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  1. Danger Arceneau

    Vanir Technologies Series Licences

    SERIES 100 SPACER Series License Request: (e.g. 100 Industrial Series, 200 Medical Series, Ordinance, Food, Espionage) Name Of The Company: (Name as it appears in the company forum.) Link To Company Page: (Located in the Factory Company forum.) Link To Current Presentation: (This will be a...
  2. Alric Kuhn

    Approved Tech  VT-Gravity Pulse Cannon

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To Sub a unique weapon Image Source: N/A Canon Link: N/A Restricted Missions: N/A Primary Source: Tensor Weapon PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Vanir Technologies Model: VT-Gravity Pulse Cannon Affiliation: Closed-Market Modularity: No Production...
  3. Kurt Meyer

    Bunnies Need College Too

    Kalinda University [member="Kaileann Vera"] Kurt peered around the massive open courtyard of Kalinda University, still somewhat bewildered by everything that he was seeing. It seemed that Kalinda University...or maybe Vanir Technologies had made some sort of deal with Yum Bunnies that would...
  4. F

    Illusive Man [Alric]

    [member="Alric Kuhn"] The silence that Fiolette felt in the room was deafening, although she suspected that was on purpose. Blonde hair spilled over her shoulders she had been summoned, her heels traced nay a sound as she crossed to the glasteel with the planetary outlook. This view provided a...
  5. Aver Brand

    Yo Ho Ho And a Bottle Of Ram

    Somewhere in the Galactic South The Red Diamond 02:47 GST “Avast! Convoy on approach vector!” “Nae noo, Putka,” chided Al-bal, running bony fingers over the head of the parrot perched on his shoulder. With plumage of vivid red and blue, the bird was a wild splash of color aboard an otherwise...
  6. Subject 37

    Houses Ain't Cheap

    Vanir [member="Joza Perl"] Einhardt stood quietly in a small conference room at the southern end of Vanir City. The tower that the building was located in was one of the few within the sprawling Metropolis that had it's own landing pad, and the reason for that was rather simple; meetings were...
  7. Alric Kuhn

    Approved Location  Vineta

    Name: Vineta Image Source: Star Citizen Classification: Entertainment Destination Intent: Cause I want to Location: Borleias Affiliation: Vanir Technologies, ATC Population: 40,000 Residents, 150,000 Tourists Demographics: 30% Human, 24% Zeltron, 46% Varying Points of Interest: Vineta is a...
  8. Alric Kuhn

    Approved Tech  VT-SDC 13

    Image Source: Here Intent: To Create an anti-tank weapon. Development Thread: If Necessary Manufacturer: Vanir Technologies Model: VT-Shouldered Disruptor Cannon Affiliation: Closed-Market Modularity: No Production: Limited Material: Dallorian Alloy, Fiberplast Classification: Anti-Tank Weapon...
  9. Alric Kuhn

    Arkuhn Charity Raffle

    The massive dance hall was crowded with dozens if not hundreds of faces. Each of them wore some kind of finery, a nice dress, expensive jewelry, a mix and match of both. Alric knew some of the faces in the crowd, he could even name them. Some he had not seen in quite some time, other's he'd met...
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