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A man on a mission: to find his way.

Wassup, I'm looking for some people to write with to try and make ties between characters. I like to do more story telling and character building over fighting (I do like fights but it isn't fun if all sides are too reluctant to lose).

I have no real ideas on a story at the moment because I wanted to wait and see who would like to join and talk out what they wanted to do as well.
Well if you ever need someone killed, something stolen, or need someone to watch your back, let me know, I can do all those things for the right amount of credits or favours. And don't worry, I won't kill you.
[member="Ismael Skhaos"]
Um. Alright then. Kinda edgy, but I like it. Hmm. I kinda don't know how to continue from that. Now I'm afraid someone will hire you to kill me.

Also how do you do the name thing? I'm still kinda new to this.

Edit: Got it.
[member=Benjamin Atlas]
Hi [member=Lady Kay] nice to meet you and thank you for accepting the request, also [member=Benjamin Atlas] you can come too, we could always use a edge lor...I mean assassin.
Jk, please don't kill me.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
[member="Ismael Skhaos"]

Nice to meet you as well. And be mindful of assassins ;) Unless you're paying them, then it's alright.
We aren't all bad [member="Lady Kay"], you just haven't hired me for your political gains my queen. I hear the senate is a thrilling dangerous game.

[member="Ismael Skhaos"] Don't worry I can play nice.
[member="Serena Bouie"]


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
[member="Benjamin Atlas"]

That's true, on both accounts. Yet I haven't quite needed to hire assassins for political gain.

[member="Ismael Skhaos"]

Whereabouts does your character like to hang out? Mine travels all over, yet can be found on Commenor as well.

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