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A new sig? For me? Oh you're too kind!

Kathryn Dae

Hello m'lovelys!

So basically I've finally found an image that I think represents Kathryn accurately. My current sig has the old (and now outdated) look, and was only ever really a placeholder until I found the right look for her. Because you guys are so much better at creating sigs than me, could anybody become my new favorite person and accept the challenge of making a new sig (preferably roughly 350x100 - 400x150 ish in size) out of the following image, with the words "Kathryn Dae" in this Aurebesh font for me? It'd be vastly appreciated, and naturally I'd link you with credit for doing such a brilliant thing.

Thanks in advance! :D
@[member="Kathryn Dae"]

Since I was bored, I decided to try out my noob photo... graphics... manipulation... whatever skills and this is what happened! :D


It's the best thing I have ever done. And please don't use it unless no other submissions come! :D It's just a noob's job.

Kathryn Dae

@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"]

OOOO, I likey. Is there any way that you could do the same, but make the text glow slightly, akin to how it is in my current sig? If so, then 10/10 exactly what I was looking for. :D
Wow... I'll see, how it comes out, then. :D

EDIT: Okay, I tried the red glow with both outlined text and without the outline. In my opinion, it looks better with outlining, so I left it like that, but in case you want it to be changed, I'm ready to do that. @[member="Kathryn Dae"]