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A prince templar in training

Killua Alkyone

The bright early morning was upon him while he just woke up and looked out of the window in order to watch the bright sun getting to the top of the sky. The young prince Killua was currently looking around the place where he lived from now on. He had set an invitation for his sister to meet up together with him, without any answer yet. He could understand that she might be very busy. When he joined the templars in order to learn from them. He quickly picked a few options to learn from not even knowing if it was right for him as he was still young.

He had this early morning a planned training with a teacher of him. He had no idea who it had to be. It was either male or female, so he had taken a small gift with him in his bag pack before leaving to go towards the training grounds off the templars. He looked around the place as he awaited being near a hour to early, since he learned a prince was not allowed to be late in any situation. He calmly sat down and awaited while slowly lying in the grass to look at the sun.

The very moment he noticed the person that was in charge, he would make a very polite bow and if there was more than one he would bow towards them very straight forward in a clean fluent way, "Good morning, ma'am. It is a honor to meet you" He said with his cute voice. Awaiting for a moment before he would give his gift to her. "I take it you would help me with the certain, uhm training."

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It wasn't the first time that the Mandalorian had been the subject of strange, fearful looks...and it most certainly would not be the last. Though a friend and member of sorts of the Templar Order, Isley Verd had not been the type to frequent the halls of the Roon Sanctum. Instead, he simply made certain to rendezvous with the Templars, in particular Feena Mason, in the field as opposed to mingling with them at home. As such, upon being cleared by T-Sec and making his way through the halls in silence, he was greeted with the gaping eyes of younglings who had yet to see a fully-armored before. From behind his visor, Isley could not help but chuckle at their expressions as he strode through the training fields, but he quickly pulled himself from that train of thought and placed it upon the task at hand. He, like the young Prince who was awaiting his arrival, was to be meeting someone here: Feena Mason in particular.

However, being that the distance from the Archon's office to the training fields was...about twice as much as the small distance Isley had to walk, and the fact that he was a good chunk of time early, there were plenty of minutes to kill before Feena's scheduled arrival. As such, when the Prince greeted him as if he were female, he could not help but laugh and shake his head, reaching up to remove his visor so that he may look upon him clearly. "I'm no ma'am, but I know who you're looking for. She'll be with us shortly...in the meantime, what's your name young man? My name is Isley."

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The Eternal Queen
"Isley," Feena's voice rang out a second after he asked the childs name, "His name is Killua. A noble of Kirima, according to his file."

The Arcon stepped into the room, holding a datapad, reading from it.

"And I'm no Ma'am. You may call me Mrs. Mason, or Lady Archon. But 'Ma'am' is what you call an old Lady. Do I look old to you?"

It was clear by the look in her eyes and the smirk on her face, she would accept only 'no' for that answer.

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