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  1. Jasper Kai'el

    Approved Melee Weapon  Jasper Kai'el's Lightsaber | Master Update

    JASPER KAI'EL'S LIGHTSABER MASTER UPDATE SPECIAL FEATURES Sheath contains a Magnetic Field to safely store the blade of the lightsaber, allowing the blade to remain ignited at all times. The stone within is made of the same material as the Ankarres Sapphire, a gem with healing properties...
  2. Srina Talon

    Staff  Small Mandate Tweak/Annihilation Victory Update

    Greetings! While we let the New 2024 mandates settle we've adjusted or removed a few of the old ones. Current Mandate Link TDLR: Lucky Looter Removed (It had its time in the sun but...Farewell, fine friend.) Collateral Damage Removed (Folded into Annihilation Victory Rules) Adjusted...
  3. Karl Von Strauss

    Approved Starship  Duchess II-Class Heavy Star Destroyer

    (I used the same picture that I drew in 2018) OOC INFORMATION Permissions: First United Astral Engineering (Blanket Permission in Spoiler) FAE/C-02 Tractor Guidance Network FAE/S-06 Reactive Targeting Matrix FAE/WH-04-S6 Universal Missile Platform Phase II "Divine Eyes" Sensor and...
  4. Karl Von Strauss

    Approved Starship  Imperial-X MkVI Star Destroyer ("Imperial Ten-Six")

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To update one of Karl's older designs using newer technology. Image Source: Fractal Sponge Canon Link: Imperial II Star Destroyer Permissions: First United Astral Engineering (Blanket Permission in Spoiler) FAE/WH-04 Universal Missile Platform Phase II...
  5. Tefka

    Staff  Minor Factory 7.0 Update

    Self-appointed Factory Emperor here, the following has been added as part of the 7.0 Early Access update, titled "TEF HAS CROSSED THE RUBICON". 8. All BBcode is allowed in submissions, to include spoilers. This new rule can be found in the Factory Rules article and is effective immediately.
  6. Tefka

    Rules Update  Invasion Judgement Update Pt. II

    Text in red has been removed from the rules. There is no expectation for a review nor explanation required by the Site Owner/SWRP Staff Team for Invasion Judgements. The only requirement is that a decision is passed upon conclusion of the thread. Link for the lazy...
  7. Annika Starfire

    Suggestion  Vassal state rules update

    The Dark Empire usage of the Vassal Mandate to try and pinch Alliance territory is super cool and I'm glad someone is using it. But I think the way that it is defended against is the wrong way round. Currently I think a better way would be This makes more narrative sense that the attacker...
  8. Srina Talon

    Suggestion  Major Faction Mandates [2024 Update]

    Hello everyone! I am reaching out to all of you to ask for your thoughts on the mandates that we currently have in place. I want to revise them soon and remove some of the less frequently used options and replace them with better alternatives. While we do have some popular choices that are...
  9. Valiens Nantaris

    Rules Update  Rules Hotfixes

    This thread is for minor rules changes and updates which don't need a whole thread for themselves.
  10. Tefka

    New Feature  The Final Flair Update - Droids, Soldiers, And Pirates In A Religious War

  11. Tefka

    Staff  New Update To Div CSS Restrictions

    9. The following CSS attributes from the DIV bb code are now prohibited and may not be used. a. background-attachment: fixed; b. width:, min-width:, c. cursor: Have you ever seen this? Opened up a thread on your phone and boom, reading comprehension just completely destroyed? It's because...
  12. Tefka

    New Feature  Aquatic Flairs Update

    There's a crazy man frothing at the mouth on Discord shouting "MORE". Here you go, please stop taking whatever it is you're taking.
  13. Spek Zhio

    Question  Regarding starship upgrade/affiliation update

    Probably a needless question, but it's more of an excuse to 'reopen communications'. Start posting here again. So, I've been absent for over a year and was hoping to return to RP. I was thinking of benching this character for now, or at least relegate it to a secondary role, and create a brand...
  14. Natasi Fortan

    Name Update

    Hello friends! Another writer has approached me about wanting to use the name First Order for his faction and, in the spirit of cooperation, I've changed the name of this minor faction to The First Order Crown-in-Exile to avoid any confusion as to which is which. I may be making further updates...
  15. Cailen Corso

    LOA  Just an Update

    Hey all! Less of an actual LOA and more a status update on my cast of characters. Strong Muse: Cailen Corso -> Muse is great! Sticking to Private threads to develop him some more before more Jedi hinjiks Arcadian -> Muse is fresh and going well Arlo Amnen -> Muse is HAWT #BraxantCovenant...
  16. Tefka

    Staff  Map Update Delayed Indefinitely

    Unfortunately running into some technical issues as well as IRL and we've had to Cyberpunk delay this map update quite a bit, so we're just going to put a pin in it for now. I realize we usually put on a good show, but this map is just plainly put 100% my effort. There's literally nobody else...
  17. Tefka

    New Feature  QOL Update

    I had a QOL update in the bag I was saving for last just in case we needed to recover from some bad news, like the Map Update taking even longer. 1. This is a "in development feature", but will eventually be a custom "My Character's Equipment" page. Still ironing out some kinks, it...
  18. Tefka

    Map Update  Map Update Delayed Again, Map Game Indefinitely Suspended

    "I go ghost for no damn reason." Welp, while we had expected to release the Map Update today, we're going to have to delay it again due to technical difficulties of implementation. I have some preliminary announcements to help the community prepare for this Map Update. 1. This is not a 1 for...
  19. Srina Talon

    New Feature  X Update: Return of the Postbits

    You need to run, climb, fight, kill... You need to help each other. You see someone who's confused, someone who's lost. You get them moving and you keep them moving until we put this place behind us. Found in Account Details. Link For The Lazy...
  20. Collector

    New Feature  X Update: It's All About Flair, Baby

    "I know you're frightened. You're terribly frightened by what you've seen. But I'm not going to lie to you. Your friends... are not prepared for this fight." Courtesy of Tefka finally making a significant breakthrough on how to code mods for the website, a new searchbar has been added...
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