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A Night Out

Zesiro was sauntering down a wide patch of open area at the outside market. She caught stares from men and glares from women and ignoring most of them. For once, domination was not her objective, instead it was to truly relax and unwind.

Several pieces of good caught her eye and she stopped to look at them. They were out of her price range, but she planned eventually to save up and get them. While none were needed items anywhere in this market, she did enjoy looking and dreaming.

Seeing a grill with an outside eating are, Zesiro walks in and requests one of the tables outside. One of the servers, this place didn't use droids to provide that lead to her one of the tables and gave her a menu. Taking a drink order, she walked away very stiffly. Zesiro sat back in her chair, looking over the menu and coyly watching the people that passed her by.

[member="Seth Huze"]

Seth Huze

Wolfboy Extraordinaire Tresure Hunter
Seth smiled, it had been some time since he had ventured through a market. Honestly the eighteen year old explorer preferred the company of animals to people. Looking down he'd notice his wolf companion trotting next to him. The wolf wore a bulky pack that held various pieces of salvage that Seth intended to sell later. Smirking Seth continued to walk past the various merchants.

"Hey bud, why don't you go and find something to chow on, I'll go see if I can find us a way off this planet." Seth said. The wolf tilted it's head then dashed off, it's grey fur glistening in the streetlight

Seth wore a nice white shirt to go along with his tan cargo shorts. He didn't have a weapon on him his lightsabre was in the wolf's backpack.

Out of the corner of his eye Seth would see a woman sitting alone at a table. It was an outdoor grill kind of place. He made his way towards the woman.

"Um hey," Seth said with his classic white toothed smile. "Is this seat taken?" He asked as he sat down anyway.

He looked around, the place looked like they served good food. Seth looked to the woman. Not caring to introduce himself just yet. He disregarded the bad feeling he got from her.

Not the type to dismiss company, especially one so young and attractive as the gentleman that took a seat across from her at the table. He smiled at her and Zesiro smiled back. She handed him the menu she had been looking at and leaned on the table.

"My treat."

The server brought over Zesiro's drink and asked the young man what he wanted. Nodding she went off to get it after he ordered.

"You're quite bold."

Her voice holds friendly​ humor and her blue eyes are lit up with interest, no hostility involved.

[member="Seth Huze"]

Seth Huze

Wolfboy Extraordinaire Tresure Hunter
Fumbling, Wolfboy took the menu and glanced down at it. He looked to the server and smiled. He was never one to turn down free meals seeing as he was always short on credits.

"I'll take a bantha steak...Rare, and umm some water I guess..." Seth said as he nervously ran a hand through his unkept hair.

Most of his income came from scavenging and treasure hunting. The woman nodded, took the menu and walked away.

There was something about the woman across him that Seth was drawn to...It was her eyes. Of course Seth only stole a couple of glances because he was never really one to talk to girls. He heard the woman call him bold and he gave a nervous chuckle.

"I'm also a lot of other things..." The scaver said with a grin. He stretched his arms and rested them on the back of the chair. "So what's your name? Might as well know the name person paying for my food." Seth said as he tried to ignore the woman's attractiveness.

The boy might be bold, but he was cute and seemed innocent in a way.

"Same meal, only medium-rare please."

Zesiro gave him a smile of perfect white teeth and friendly shining eyes.

"You're shy. I'm Zesiro."

Tilting her head in curiosity, she asked him his name.

[member="Seth Huze"]

Seth Huze

Wolfboy Extraordinaire Tresure Hunter
The amount of time it took Seth to groom himself was minimal. He spent a lot of his time in the wild so he didn't care much for looks. The woman gave a friendly smile, teeth as white as the boy's own. Her whole appearance seemed friendly yet Seth couldn't shake this aura she had around her.

The scaver shook his head to clear his mind, and that's when she called him shy. A tad of redness touched Seth's cheeks.

The eighteen year old cleared his throat. "My- My name?" Seth said a bit stunned. Yet again he was lost in her eyes. He kicked himself for stumbling over his own words. That's why he liked nature... No words.

"Um I'm Seth, but my friends call me... Seth...." Seth said nervously.

He looked out to the market and let out a partially relieved sigh.

"Seth, that is a nice and easy name to remember."

Zesiro would have held her hand out to shake his, but he had his hands behind his head and he was blushing.

"I'm not going to bite."

