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For those who might be accessing this in the future, my name is Asha Seren. At the time of this Holocron's creation, I was a Master of the Je'daii Order... But that wasn't always the case.

I began my first steps into the Force as a Je'daii, though only two souls in the Galaxy are aware of such until now. I was among them for a year; long enough to have the code ingrained in my mind, and to have the sacred art of Alchaka started.

Between these points? During the great many years which separated the two? Well... That's more public knowledge.

I was a Knight of the Jedi Order, Watchman of the Sentinels, Warden of Tatooine... I was Head of the Council of Reassignment, and for a time I even led the Council of First Knowledge. I was Knighted in my 19th year of existence, and became a Master in my 38th.

Yet through it all, despite the fact that I was a strong adherent of the Light, a guiding voice for the Jedi Order, a part of me always remained with the Je'daii of old.

Before my death, because I am in no doubt that I am dead, I retired from the Order and sought the path I had once walked. It led me first to the world of Aurum, and then back here... To the Temple you sit within now. Where the Conclave first began, and my love of the Je'daii rekindled thanks to a certain Nautolan.

What lays within will unravel itself to you as you begin your Great Journey, young Je'daii. But note that the majority of what I have to offer revolves around the Jedi I served for so very long. Realize the lessons held within regardless, and use it to your advantage in the betterment of the Galaxy.

- Je'daii Master Asha Seren, Temple Master of Akar Kesh

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