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  1. Tmanator

    Work In Progress  Rhiinul Species

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: In general, they are a race of somewhat belligerent, and hulking, humanoids from the Unknown Regions. Currently, they are designed to serve as hulking shock troops for the return of the Eternal Empire. In general terms, this should also make for a fun race...
  2. Baron Von Nuked

    Approved Species  { Hypergate Contest | Chandaar } Portanati, The Gateborn

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: 2024 Hypergate Contest. And to create a cool species with a cool gimmick. Image Credit: N/A Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Chandaar GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Portanati or simply known as Gateborn (Port-uh-nah-tee) Designation: Sentient Origins...
  3. Kaz'urk

    Approved Species  Antrillians

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To be used in future RP's and character creation Image Credit: Here Canon: N/A Permissions: Self Links: Kaz'urk GENERAL INFORMATION Species Profile: Antrillians Name: Antrillians Designation: Sentient Origins: Antrillia, a vibrant and diverse planet...
  4. Skylar Lesrekta

    Approved Species  The Iredani

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: I am making this species, because I wish to make a new character based off of it and I would like to contribute to the collaborative lore/world building of Star Wars Chaos Image Credit: Left Picture- Draenei Female Concept by Wei Wang...
  5. Credit Wizard

    Approved Species  The Xoli Kaikruts-guns

    Xoli Kaikruts-guns "Once you start making life through science, then it becomes very hard to accept natural evolution" OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create a New Species for the The Trade Federation |:| 900 ABY |:| Image Credit: Artstation - ARK Artstation - Alchemy RPG Artstation -...
  6. Vergessen Contii

    Approved Species  Der'vergeben - The Buried Ones

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: This will be the species of my character Vergessen Contii Image Credit: N/A (description below) Canon: No. Permissions: N/A Links: T.B.A GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Der'vergeben Designation: Sentient - Human equivalent intelligence. Origins: (Non-canon)...
  7. Tefka

    Staff  Banned Species
  8. Nouqai Veil

    Approved Species  Nouqai's Species

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Flesh out Nouqai’s species Image Credit: deviant, pinterest, instagram, tumblr, tumblr, siren, this Canon: No Permissions: Darth Carnifex Links: - Genetic samples: ersansyr / rathtar / quarren / nautolan / blubreen / zabrak / epicanthix GENERAL INFORMATION...
  9. Kahlil Noble

    Game  If Your Character Wasn't A Human What Species Would You Pick

    Humans are easy to emphasize with and writing them is the easiest because we're all human (i swear). Just painting them green, making them really tall, having them only have four fingers or grey skin, none of that really is alien. So, game's simple. If you couldn't pick a humanoid for your...
  10. Jerec Asyr

    In the Strongest Possible Terms

    I would like to recommend not just considering a greater variety of species when making new characters, but actively retconning the species of existing human characters. It's immensely rewarding. In 2021, a couple years after I made my generic humanoid Jerec Asyr, I turned him into an Ithorian...
  11. deplorable

    Work In Progress  Mermari Species

    Ermmm this is like a work in progress species pre codex thingy and its super messy but uhh if you actually manage to read all of this mess feel free to shoot me a pm abt ur thoughts/questions thx <3 1. History 2. Codex post 3. Images pt.1 (not mine) 4. Images pt.2 (mine) 5. Biology NOTES (for...
  12. Tefka

    New Feature  Wednesday Flair Drop - An Undead Species Of Scientists

    science species undead /me gulps for air like a fat kid executing pancakes
  13. Darth Caedes

    Approved Species  Jen'qazoi Species (Lit. "Suppression of Shadows")

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a subservient Sithspawn wraith representing the epitome of Darth Caedes' proficiency in both sorcery and alchemy. Image Credit: MidJourney | Photoshop: Me! GIF I — The Mist GIF II — Supernatural GIF III — Harry Potter Canon: N/A Color Code...
  14. Darth Caedes

    Jen'rusalka Species (Lit. "Bringers of Shadow")

    Mirror, Never Say I am a ghost screams I buried underneath the earth touch my fingers salt of a womb reach down to become sorrow orchid moth Mirror, feed it light Never, Mirror A ghost am I. Say: I buried screams the earth underneath my fingers touch, reach down to a womb of salt...
  15. Darth Caedes

    Approved Species  Jen'koshû Species (Lit. "Shadow Born")

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a Sithspawn Wraith representing Darth Caedes' expertise in Sith Sorcery. Image Credit: MidJourney | Photoshop: Me! Color Code: Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Sith King, Dathka Graush Tsaiwinokka Hoyakut ( spell ) Based on the teachings of the...
  16. Tathra Khaeus

    The Draelvasier - In house species codex page

    The Draelvasier OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To keep an up to date, detailing of the The Draelvasier. Image Credit: Midjourney Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: GENERAL INFORMATION Name: The Draelvasier Designation: Sentient Origins: Extra-Galactic & Draemidus Prime Average...
  17. Roku

    Sub Species of Amarans (Vulmarian) and planet Zollo-3

    So this is What happens when you see a image of a fox holding a lightsaber combined with to mutch thought on how the body defends itself from foreign bodies and can reject Implants and the like. Then it kept spiraling untill i had this. And thus Eevee was born, i joke but i by the end of...
  18. I

    Question  Mechanical Species

    If I am wanting to create a race of mechanical sentient machines, do I need to make both a factory submission for the machine part and then a linked codex sub for the species? Or do I just need to make the species sub?
  19. Corbin Vasher

    Approved Species  Jalkare | Human/Miraluka/Nagai Hybrid Species

    Jalkare OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: For Corbin Vasher's Genetic Background Image Credit: n/a Canon: n/a Permissions: n/a Links: Miraluka, Nagai GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Jalkare Designation: Sentient Origins: Dyspeth Average Lifespan: 100 years Estimated Population...
  20. Kai Bamarri

    Private  Invasive Species

    Somewhere in the underworld of Coruscant... Claws skidded across the pavement. Four feet bounded across a puddle of dirty rainwater, splashing the sooty brick walls on either side of the alley. The air, thick with smog from a nearby factory, cast a cloudy film over the beast's vision. Through...
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