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A New God(Moross)

Soliael stood within the temple of Exocron on the highest floor of the tallest pillar. Outside he could hear thousands upon thousands of people clamoring, waiting, and murmuring for their new god. Moross had undergone another drastic change, another new god had risen from the aether's of the unknown and had come to the mortal plane. For the people of Moross, this was a tremendous day, it was a day or reckonings and announcements, a day that all people of Moross would love. For Soliael it was simply another Tuesday.

To him this was normal. Cavil had up and disappeared into the unknown regions and Soliael had had to spin a tale. It had been spread amongst the people of Moross that Ithari had displeased Neth, and in a supreme act of treachery and malice Neth had simply executed his fellow god. It had been a simple matter, after all who knew better than to kill a god than the God of Knowledge?

The people had readily accepted it, though most of Ithari's closest followers had been rather displeased. Soliael had to kill a few that had directly confronted him, and the rest were soon silenced when they learned of the new god coming. Kalee, the god of war.

Where as Ithari represented the majesty of war, the blood, the gore, the horrors of battle. Kalee represented everything that was just about war. Kalee represented Honor, obedience, everything a true soldier held himself too. It was the coming of this god that had pleased the soldiers, and Soliael had been glad to hear nothing further of it. Quietly he turned away from the balcony and towards an armored figure within the room.

“Are you ready Uncle?” Soliael said in a completely serious tone. Vascious had been many things in his life, but probably never a God. This would be new, even for him.

Soliael wondered what his uncles true thoughts on this were. The manipulation of billions, the war and the death they caused, the joy they brought to some peoples hearts. It was all an interesting little tale, though few knew the truth. The False god watched his Uncle expectantly, waiting for an answer.


Velaeri Mortaine
Inari stood in silence to the side of the archway that opened out to the balcony. She was not currently visible to the masses below, though they knew the Goddess to be up there, somewhere, watching over them as she always had. Today was not her day - she'd had her Rising months ago, though her own had been public and amidst the followers. It had been vastly chaotic, unplanned, unexpected, but in the end her most frightening decision to date had also proven to be her smartest.

Hands tucked within the sleeves of her white robes, Inari's pale blue eyes watched as Neth crossed the distance to the Rising Kalee. Her gaze was warm, though beneath that there was a churning of many thoughts. Those that lingered on Jacen, his whereabouts, his health. Inari might've concerned herself with her fellow divine's fall, though no more than she would in the loss of a worshipper. The devout knew that, even with the loss of Ithari, the God of Blood had returned to the haven of the Great Hall to rest, restore, and perhaps even rethink a later return.

But to Amorella Mae Darke, the young woman who had grown feelings for Jacen during the time spent working with him, her concern was quite heavy. Almost painfully so.

Now was not the time to dwell on such things, though. Clearing her thoughts, Inari stepped forward to Kalee and reached out with a supportive touch upon the man's arm, "You will be great," she smiled, "I am very pleased to have you lead alongside us."

Vascious Relens

Vascious held a hand against a nearby pillar to lean on as he gazed into a small mirror attached to the stone. A false god peered into its reflective surface, but an old man was who peered back from it. He couldn't help but to think about the things he had done in his long life time. The Gulag Virus had efficiently ripped Relens from the recordings of history like all other figures of his day, but he had persevered through the virus itself.

Almost everything and everyone the man had ever known was long gone and buried. By all accounts he should have since been incinerated to ashes to be spread into the cold lifeless clutches of space. Yet still he persevered even as the longing for death had begun to consume him. Vascious could hardly consider himself a Sith anymore, but most of those few he could consider his peers had long since sought out a grand end. For some it came at the elegance of a the end of a saber. For others it was to the ground erupting charge of an army. Vascious on the other hand had drifted and wasted away.

Then the drifter found his way into the unsuspecting hands of his dear niece and nephew forging their destinies upon a new religious movement. The Moross Crusade had no doubt begun as a way to gain power. For Vascious it quickly became an invigorating renewal of his soul. Once more the Mandalorian found purpose and a reason to strive. No longer did he float from one hell hole to another seeking drink and conflict.

An old man looked back from that mirror only to smile before turning toward the words spoken from Soliael. "I am ready nephew. We'll forge blades, plate, and the heart to wield them unlike the galaxy has ever seen before. This Crusade will be my last performance. I'll be damned if a plague will take this one from me."

Amorella's touch and kind words brought Vascious' eyes down to her. He said nothing as he reached around and pulled her into an embrace. The Lord Crusader would not handle Inari in such a way. Kalee would certainly not show simple mortal affection for a fellow god. Yet no worshipers were allowed in these chambers today here in the highest pinnacle of the temple. There was nobody to pretend in front of. Here a mortal uncle could give his mortal niece a simple hug.

