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Approved Tech 5.56mm BANG Slug

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  • Intent: The purpose of this submission is to provide the 5.56 BASIC Slug with a derivative capable of competing with heavily-armored opponents.
  • Development Thread: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Browncoat Arms & Industrial | ATC | Arakyd Industries
  • Model: 5.56mm Slug
  • Affiliation: Private Market
  • Modularity: Yes (12.7mm, 9mm, and 7.62mm)
  • Production: Mass
  • Material: Durasteel, Deuterium

    Amongst the first generation of standardized ammunition for slugthrowers of Czerka Arms design is the aptly-named 5.56mm BANG Slug. Akin to its fellow rounds, the 5.56mm BANG Slug is a derivative of the standard 5.56 BASIC Slug and has a single, fundamental difference in design. The 5.56mm BANG Slug features a hollow-jacket design, thereby providing ample space for the explosive material for which the round is named. This material is Deuterium, a fuel known for its usage in speederbikes and military applications as a form of explosive ammunition. Due to its reputation, Deuterium was the material of choice for incorporation in the 5.56mm BANG Slug design and is poised to live up to its name on the field of battle.

    In terms of capabilities, the 5.56mm, by default, possesses the capacity to at least imbed itself partially into solid targets protected by exceptionally durable materials; if not make a complete penetration in the case of durasteel depending upon distance. As such, in the event of the aforementioned imbedding, the 5.56mm BANG Slug will react to the sudden impact with an concentrated detonation that can easily burst through durasteel. It is due to this fact that the 5.56mm BANG Slug is classified as an anti-armor round and has excellent potential in the combating of opponents garbed or composed out of exceptionally durable materials.
  • Military Unit Size: 10,000 Slugs
  • Military Unit Pricing: 1,500 Credits
  • Military Bulk Size: 1 Crate (35,000 Slugs)
  • Military Bulk Pricing: 5,000 Credits
  • Civilian Unit Size: Unavailable
  • Civilian Pricing: Unavailable
  • Civilian Bulk Size/Pricing: Unavailable
Not open for further replies.

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