Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Dani Stellaris

    Character  Daniela Stellaris

    Name: Daniela "Dani" Stellaris Faction: Freelance Pilot/Racer/Solarpunk Height: 5’9 Weight: average Lineage: Rolas, Firefist, lived among Corellians when first in the galaxy Species: Near Human Force: Yes, Fallanassi Appearance: Dani is in good shape. Owing in part to her lineage abut also to...
  2. D

    Character  Daeg Stellaris

    Name: Daeg Stellaris Faction: None Rank: Second in line of House Stellaris Species: Unknown Humanoid Age: Late 20s Sex: Male Height: Tall Weight: Slim Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Skin: Tanned Force Sensitive: Yes Strengths and Weaknesses (+) Educated – Daeg has been given the best of educations on...
  3. C

    Character  Cathryn Stellaris

    Cathryn Stellaris NAME: Cathryn Alexis Stellaris FACTION: New Imperial Order RANK: Commander SPECIES: Human AGE: 28 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'8 WEIGHT: Medium EYES: Brown HAIR: Jet Black SKIN: Mocha FORCE SENSITIVE: Negative STRENGTHS Exceptional Pilot Ruthless Combatant...
  4. The Mongrel

    Chaos Majors in Stellaris

    Just my attempt / interpretation, with some input from a few of the factions. Always open to feedback. I did my best to make the in-game faction leader look a lil like the Chaos faction leader. Faction logos were hard and most of them are very poor imitations, sorry. Darkwire and CAD get...
  5. The Mongrel

    Discussion  Stellaris Versions of Major Factions

    Stellaris is a fantastic simulator for sci-fi governments duking it out across the galaxy. I'm bad at it, but I enjoy it regardless. As I played, I began to wonder: what would the major factions of Chaos look like if they were translated over to the game? And so I set out in search of relatively...
  6. RC 212

    The Assasination of Ohmai Rhen (GA/FO)

    Fondor Street Level [member="Deacon"] [member="Brent Smith"] @Other spy types. He'd been here for weeks. Months even, plotting his moves. Zok leaned back against the park bench and took another swig of his bottle, reading the holonet on his data pad. There was something great about being a...
  7. Captain Jordan

    Paradoxical strategies

    I'm on a CK2 kick with the latest HIP mod (CK2 stock game isn't bad but EU4 stock is boring as hell, and I have all DLCs for both). I built the HRE for the first time with the Karlings, got forced into an elective monarchy and then lost it after the second Emperor. It took a weak emperor and...
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