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A-34X 'Gorgodon' Class Combat Mech

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Daral Tal'Verda

The Ghost of Druckenwell
Image Credit to Respawn Games​
Intent: Serve as a prototype in Rothana's attempt to provide the CIS with an up to date combat exoskeleton for use in front line deployments during heavy assaults and instances which require a lot of 'oomf'.
Development Thread: N/A, suppose one could be done if needed
Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Industires
Model: A-34
Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems
Modularity: Yes, in a very limited way though, such as small improvements to the propulsion systems and joints as to prevent failure in the field
Production: Very Minor
Material: Durasteel, Duraplast, Circuits, that kind of stuff
Description: Providing adequate protection, speed, and strength, the Gorgodon is an ideal mech for its duty as a provider of support during assaults, but as it is a prototype with many flaws in its engine, joints, and computer systems at this point, it is prone to failure in a variety of ways that severely endanger the pilot. The clone unit known as the 'Dread Guard' have volunteered to test the system with their lone pilot.​

Role: Assault Mech
Height: 6 Meters
Length: 1.5 Meters
Width: 1 Meter
Weight: 1 Metric Ton
Minimum Crew: 1
Optimal Crew: 1
Propulsion: Bipedal
Top Speed: 74.03 KM/H
Armaments: Z-90X Chaingun
Passenger Capacity: 0
Cargo Capacity: Half Ton
Misc. Equipment: Radar, Communications Equipment, and Ejector Seat
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