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A Piece of the Legacy

Soliael stood at the edge of a cliff, watching the city below and the people moving around. His eyes watched closely as people moved about, his senses in the force stretching out and expanding into the valley below. He frowned slightly as he searched with both his eyes and his senses in the force. He was of course looking for something, something rather important.

A gust of wind struck him and his black cloak fluttered in the wind. Soliael had left his usual retinue behind on his ship. For all intents and purposes Soliael was now a god...or at least to several billion souls considered him as such. That was enough though, that endless worship. It grew tiring after a while, but it gave one a sense of...importance. Not that Soliael needed the boost to his ego, no his family heritage did that all enough. Coincidentally of course that was exactly why he was here. Even now, ever after he had attained godhood Soliael was still curious about his father.

He had read the records, heard tales from Anara and a few others, but he wanted more. He knew that his father had had many students, and it was from them that he would get the information he wanted.

The God of Knowledge wanted his fathers legacy, and apprentice by apprentice he would reclaim it, even if he had to kill them to get it. Finally after another few moments of searching Soliaels eyes popped open. A force signature, dark and powerful called out to him. He grinned slightly, his eyes darting to where the force signature lay within the village.

In an instant the Dreadlord's son was on the move, in the blink of an eye the Sith found himself within the city searching for @[member="Spencer Jacobs"].
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Spencer wandered the city. It was a rare moment in her life; she was never able to enjoy the simplicity of life at times especially with her duties. Wearing a simple tunic and tight slacks she wandered looking at the different parts of the market. Nothing attracted her, but she enjoyed the fresh air in her lungs. She reached down, feeling the slick skin of a fruit. The woman had never seen it before and she was curious of its origin and taste. Looking towards the man that was seeing the round fruit, she opened her mouth to speak.

Her words never left her throat as she paused. Something lingered in the Force, she had never felt it before, but there was something interesting about it. There was a hint of familiarity, but nothing she could put her finger on. The fruit’s skin warmed with her touch as she glanced toward the direction of the cliff. Something was there and now it was moving. Placing the fruit back down, she bowed slightly towards the farmer and apologized for wasting his time. A leather bag’s strap slung over her shoulder as she held onto it.

Whatever was in the distance it was moving towards her and quickly. Doing her best to figure the point where they would meet, she moved through the heavy crowd towards the base of the cliff which was located towards the epicenter of her arrival. Biting her lower lip she was curious on who this was – who seemed so determined at finding her.

@[member="Soliael Devin Talith"]
Soliael ran down the edge of everything until finally he reached the city. As he stepped into the village Soliael immediately found what he was looking for. He found the woman, blonde, young, and by all accounts beautiful. A grin split his face from ear to ear as he lay eyes upon here. There was absolutely no mistaking her. Moridins records had been clear, and the womans own force signature screamed that she was indeed the one he searched for.

Walking off the cliff edge Soliael simply began to stride towards Spencer. Every step was like thunderous applause, like lightning splitting the heavens. His aura in the darkside called out to everyone and everything and quickly the crowd parted before him. Then he made eye contact with the woman. Of course Spencer would recognize him, she would see him as the spitting image of Darth Moridin, her former teacher and Soliaels former father save for his raven black hair of course.

As he approached her she would sense his determination, his resolve, though not to kill. He smiled at her, and then as he leveled his gaze to her own he spoke. “Spencer Jacobs.”

It wasn't a question, more of a proclamation.
@[member="Spencer Jacobs"]
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It was as if she saw a ghost and Spencer stopped in her tracks and looked at the man. It was indeed him that had been watching her, she didn’t know what to say or do in this matter. Had Moridin figured a way to become younger? Had he finally decided to attack Ashin in a place where she would hurt the most? Spencer held her breath as he moved towards her; he carried the same sense of importance as Moridin. The only thing that ran through her mind was why? Why was he here? Why was he so intrigued by her?