She wouldn't be able to feel the warmth of his flesh or hear the beat of his heart. That old battered Mandalorian plate that kept him whole and defined his very being also kept her at a distance. Yet there was warmth in the the man's eyes as he released her.

"You seem troubled by something."
Soliael nodded to his uncle as he answered him, a slight frown forming on his face as he noticed Amorella's more saddened features. The fase god was well aware of the bond that Amore had formed with Cavil, there was little the god of Knowledge did not hear about in Moross space. He had never asked about it or bothered to dig deeper however, who Amorella chose to associate with was her own business and Soliael would never judge her for it, though Cavil was Sith, and that in it of itself was a dangerous thing.

He turned away from his Aunt and Uncle, not bothering to listen in on their conversation. If Amorella wanted to speak he figured she would come to him.

With quick strides Soliarl carried himself to a nearby window, the thin filament obscuring things from the outside in but not from the inside out. He looked down at the crowd below. Thousands of people had gathered in the square before the temple, all of them stood patiently waiting, a slight murmur of speaking could be heard from the crowd.

Soliaels eyes darted back and forth, observing the people and trying to gauge their mood. Kalee would be received well.


Like Lightning
Today a new god was being called from the Heavens. After coming back from my fight with a cloaked man, I had a few bruises that I had gotten from the falling building and shrapnel hitting me. Now that they were almost healed. I could move my arms once more. Looking around, I could see people as they worshiped their own god. Mostly they were spread out, some were together as small gatherings of a specific god or goddess. But I was alone. Standing I Waited for my Goddess, now taking a Male Form, to come to the window and introduce himself to the people of Moross.

Seeing Neth coming out on the balcony, people became quiet waiting for his words, or for the announcement of Kalee the Sword to reveal himself, or herself. It was rather confusing.


Velaeri Mortaine
Amore just managed not to melt into a heap of whimpers as she was pulled into the embrace, but her uncle's strong arms did manage to squeeze out a few tears.

"It's nothing," she replied over a smile as he released her, wiping at her face, "I just... miss home, but I'm happy you're here." In truth she could not have been more elated at the rise of her family. How this Crusade had turned into such an affair was quite curious indeed, perhaps designed by some fate. If she had to guess, a flame-haired fate that called herself Queen. Whatever the case may be she would not deny herself this opportunity to grow stronger bonds with those that she loved and cared for.

"You should go now," she motioned towards the balcony doorway where Neth currently stood, "greet your people before they begin scaling the walls to see you," the Reviver gave a low chuckle and pulled her silver mask from her robes to place it over her face. She then followed the much larger man out as Neth opened the doorway, and smiled to the tumultuous roar that greeted them from the masses below.
Amidst the sprawling uproar that passed for the devout, expectant followers of the Crusade stood a small number of figures draped in colors of dark blue. The followers of Aatrox were rarely welcomed by others, but this was a momentous occasion for the followers of Moross. Today - a new God had elected to come to the people of Moross in mortal form. Kalee, the God of War, the more benevolent balance to the glory of the recently slain Ithari. While Cameron had never met the man, he knew all too well it was merely a man that had elected to move on to other endeavors.

Shifting his silver-green gaze, the large Sith Lord focused on the appearance of the newly minted God. In all of his private counsels with Amore, Cameron had never once moved so far as to question her with regards to the identity of the other false Gods. However, knowing that one was false typically meant they all were. Adjusting his cloak slightly, Cameron allowed his gaze to divert to the crowds. A lifetime of battle and plotting had made him a naturally suspicious individuals. In order to remain a touch more concealed, Cameron had ventured into the crowd this day with the cylindrical black hilt of his lightsaber. Typically, Cameron favored his Sith Sword above all else, but it was not presently his place to be the obvious Crusader amidst the others.

Wordlessly, the Sith Lord nodded to a fellow follower of Aatrox by his side before slipping from his present position towards one of the extreme flanks of the crowd. His indifference to the proceedings would no doubt go completely unnoticed. The followers of Aatrox were simply ignored out of lack of trust or unwillingness to be drawn into any of the schemes of Aatrox. On a day like today, however, none were concerned about issues, not with so many Gods present and watching.

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
Hermes was one of Resu who came to the event of a god reborn in mortal flesh. His menace was hidden from the general populace. Even among fellow Moross the Cybernetic Resu were a frightening prospect to behold to the ordinary citizen. He was merely a Nerite, and thus he didn't have any special position within the crowd really, just a hidden one. As best he could he observed the gods, the only one he could thus far recognize was Neth, thanks to the book he carried with him. Even at this distance, even so faint from the distance, it was possible for him to sense that it was there, with that specific heat signature.

