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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
@[member="Nohemi Allaneh"]

The jedi master truthfully did not know what he was thinking in doing this but as the droid followed him the jedi master dictated a message to Nehemi. A knight he had not met but her talents were known as was her master but that only served to.... It had only served to make him want to understand her people. He had promised not to seek training from Aleidis and by extension Je'gan but a Fallanassi to them this was their people and much like Elayne had shown him, had taught him and trained him in the ways of her people. He was willing to learn some of the Fallanassi's ways.

So he had asked her to come and meet him and now waited. The small serenity of Tython was more then enough to keep his mind calm while he reflected on the training he had been receiving. Then all the things that had happened which brought a sour note until he realized it freed him to do this. To seek training in a skill that seemed to become more and more common despite the supposed rare nature of it. He didn't expect to learn illusions it would be hard to make real ones when he had no actual idea what the features looked like. No the immersion and sensing were what he cared about.

"Knight Allaneh, this is jedi master Synlidwirh. I request and ask humbly for your teaching in the ways of your people. Please meet me near the ancient temple of Kaleth please."