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sorenn-syrush dynasty

  1. Amelia von Sorenn

    An Uncommon Solution for an Uncommon Problem

    A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she stood silently in the office, hands clasped behind her back as her golden hues looked out over the city. A soft smirk though began to slowly tug at the edge of her lips as she slowly turned, her attention falling upon the six armed droid before her. Nodding...
  2. Amelia von Sorenn

    Approved Starship  Amelia Sorenn-Syrush's Personal TIE/c Starfighter

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ..:: Out of Character Information ::.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intent: The production of a Starfighter for Amelia Sorenn-Syrush's personal use. Image...
  3. Amelia von Sorenn

    Sorenn-Syrush White Tie Formal

    A message would flash across the screens of a myriad of individuals - on both private and public terminals of the Holonet for those using them to see - an announcement and an invitation for those eager for a night of dancing, conversing and relaxation in these trying times...
  4. Amelia von Sorenn

    A return to Recopia

    Golden hues peered out over the city, the woman standing silently in the large office - one arm behind her back as the other remained forward - a glass cradled in her hand. Bringing the rim to her lips, she took a long draw of the liquid within, tasting the sanguine ichor as it crossed over her...
  5. Amelia von Sorenn

    The First Steps

    Golden hues gazed out over the city, the woman standing quietly in the large office, a soft smirk upon her lips. She had gotten what she had been working towards and now with everything consolidated under one roof, it was time to further those gains. Her arms remained behind her back, hands...
  6. Amelia von Sorenn

    One Jedi, One Mandalorian and One Sith

    As noted in another thread - and I realized later I should have posted it here in the LFG - I am looking to expand the Sorenn-Syrush name and family. To this end, Amelia Sorenn-Syrush is looking for Royal consorts - and though she's a thing for the women, she'll also accept males if they...
  7. Amelia von Sorenn

    Daughters of the Vampirika

    I have been mulling over a thought in my head for some time now and that is in regards to Amelia and her progeny. While she does have clone daughters - four as of yet unnamed daughters - as well as [member="Imperia Sorenn-Syrush"], she also has a number of adopted daughters that she's brought...
  8. Yoru Shakou

    Vampire Roll Call

    As I continue to work on the Sorenn-Syrush Dynasty subfaction of the CSA - I began to wonder about how many vampires do we have on the board. The Sorenn-Syrush Dynasty is a subfaction with a focus on providing the Vampires of the galaxy a safe haven from those that would otherwise purposely and...
  9. Yoru Shakou

    The Sanguinius Vampirika in Space

    ..:: Sorenn-Syrush Dynasty ::.. The Sorenn-Syrush Dynasty is the Autocratic Stratocracy organized into a loose Federation that reigns over the Ishanna System located in the Commenor Systems Alliance. Founded by Amelia Sorenn-Syrush - whom claimed the relatively untouched Ishanna System - as a...
  10. Yoru Shakou

    Sorenn-Syrush Dynasty

    ..:: Sorenn-Syrush Dynasty ::.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The Darkness before the Dawn" ..:: General Information ::.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Founder: Amelia Sorenn-Syrush...
  11. 4ND-R0

    Orloch Moretti, v2

    Orloch Moretti --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ..:: Biographical Information ::.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Homeworld: Coruscant Birth: 900 BBY Death: N/A Voice: Tony Jay...
  12. Bigkz42

    Aleksandr Sorenn-Syrush

    Aleksandr Sorenn-Syrush --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ..:: Biographical Information ::.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Homeworld: Panatha Birth: 19 BBY Death: TBD...
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