The other figures near Neth were a mystery to Hermes, unable to tell the difference between the two really. He of course, knew at this point which gods were alive, but other than Neth who had evolved him and his species, Hermes had no way of knowing which of the two figures were who. He would need special permission later to officially make a "coronation" for them in the eyes of the Resu, in which their respective books was gifted to them, so that the Resu may worship them properly in the flesh.

The coming of Kalee was most anticipated among the Resu. Though Neth was to them, their supreme god for using his knowledge to grant them a more glorious purpose in life, it is through Kalee that they shall prosper further in battle and war. The Evolution on Resu was still on going, many pockets of resistance still fighting by the swarm. Unfortunately for those unwilling to join, the more the Resu fight the more of them join anyway. The Techno-virus was smart, as if you didn't protect yourself appropriately, all it would take is a small breach of flesh to begin the conversion. Though he was the first to fight for the Evolution, he wasn't by any means a general of soldiers, not yet. He was just beginning to be a soldier himself.

But regardless, in a secluded area, he watched with all the other mortals, the coming of a new god.

Vascious Relens

Vascious gazed down upon Amorella for a few moments after he released her. The Mandalorian didn't seem to accept her answer, but he said nothing to stop her as he turned and followed. Amore was a child compared to the long lived years of the other two false gods of Moross. Of course neither of them had the emotional capacity to play a role like Inari. Still Vascious remembered when Amore's mother was her age. Those emotional vulnerabilities would be ironed out of her by the heartbreak and the pain of the road ahead. For him it was like watching a new remake to an old holovid movie.

The armored man pushed these thoughts from his head before approaching Solaiel at the nearby window and placing a hand on his shoulder to give him pause. "I need both of you to give me some room when you step out onto the balcony. I'll be a tad bit theatrical at the end to inspire the masses." A youthful grin adorned the uncle's lips before he slipped his helmet over his head and walked out onto the sun baked stone of the balcony.

The Mandalorian stopped before the ornate railing before him and leaned slightly over to place his hands on it. He peered out over of the uncountable faces and bodies that had flocked to the massive courtyard below. It wasn't the first time Vascious had stepped out to greet a crowd of followers. However, it was the first time to be greeted by followers that truly loved and adored the overlords that addressed them. He could even feel the vibration of the roar of the masses through his battered and tarnished beskar plate.

Moments passed before finally the false god raised a fist into the air. Those close enough to the balcony to see were quickly quieting those around them. Vascious waited patiently as the chain reaction worked its way further out. He lowered his hand when an almost impossible silence finally surrounded him. Down below he could see camera crews and speaker stations strewn out. These words that he would speak were going to be heard by a vast majority of the crowd. They would be broadcasted to the homes across Exocron, and the bases where their zealous soldiers expanded their fronts.

"Ithari has returned to the Great Hall so that I could stand before you today," spoke the embodiment of Kalee. His voice was amplified out to the crowd as they hung onto every word. "I have watched the Crusade flourish. Surrounding planets now fall to our divine and righteous cause. The weak look upon Inari's radiance and flock to us so that they can be strong. The strong break upon Ithari's blood lust. Neth creates weapons and powers of the likes the galaxy has never seen."

The false god paused then as he truly searched the crowd with his eyes now. It was unsurprising to see the vast majority of followers to be soldiers. After all it was the rising of the God of War today, and his caste of soldiers and warriors was one of the largest.

"This is not enough!," exclaimed the man as he slammed a fist down onto the stone rail in front of him. "I come before you as I have come before when war must be waged. My sister, Salee, demands the forges to be run bright into the night. Our swords will be sharpened, and our will resolute. I will see the Crusade march upon the hearts of the unbelievers. The foolish will shatter upon our unending ranks! The redeemed will bend knee and cry for the salvation of our words!"

Then suddenly the old ex-Sith Master's force presence began to rise drastically. It seemed the theatrics he spoke of earlier were likely to follow shortly. "Warriors ... soldiers ... I come to you today to point to the heavens." Arcs of beautiful but deadly energy began to pop in and out of existence as they snaked their way around the plating of Vascious' armor. He utilized the metallic plates as conductive surfaces as an intimidation tactic in battle. Of course he wasn't in battle, but now it simply happened unconsciously as he drunk deeply upon the well of the force. His force presence spiked higher and glowed figuratively like a flare toward the other force users.

"I call for the Crusade to look up and reach out. Spread your wings and spread our faith to the ignorant of the galaxy. Bless them with our divine will."

Being the embodiment of the ideal of a god was one thing, but Relens was still mortal. He could feel the force pressing upon the thresholds of the limitations of his mortal body. His philosophy might have changed over the years, but his upbringing and his powers were rooted in the dark side that was wielded by the Sith. To draw to deeply and for to long would burn out one's body if not destroying it altogether. It was time to be at an end with theatrics.


