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Approved Tech 2M Surgical Droid

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King of Pumpkins

  • Intent: To create a medicinal droids.
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Medical droid
  • Classification: First Degree
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Height: 1.5m
  • Movement: Bipedal
  • Armaments: N/A
  • Misc. Equipment: Surgical attachments, medicine dispensers, medical diagnostic computer
  • Skilled in medical and surgical procedures
  • DION Fibre
  • Mirdirmorut droid brain
  • Can capably perform most standard and some advanced medical or surgical operations.
  • DION Fibre - allows it to be resistant to EMP/Ion attacks
  • Mirdirmorut droid brain - Allows the droid to learn how best to work on a patient and how best to potentially turn them into a cyborg.
  • Has no weapons or shields to defend itself with.
  • Clumsy and slow in its movements.
  • DION Fibre - is easily damaged by psychical damage.
  • Mirdimorut droid brain - Can be jammed stopping it from communicating with base.
Mirdirmorut under direct orders from their CEO Rex Taff created this droid supposedly for medical procedures. Some within the company were sceptical about this especially when the Droid brain went into the droid. Why would you add a brain that's main function was to help combat droids and the like. It was answered away with some excuses about battle wounds needing to be identified quickly. But those distant whispers stayed and once again came up on the DION Fibre. The DION Fibre allowed it to be immune to sources of Ion and EMP. This was questioned by the same people. Why use a material defending against EMP and Ion on a medical droid. However this was answered quickly with battlefield testing. They were still unsure but didn't say anymore on the subject.

It is a medical droid and has banks of memory on different basic and advance medical producers. As it is a medical droid it has no way of defending itself at all. It is clumsy and slow with it's movements when walking. Mirdirmorut hopes to get it out and helping people as much as possible. However there are now questions on Rex's motives for wanting this droid built. Questions that have been dismissed quickly and with ease. But some members of the company still have a bad feeling about this droid.
Not open for further replies.