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Approved Tech 5.56mm VENOM Slug

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  • Intent: The purpose of this submission is to provide the 5.56 BASIC Slug with a derivative capable of effectively combating organic and synthetic opponents.
  • Development Thread: N/A (Resubmission of a Purged, Approved submission)
  • Manufacturer: Czerka Arms | Arakyd Industries
  • Model: 5.56mm Slug
  • Affiliation: Private Market
  • Modularity: Yes (12.7mm, 9mm, 7.62mm)
  • Production: Mass
  • Material: Durasteel, Acid

Amongst the first generation of standardized ammunition for slugthrowers of Czerka Arms design is the aptly-named 5.56mm VENOM Slug. Akin to its fellow rounds, the VENOM Slug is a derivative of the standard BASIC Slug and has a single, fundamental difference in design. The VENOM Slug features a hollow-jacket design, thereby providing ample space for the volatile acid for which the round is named. As such, in the event of the aforementioned imbedding, the VENOM Slug will react to the sudden impact with the release of the slug's venom payload, which can easily eat through metal and skin. It is to be noted that the acid housed within the VENOM Slug is activated by exposure to oxygen, thereby ensuring that the Slugs themselves are not prematurely consumed. As such, the VENOM Slugs are constructed in a vacuum environment.

The rate through which the acid eats through metal and flesh is rather slow, but is expedited with additional exposure to the acid. Simply put, the more the opponent is shot, the more the acid eats. When exposed to durasteel, a single Slug can eat through the metal at a rate of 2.5 millimeters per second. However, the speed of consumption is doubled with each additional slug fired upon an affected area. Unfortunately, the accuracy of most weaponry, save sniper rifles and scoped, small-burst rifles, prevents this effect from being constantly applied.

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
This is a resubmit, so I'm guessing it's mostly the same, but I have a couple questions to make. First of all, as it's described and as the materials list, I am assuming you have a hollowpoint round made of durasteel, with acid inside. Seeing as you mention the acid eats through armor, most of which in the galaxy are made of durasteel, why doesn't it eat through the bullet itself?

As for the armor/flesh eating component itself, you mention it as 'slow', which is good, but can you provide an example of how slow it would be against armor and flesh, and how much the acid builds upon itself? @[member="Tyri Lsu"]
@[member="Jaxton Ravos"]; Edited. When I made this concept, I originally was inspired by this particular slugthrower. It did not list an acid-resistant material, so there was a sort of gray area there. Did my best to utilize logic on this one. :)

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
Oxygen exposure is a nice touch, I like it. Can you remove mentions of armor piercing as it's a hollow point round? Specifically this portion doesn't sit well with me.

In terms of capabilities, the round, by default, possesses the capacity to at least imbed itself partially into solid targets protected by exceptionally durable materials; if not make a complete penetration in the case of durasteel depending upon distance.
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