And with that Vascious released all his stored energy into the force power that he had the greatest aptitude in. Many Sith were quite proficient in Force Lightning. They could expel great energy from their hands, but it was always in broad webs of narrow tendrils of energy that lashed out in wide sweeping paths. Force lightning was raw and anarchic . Yet he could will the energy into greater distances and forms. Ironically it was a useless power against a proficient master of the force, but it was one Relens was proud of all the same.

That day the worshipers on the ground would be shaken by what sounded like a great loud booming crack of a whip in the sky. It was a sunny day void of clouds. As Kalee lifted his hand into the sky, a great bolt of lightning shot forth from it and weaved its way across the heavens before dissipating a moment later. It was as if he had summoned the power of a thunderstorm without the storm.

It was a great feat, but the act had drained the Mandalorian deeply. At first the man was leaning upon the railing in front of him to down upon the crowd. Now it was holding the man up. Solaiel and Amorella were the only ones close enough to hear his panting, and to see his weakness. Vascious had drawn so heavily upon himself to further mire the false gods into illusions of true godhood. He wasn't about to let the masses see him falter.

As such their uncle looked side to side at them and nodded. He needed just a moment to collect himself before walking away with dignity. A moment they would have to provide.
Soliael watched his uncles impressive display of power, and resisted the urge to place a hand on him when he saw the old man falter slightly. It was great to display ones powers for the people, whether it was miracles or sheer display of force like this, but Soliael was still worried about his uncle overextending himself.

Vascious was powerful, there was no doubt about that, but such a massive display of force lightning was difficult for anyone. The False God watched as his uncle left, his great speech meeting with uproarious applause down in the streets below. Thousands upon thousands of people bellowed with absolute love for their three rulers, not even a starship engine could have been heard over the droning noise. Soliael watched them with keen eyes, thousands upon thousands, perhaps even millions.

They bowed to him, prayed to him, and loved him.

His eyes swept over the people, watching them as they cheered for their gods. Then slowly he looked to his Aunt, as if expecting her to speak. Neth may have been worshiped, but Inari was well and truly loved by almost all the people of Moross. They would expect the words to come from her @[member="Amorella Mae"].
Suspicion confirmed.

The swelling of a Force user's presence couldn't have been missed by even the most rudimentary trained individual. However, the existence of a powerful presence within the Force was not what immediately drew Cameron's attention. Instead, he was drawn to the brush of familiarity that fluttered across his conscious mind as said presence continued to build in intensity. By now, the words of Kalee were completely lost upon the Crusader as silver-green eyes narrowed ever so slightly. Despite the distance, Cameron saw a figure that stirred the deep recesses of his memory.

Then...the lightning.

As soon as the tendrils of Force Lightning began to play against the God of War's body in a somewhat unusual manner, Cameron allowed a warm smile to etch its way into his features. Vascious Relens... The vague familiarity of the man's force presence was certainly not enough to deliver any element of positive identification into Cameron's brain. The Sith Lord, quite simply, had not interacted with his former associate to enough of a degree for that to be a believable reality. However, there were precious few that Cameron knew even attempted to manipulate the very powerful ability of force lightning for anything other than direct, destructive gain. There were even less...that did so clad in worn Mandalorian Armor.

Based on his past dealings with the Warrior, Cameron judged the man to be a more than adequate fit for the 'vessel of Kalee'. In order to sate his own curiosity, Cameron made it a very minor point to discern the reason for that man's presence on Exocron. Apart from his particular methods and capabilities, Cameron realized he knew rather little about Vascious. By the time Kalee had made her boisterous proclamation, the smile on Cameron's face had dissipated entirely. Sensing that the proceedings were drawing to a close, the Sith Lord turned to initiate his retreat from the crowd. He was quite sure the people of Exocron would be celebrating the majority of the day, but Cameron preferred not to be caught in the throngs of devout, blissfully misguided followers of Moross. It would never cease to amaze the Sith Lord just how powerful a good deception could be.


Like Lightning
Standing alone among a crowd of thousands, I cheered when my Goddess turned out to be a God. I shrugged my shoulders. Maybe Kalee wanted to be a guy this time? Ether way, he was very powerful in his display of the force. He stood there in what looked like Mandalorian armor. Even though I had never met one, everyone knew of their iconic armor design. Hell, even if you were to mention their name, people would become scared of the warrior race. Seeing as how he was the god of war, it rather fit nicely.

But soon after, I could see that he was leaning against the railing. Ether to look down at the people that were close, or he may have been tired. But I thought that the first option was more likely. I unsheathed my sword and held it up into the air. The Beskad a weapon like unto the armor type he wore. Shouting on the top of my lungs, trying so hard not to sound like a squished mouse, "KALEE THE SWORD!"