Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Sha'ri Sorkh

    Bounty  WASTELAND SHOWDOWN - Defending the Stolen Android

    Location - Daxam IV Now Playing - Leather Teeth In a discreet bunker within the Western Wastes, Sha'ri hid safely behind a small militia of security personnel. In her care, a "Fleshgait" model android lay dormant inside a small cell. Its body had pulled concave into itself - the limbs nestled...
  2. Taresa Kae

    LFG  Seeking an Assassination, Espionage, or Theft Target.

    Anyone game? It doesn't matter what faction. Good and neutral parties are preferred, but i'm not picky with this one. The Kae Kill List: Zarus Valorian - Ongoing Valery Noble Dracken Pryce Castor Crane Pal Veda
  3. Djinn Rizzla

    Next target? Putting this one up for an idea. Player made planet. What do you folks think?
  4. Ibra Sest

    Public  Target Practice

    A large room stacked with weapons, targets, and troopers chatting amongst each other. Some are here to hone their skills or in some cases show off their new blaster or to gloat about being simply a better shot than others. On one end you would see an old veteran shooting down the room at...
  5. Valery Noble

    Private  Target Acquired

    Sleheyron Outfit: Operative Suit Weapons: Blasters | Lightsaber (concealed) Tag: Aldric Laurent "Alright, I've got my blasters but keeping my lightsaber concealed in this purse," Valery said as she stepped back into the cockpit with a smirk. He had joked about her shooting before, and that it...
  6. Ibra Sest

    Public  Target Practice (Galactic Alliance)

    Fresh faced trooper, Ibra Sest one of the many new recruits of the Alliance military waiting for an assignment and to prove herself to the top brass. But for now she is currently stuck on the planet Ensolica, being stationed there due to the previous Maw invasions into Alliance territory...
  7. Aela Cohn

    LFG  Privateer Looking For Target

    So, Aela has recently received a Letter of Marque and Reprisal from the Rimward Trade League and now I'm looking for any Imperial willing to participate in a raid against Imperial convoys as an opponent to perhaps make her life more difficult while working to make that cash.
  8. Jax Thio

    Private  Hard Target

    Location: Alderaan Equipment: Formal Clothing, Jax's Prosthetic Arm, Jax's Second Lightsaber, Promise Ring to Jairdain, Eyepatch Tag: Alicio Organa While Jax wasn't enthused being back on Alderaan, it did feel refreshing hanging out with Caltin Vanagor. For all of his bull-headed stubbornness...
  9. Cassus Akovin

    Suggestion  Bounty Target List Based on Monthly UCs

    Inspired by another Bounty/UC-related suggestion (suggested by Cord), I decided to look back on the old Bounty Target list introduced a little under two years ago (has it been that long??) and I had a small epiphany. Almost all of them were the same faces I saw when it first went up, aside from...
  10. Darth Ophidia

    Assassination! Calina Ovmar

    A new contract has been presented! [member="Calina Ovmar"] She betrayed her master, the Dark Lord of the Sith, and sided with our enemies. Ovmar has thus betrayed the Sith and the Empire, and she must pay. Missions: A: Little is known about her whereabouts after Mandalore. Find her allies...
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