Letting out a small chuckle and hoping to make [member="Seth Huze"] a little more relaxed.

"What brought you here today?"

Her hands motioned to the market nearby them.

Seth Huze

Wolfboy Extraordinaire Tresure Hunter
Seth nodded as she commented on his name. He was definitely going to have a hard time remembering her name. He heard [member="Zesiro"] say that she wasn't going to bite, followed by a chuckle. Seth chuckled too, he was never this nervous, he hated it.

"Well I bite." He said in an attempt to get more relaxed. His older brother would have smacked him upside the head for such a comment. Seth smirked glad that Jacob wasn't there. Then came the question of what brought him here. Seth looked around the market.

"Well, I'm actually here to sell off some junk, my friend has it in his bag. He went out for lunch but is gonna swing by afterwards....From there...I dunno. Maybe find a nice old temple to explore or something." Seth said.

It was funny how he referred to the wolf almost as if it were a person. And to Seth it was.

Interesting, this boy might make a good play thing. The thought flittered through Zesiro's mind briefly before his voice brought her back from her thoughts.

Tipping her head to the side slightly, she took a drink of her own water.

"What kind of junk?"

She glanced around at the market but didn't see anybody nearby with a bag of junk. He also said his friend was off getting lunch, but yet he was sitting here with her.

"Where is your friend?"

[member="Seth Huze"]

Seth Huze

Wolfboy Extraordinaire Tresure Hunter
Seth cracked his neck and rested his arms on the table. [member="Zesiro"] asked what kind of junk Seth was looking to sell. Seth thought for a moment trying to remember what was in the Wolf's backpack.

"Well various kinds of junk I guess, anything from drained power cells to ship circuitry, sometimes we find droids and other times we find old weapon shipments. Today though we have some scrap metal some medical supplies we found in a crashed starfighter." Seth said with a wide grin. Talking about scrap made him excited.

When she asked where his friend was, Seth looked towards the market. Off in the distance the wolf trotted through the crowds. Seth gave a short whistle and the wolf perked up and began to make its way to the duo.

"There he is..."

Soon the wolf sat next to Seth panting. "Hey bud, find anything good to eat?" Seth asked as he patted the creature's head.

He looked up to the woman and grinned. "Z, this is my friend. He helps lug my treasure."

He wondered why she couldn't find him when he clearly had a bag on.
Zesiro listened to the [member="Seth Huze"] as talked about the items he sold as well the ones he had picked up today. She could tell it made the boy happy to talk about junk.

He whistled out to somebody and within a few moments a wolf had joined them at the table. There was no way she could hide the shock on her face at the sudden appearance of a wolf to the party. She leaned forward to look at the creature. He seemed docile enough and hoped he wouldn't turn feral on her and bite her suddenly.

Not reaching out to pet the wolf, she rested her hand on the edge of the table if he wanted to sniff her he could.

"What is his name?"

She spoke only after her heart stopped racing in her chest and took a drink of her water to allow that happen.

Seth Huze

Wolfboy Extraordinaire Tresure Hunter
Seth looked to [member="Zesiro"] who seemed shocked. For a second Seth didn't know why. Then realisation hit him he rubbed the back of his neck, a bit embarrassed that he didn't mention his friend was a wolf.

"Sorry, I don't hang out with other people much, I forgot most people see him as a wolf." Seth said. "His name?" Seth paused and tilted his head.

The wolf noticed the woman's hand near the edge of the table and went over to sniff it. It then cautiously licked the hand.

"I hadn't ever really thought about a name. Never really needed to call him. You're free to name him if you want." Seth said with a childish undertone.

"Well, you know why I'm here, but why are you here?" Seth asked.
Zesiro listened to [member="Seth Huze"] explain that he didn't socialize with people that often and assumed because of that he wasn't easily able to discern an animal from a person. She gave him a slight nod in understanding. He wasn't slow mentally, that was a good sign. Very likely just innocent and naïve.

The wolf licked her extended hand gently after sniffing it. She carefully reached out to caress his soft muzzle of fur considering a name for him. She looked at him from his head, mane of fur, to the pack on his back, his strong hind quarters and long ploufy tail.


After saying the first name that came to her mind, Zesiro returned her attention and blue eyes to Seth. Leaning back in her chair and slowly pulling her hand away from the wolf, she brought it up, placing it behind her head. The movement seemed to flow and be something natural to the woman, it accentuated all of her visible curves and revealed more of her exposed flat, tone stomach. She gave him a quirky, friendly half smile.

