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A New Kind of Enemy...(Graug Hegemony, All SIth Welcome)


The Bastard Man
Warchief Throne Room, Sabarene
Upon a throne of fire that rested in a crystal lined cavern deep below the surface of Sabarene's mountain ranges, Vulcanus stroke his razor sharp claws across the bone that made up the seat he sat on. Above the beastly creature was a pillar that rose to touch the high ceiling of the massive tunnel, its winding structure encased in a burning inferno of force flames that were kept alive by the growing darkside presence on the planet. Pools of magma littered the stone walkway that lead to the former Emperor's throne, the scorching heat not bothering the master of fire sorcery even though it raised the temperature of the room to ridiculously uncomfortable degrees. One thing would be certain upon entering the room, the Graug were masters of using the natural surfaces of a planet to their full architectural capabilities and the throne room was no exception.

Soon enough, the whole planet of Sabarene would be turned into a secret Sith base run completely by the legions of Graug and their One Sith puppet masters. Every minute of everyday, the sounds of warbeasts grinding away at stone and rock echoed throughout the hallows and so harsh was the work that a dust storm had been kicked up above the mountain range and obscured the soaring peaks almost completely from view. Kaine's choice of planet was one that Krag could not particularly complain about, it was secluded enough to allow for uninterrupted work and it possessed natural stones that were untouched by industry and perfect for the Graug's digging. Never before had the Sith had such a base of operations and when it was completed, the Graug city would rival the glory of Kaas City and still be completely hidden under the surface of the planet.

Still, Vulcanus could not run an effective cover for the One Sith without assistance from other powerful darksiders. The Graug were a force to be reckoned with, but with only a single leader who was powerful in the darkside they were still too prone to cowardice in the face of the lightside. If Vulcanus could obtain a strong following of Sith, their collective power would be enough to keep the Graug warriors from cowering during battles. On the outside, to factions such as the Republic, Omega Pyre and Fel Imperium the Hegemony would appear like nothing more than the full hatred of a bloodthirsty species finally reaching its climax with help from Krag and Sith who had fled with him to the far reaches of the galaxy. They would have no way of knowing any true intentions of the Gruag Hegemony and all Sith who followed them into battle would be sworn to secrecy.

The plan was already coming to fruition nicely, but there was still much work to be done before the Graug were ready to conquer the galaxy. Vulcanus needed to find worthy Sith who would follow him into the fires and so he had sent out One Sith agents to notify only Sith who could be trusted to come to Sabarene and meet with what they called "A Strong Leader". The notifications would be conducted carefully to ensure that no lightsiders caught wind of it. When the worthy had arrived, Krag would lead them to wipe out what remained of the native species of Sabrene and turn them into the first willing slaves of the Graug Hegemony. Tests would be run, monstrocities created but in the end the perfect slaves would be made.

But for now, it was time to wait for the arrivals of the loyal and the strong....


The Noghri assassin stood off to one side of the throne, a little back and inconspicuous. @[member="Darth Vulcanus"] was her lord and master, and she stood by his side when she was not told to go elsewhere on his bidding. From beneath her hood, she constantly scanned the cavern with ever-watching black eyes. Very few people would be able to get into the cavern without Cilnaas seeing them.

@[member="Darth Vulcanus"]

Asar Anchti

When Asar received a notification from one of men sent by @[member="Darth Vulcanus"], he was pleasantly surprised. Since his training on Korriban and fall of Dromund Kaas he was under training of a Sith Knight and thus didn’t have time to do anything to impress any Dark Lords. And here he’s invited by former emperor himself. Curious, the Kel-Dor travelled to Sabarene immediately. He entered the cavern where the meeting was supposed to take place. He bowed his head to @[member="Darth Vulcanus"] and @[member="Cilnaas"] as a greeting and awaited for something to happen.