That lacking desire to kill her penetrated her mind from him. Spencer felt her heart stop racing and she was able to regain some composure. That same smile, she remembered it from when she first met Moridin back on Byss, the man had taught her so much – he was her first teacher after Ashin. His voice was different as well, the way his voice carried her name and all she could do was nod. The confidence of the Master showed as she raised an eyebrow in his direction and tilted her head slightly turning her frame from him.

“That’s my name, who are you?”

@[member="Soliael Devin Talith"]
Soliael stood there for a few seconds studying the rogue Master. He had no idea what he actually expected from the woman, all he wanted in general was information about his father. It was simple for him, though he wasn't quite sure about to ask her. He frowned slightly, his smirk disappearing and his mind clouding with thoughts. Finally he spoke, his voice steady and calm, though questioning.

“My name is Soliael Devin Talith.” That would mean nothing to Spencer, she had never learned Moridins real name, there were only three people in the known galaxy who did and neither Spencer nor her lover were one of them. Quickly he continued “Though you are far more likely to know me because of my father, Darth Moridin.”

He doubted she would be very surprised by that, his resemblance to Moridin was far too close to make any such news shocking. Soliael however hoped that it would at least throw her off a little bit, he needed that element of surprise to get more information out of her.
@[member="Spencer Jacobs"]
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Spencer listened as the boy spoke, he was articulate and she made a note of it. It would mean he had a good upbringing and it made her on edge especially after he mentioned his father’s name. Taking in a deep breath she paused trying to gather her thoughts. The man had done two things to her; one taught her to survive and had given her one of her greatest skills. Second, he tormented her lover countless times causing her to stress and worry about the woman. He gave her a chance to live and in the same wave of his hand he threatened to take away her life. Darth Moridin was her first teacher and possibly one of her more valuable.

“Your father, Moridin was quite the character.”

She couldn’t say anything more, she was thrown off. The last person she expected to meet was Moridin’s son of all people. A hand went through her blonde hair as she looked towards him, his features giving her full memory of the man – just younger. He wasn’t lying she knew better than to expect a lie. Once more she took in a breath and sighed softly, her lips curled into a smile as she nodded her head.

“So, you’ve come looking for me? For what reasons besides your father was one of my tutors? I’m sure you’ve learned one of his greater talents, the one he showed me?”

@[member="Soliael Devin Talith"]
“Doubtful.” Soliael said quietly but confidently. He had of course never even met Moridin, never even known who he was before his death. That was because of his Mother, she had not wanted him to live within the Dreadlords shadow. It was something that Soliael was honestly grateful for, if a bit resentful. He was already forging his own path, albeit slowly. “I never once met my father.”

Telling her this much so fast was dangerous, but he doubted that his father would have taught her anything if she couldn't be trusted to keep a secret. A part of his mind was curious as to what technique she was referring to. Moridin knew many, though he had been most renown as a blademaster. Soliael did not know of Moridins more advanced tricks. He had no idea that his father traveled to and from Chaos with but a thought, that the Former Emperor had escaped death on a whim.

He couldn't have known, his mother had never told him.

“I never even knew his name until a few weeks ago, nor did he know of my existence.” He shrugged at her slightly. “I have come to see you for a simple reason. I want to know more about him.”
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Spencer blinked as she heard Soliael. IT was odd to hear that he knew nothing about his father especially since he had searched her out. A hand rested against her lips as she pondered the thought, Moridin was gone and now this boy stood in front of her. Had he killed his father? The thought confused her as she figured it would be silly to search to find out more about a man you just killed. He was strong though, she sensed it.

“Learn about him? I was his student for a short time, I learned some of his skills, but beyond that your Father was quite private.”

Something struck her memory quickly as she finished speaking. She had remembered what he had done when they had first met. The way he had reached out for her mask, touching it and recalling who the mask came from and who she was. A skill, Spencer would never be able to do herself. Nodding, she smirked and tapped her temple in the moment of brilliance.