"Why shopping and food. Not that I really purchase much, but it's nice to have dreams."

Seth Huze

Wolfboy Extraordinaire Tresure Hunter
Seth watched as she observed the wolf letting it lick and sniff her hand. She eventually came up with the name Blaidd. Blaidd, there was a nice ring to it that Seth liked. It was strange that he never named the wolf even though he raised it from a pup. Seth brought his hand and ran it through the thick fur of the wolf's neck. Seth then patted the backpack.

"You like that? The name?..." He said to the wolf. The wolf looked up to Seth and began to pant. "Guess you do. Right your name is Blaidd then." Seth said.

When he looked back up to @Zesiro. Something was different, he started to notice all the woman's features. How exposed she was. Seth shook out if a trance as the woman spoke again. She talked about shopping and buying things being a dream and Seth smirked.

"But if you spend too much time dreaming, you miss what's going on around you." Seth said.

It was funny he learned that from Jacob, never thought he'd say it. Jake would smack him if he saw him talking to such an attractive woman.
Zesiro watched as [member="Seth Huze"] pet the wolf who appeared to like the name she picked for him. She then saw her movement caught his attention and he gave her a smirk at her comment about dreaming.

"This is just a pastime, nothing I do on a regular basis."

Her blue eyes looked him over again and she leaned forward to pick up her glass. Their food arrived at that point, distracting them for a few minutes as they started eating.

"Life is all around us and I wouldn't miss that for anything."

Breaking the silence between them as they were eating.

Seth Huze

Wolfboy Extraordinaire Tresure Hunter
Seth nodded at her comment about this being a pastime. He moved back as she leaned forward. Luckily for him, their food came. The woman placed the steaks down on the table and began to walk away. Seth smirked at least she didn't care about Blaidd, last time he tried to bring the wolf into a diner, they almost kicked him out for their no dog policy, but Seth argued it wasn't a dog, it was a wolf.

"Neither would I, it's fun exploring, climbing mountains, diving into caves... Discovering salvage." Seth said as he cut his steak in half and tossed it to the wolf.

He tried to keep his eyes off the woman in front of him.

Not minding [member="Seth Huze"] threw half of the steak to the wolf m Zesiro watched him tear into it...well like a dog. Shrugging slightly, she turns her attention back to Seth. Her head tilted to the side slightly she gestures in his direction with her fork.

"You know, I've never mountain climbing or spelunking. Is there anything around here where I can experience that?"

It would give her an opportunity to get the boy away from the people around them, alone. She let out a small sigh at the thought and took a drink waiting for his answer.

Seth Huze

Wolfboy Extraordinaire Tresure Hunter
Seth used his hands to pick up his food, he was never one for forks. He remembered back when he was younger, a rich boy was shocked that Seth ate with his hands, the look on the other boy's face was priceless.

He looked up to [member="Zesiro"] when he heard her question.

Spelunking? That was something Seth hadn't heard in... ever.

"Well I know a few places off world, but if you're looking for something here, I saw a couple of mountains...Might be a valley somewhere past them. If you want we could go check it out." Seth said completely oblivious to the woman's intentions.

"With the many worlds out there, of course there would be better places to explore. I was talking about here though since that's where we are."

Zesiro shrugged and watched the boy eat. As much as she gathered, he did indeed with his hands and left the silverware on the table.

"That would be nice. A little exercise never hurt me before."

Giving him a white smile​ she turned her attention again to the food in front of her. Taking her time to eat and savor the taste of wonderful food. She smiled down at the wolf as well and looked back at the boy.

"Do you think you're going to be able sell what you picked up this morning?"

Seth Huze

Wolfboy Extraordinaire Tresure Hunter
Seth laughed when she confirmed that they were going to be adventuring here. The young adult's brown eyes looked at her smile as she said a little exercise never hurt her.

"You've obviously haven't exercised with me." Seth said with a chuckle. He loved to take risks, often free-climbing and pushing his body past the limits. Treasure hunting was a dangerous game that required Seth to stay in shape.

His attention was drawn back to the blue eyed woman when she asked if Seth would be ablr to sell the goods he found.

Seth looked towards the backpack.

"Yeah I will, but the vendors here love to haggle." Seth said with a grin. "You wanna come help me sell it before we go mountain climbing?"


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