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A new story for Solan. (Search for a student)

Solan is likely my most memorable or second most, depending on your past writings with me or what you have seen. With that said I have put the man through alot in the few years I have been writing and developing the man in my time here. Some know him as a friend or ally but only one person in the past has remotely been able to call him a teacher and that is something I am interested in expanding now that he is in a somewhat stable place.

With that said, this is a LFG for a student to Solan. For those that do not know Solan, he is a dark sider who shows no love for any established group as a whole, seeing Jedi as too soft hearted, and Sith too zealous, and the others failing to distinguish themselves as formidable forces. He toes a neutral line, but normaly turns to violent methods to solve issues. He does not opperate under the idea of the dark side as a tool being evil, and instead the intentions behind its use being what creates evil.

With that said, I am happy to discuss further in PM. Thank you all for your time.

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