“He was able to something rather interesting. He would be able to touch an object and recall its past…After your father did it to me, I researched it – it’s called Psychomentry or telemetry.”
Soliael paused for a second, that was an interesting tidbit he had not known. Psychometry was common in certain species, Kiffar especially. Had Moridin been Kiffar? It was the first solid clue as to his heritage and Soliael frowned slightly. Not all Kiffar had psychometry, though from the way that Spencer had made it sound Moridin had been quite gifted in the art, something that Kiffar were inclined to when they did have the gift. His frown deepened, did he have the gift as well?

It had never come naturally to him, but that didn't really mean anything. Soliael had worked hard to unlock Sith Sorcery, and the same went for all his talents. “And his other skills? Where did they lie?”

Soliael had no idea as to what Moridin was good at. He knew his father had been a renown Blademaster, perhaps the greatest in the galaxy and that had been it. Even that information had been scarce and only collected from news articles. It had been surprisingly difficult to dig up information on the old Emperor, though he suspected there was a reason for that.
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Spencer watched as his face wrinkled into a frown, it seemed she might have stepped on a few sensitive nodes as she mentioned the father’s abilities. Taking in a deep breath she held it till she could push away the boy’s emotions and concentrate on her own calm. With a soft exhale she continued telling the boy of his Father. Spencer recalled quickly the gates of Chaos opening and the fear that had entered her heart when she watched the horrors of the twisted Sith Lords that resided there.

“Your Father’s powers were quite interesting. Like I said the man was my first tutor from my Master. Beyond the fact that he had Psychometry, the man had knowledge about other grand force powers.”

The girl hesitated, she wondered if revealing the knowledge that Moridin taught her about Chaos and the ability to force walk would enable the boy to be an enemy. The more she thought though, the more she remembered the…kindness (if it could be called something else she was at a loss). Moridin showed her something powerful and in the event Ashin perished she would be able to bind the woman’s soul to her.

“Your father, Moridin…he was capable of opening the gates of Chaos and feeding on the souls that resided in there. The man was excellent and dare I say it a specialist in the art of Force Walking. He devoured the souls of planets. His strength of will was incomparable.”

Pausing, Spencer offered her hand to the man and smiled softly.

“I could show you my experience with your father if you wanted; I feel I don’t do him justice with my words.”

@[member="Soliael Devin Talith"]
Soliael narrowed his eyes for a few seconds. His father had consumed the souls of planets? Now that was a grand feat, one that his Mother could not even compete with...though he would never say that to her face. Quietus was powerful in her own right, though her skill set did not fall into such...well it was difficult to describe the eating of an entire world of people. He pondered for a few minutes, force walking...what an interesting thing.

He looked at Spencer, considering her offer for a few more moments.

“Do it.” He finally said. If he could see it first hand, why would he stop it? Soliael did not fear Chaos, he did not fear anything at all. He had seen the darkest that man and Sith had to offer. He had been through the fires of hell and Chaos could not compare. He would see what his father showed Spencer, and he would be a better man for it.
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An awkward smile spread across her face as her hand was left hanging, most people would have taken it and she would have had an easier time connecting with them. It seemed like this boy was slightly different from his father, but that tone – something she remembered from Moridin and the presence. Shuddering slightly, she pulled her hand back and paused trying to figure something out. The memory was deep within her mind, mostly because she feared the nightmares that happened soon after.

“We should head to my ship, unless you have a better place for this to occur. I don’t like force walking out in the open like this – leaves us vulnerable.”

Waiting for the boy, she crossed her arms and did her best to keep herself in check. The last thing she needed was for him to be offended by her searching his feelings. It had happened for too many times in the past and she had finally learned her lesson.

@[member="Soliael Devin Talith"]
Soliael stared at the woman for a few moments, loathe to go anywhere he did not know. He had to go with her in order to get information about his father, he needed that piece of the puzzle. But upon her ship he would be vulnerable, she would have to be in his head and while in there she could do unpleasant amounts of...damage. He frowned slightly, was he willing to risk it? Was he willing to risk death in order to learn more about Moridin's past?

It took him only a few more seconds until he decided. This information was worth it.

“Lead the way.” Soliael said in a gruff voice bidding the former Jedi to take him to her ship.