."

With that, he dropped to a knee and brought his blades down towards her abdomen. She was going to die. Or, at least, he was going to attempt to make her die. He didnt actually know whether her body had any anomalies for organ placement, but his blades were aimed for typical heart and stomach placement. Even if he missed her heart, piercing her stomzch would lead to sepsis quickly enough. She wouldnt survive that. The facility they were in wouldn't have much beyond basic first aid.

"May the Force take your soul and make something better of it."

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]
Scherezade lay on the ground, her body convulsing with the aftershock of the hit she had taken. Her muscles still refused to heed her will. She could pull through the Force objects towards her, but her focus extended only enough to get them to move for a moment, nothing close enough to fling them at Vondiranach's head.

She cursed inside her head. She wanted to yell at him, spit at him, get all wordy about casting a blood curse on him now that she realized she had spilled his blood, but there would be none of that.

There was only one thing Scherezade was capable of right now. Two words, sent directly into his mind

Krak... You...

Even in telepathy she was gasping hard. And then she was stabbed, heart and soul, and darkness, the very darkness she had been stuck in for five hundred years, the very darkess she had grown to fear, the very darkness that had caused her to choose behavior patterns that had led to insomnia, that very darkness took her over.

Scherezade's eyes stared blankly at the ceiling.

[member="Kamon Vondiranach"]