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Private 1st Royal Open

Gna Grimwasp

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" i thought it was non lethal weapons? " she pointed yo the medical droid.
" you please poke my gut back in"
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Royal Observer: Athriel Athriel
Opponent: Sarrius Daruna Sarrius Daruna
Irate Gnome: Gna Grimwasp Gna Grimwasp

So that was his opponent? It seems everything he learned about Sith was correct. Their aggression, their viciousness. The glee in which he fought against a creature a fraction of thier size. It certainly was something.

As e sat there in the waiting room, legs crossed on top of a plush bench. The Padawan meditated. Going over the fight again and again.REcalling everything he could of Sarrius' movements. His breathing. the intensity of his emotions when he lashed out with the Force. It was unfortunate for Aaran that Gna managed to deactivate the Sith's lightsaber so quickly into the match. To be able to review the Acolyte's fighting style over and over again in his head wouldhave been an unmatched boon.

So instead he sat there and meditated, waiting to be called out for his match. All the while running fight after fight with his opponent in his mind. Trying to anticipate just what tricks they would put into play.
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Equipment: Standard Lightsaber (Red), Sith Lanvarok, & Ritual Dagger (Curved) | Modified Legionnaire Armour
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Soundtrack: Beast by 8 Graves

One down, one to go. Like the Jedi he would face, Sarrius too was deep in meditation - if of a very different kind. Hatred. Pain. Fear. These were sources of power beyond the ken of any Jedi. These were the sources with quick he would rebuild his reserves, strengthen his resolve.

When the announcement came, he would be ready.

Mind honed, boiling emotions carefully leashed by the mind of a predator, freshly-reloaded Lanvarok upon his wrist. His damaged armour discarded, he now wore a much more simple garb, light close-fitting robes in the dark shades of the Sith, designed for unimpeded movement.


Prince of Horizon's Crown and the Serene CIty
The time for preparation had passed. Gna Grimwasp Gna Grimwasp would have been tended to by the medical droids and attendants for her less than lethal wounds suffered during her bout with Sarrius Daruna Sarrius Daruna . The familiar protocol droids from the Royal Dueling Court entered the waiting rooms of Aaran Tafo Aaran Tafo and Sarrius Daruna Sarrius Daruna "Honored guest, your presence is requested on the field for the continuation of the tournament as the allotted intermission time has been exceeded."

Meanwhile the announcer's voice could be heard echoing through the halls. While it was not clear it could be assumed that he was riling up the audience both present and viewing on the holonet for the much awaited fight.
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Opponent: Sarrius Daruna Sarrius Daruna

The Sith would not find his opponent wanting. When Aaran was called, he said nothing to the droid. Simply picking up his lightsaber from where it had been resting on his lap. Clipping it to his belt, and made his way out into the arena.

Grimacing at the sheer noise of it all. Hitting him like a wave. An unneeded distraction. But one he could certainly deal with. Eyes moving once to his opponent. Aaran studied him fully. Taking in what he would be fighting now that he was up close and personal. The first thing he noticed was that, for once, he was fighting a humanoid that was about as tall as he was. Folding both arms behind his back, Aaran tilted his neck to the side. Cracking and popping stiff muscles.

"Well Sith. Do show me how your kind fights those your own side."

Inviting his opponent to make the first move. Aaran simply stood there. Arms folded behind his back. Not bothering to so much as twitch from his position.