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  1. Solan Charr

    Minor Faction The Confederacy of the Scar Worlds [Faction Ad]

    THE CONFEDERACY OF THE SCAR WORLDS Our Mission: The Confederacy of the Scar Worlds has a simple set of goals. Rebuild the worlds lost to the scouring caused by the Brynadul. Resettle the worlds lost and create a stronger and more stable place out in the far reaches of Wild Space Remove and...
  2. Jonyna Si

    Approved Location Ran Dom Kuun - Scar of Kuun, Home-Tree of the Denik-Cathar

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To Codify the home of my characters, and expand on an underappreciated planet. Image Credits: Main Image, Spaceport, Description Image, Si Household Image, Canopy Outlook Image, Canopy Highway Gif, Best I could find for the Roots image, Mural Image Canon...
  3. Joran Olan

    Private Scar Connection

    SCAR CONNECTIONS - POST ONE Joran had not been expecting visitors. The Eadu Enclave was not empty; a few Jedi had already begun to trickle in now that it was nearing completion, and that was not counting the dozens of support staff and non Force users that resided at the Enclave. Most that...
  4. Kurineth Cull

    Private The Baying of Scarred Hounds

    LOCATION: Dandoran EQUIPMENT: IN BIO WEAPONS: Lightsaber Pike - Single Blade Staff, Phase-knife TAGS: Jin Kyrel Gwyneira Vizsla They had come from the dark of space amid a plethora of ships. The strike poised at a far flung city of Dandoran's surface that promised a great many things. Bodies...
  5. Thomas Barran

    Faction FORT WRATH (The Scar Hounds)

    Mt. Cerberus - Fang of the Beast Mar'Zambul's tallest mountain Altitude: 9.16km Gravity (Base-Camp): 171% Gravity (Highest Plateau): 198% Gravity (Summit): 209% Before the Bloodhound, all of Mar'Zambul's inhabitants (from pasts both near and distant alike) had condemned the Three-Headed hound...
  6. Kelinna Tryn

    Cold Farewell

    THE EMPIRE STEVENS HOMESTEAD | LORRD CASTLE OF GLASS It had been over a year. A year since she had pulled the trigger. Literally. Since everything has changed. Since a part of her died with her father. But ever since Veroleem, he'd been stuck in her thoughts. It would have been his birthday...
  7. Katja Javik

    Private SCAR in a Bar

    THE EMPIRE SCAR SQUADRON 501st Legion Castor E-196 | Kav Canthar | Open to SCAR Location: Ravelin maybe?? idk Finally given the luxury of a couple of days off, she planned to spend the evening in town with what little time she had. It was difficult to maintain any kind of friendships with...
  8. K

    Character Kav Canthar

    Alias Rancor Heavy Class(es) Stormtrooper Special Commando Advanced Recon Trooper Birthplace Ragith III Age Adult Personality Traits Daring Loyal Merciless Education Traits Tough Soldier Lifestyle Traits Genetic Superiority Borne Imperial Rank(s) Sergeant Faction(s) New...
  9. Miranda Io

    Private Crisis of Faith: The Scar Worlds

    City of Midas, Khemost. Armored Apartments... Miranda was stirred from her Low Power Mode (The closest she could get to being asleep) and rose from her bed, a black metal Skeleton with green photo receptors, packed with lethal miniaturized weapons. As Khemost got more and more established...
  10. Haley

    Character Scarlett "Scar" Zann

    NAME: Scarlett "Scar" Zann AGE: 23 SPECIES: Human FACTION: Zann Consortium RANK: Crime Boss HEIGHT: 5'6" WEIGHT: 115 lbs HAIR COLOR: White EYE COLOR: Sapphire STRENGTH: ██ DEXTERITY: ██████ STAMINA: ███████ INTELLIGENCE: ██████████ WISDOM: ██████████ CHARISMA: ███████ Force Sensitive...
  11. Hal Vaiken

    Character Hal Vaiken

    SARGE Music ghost in the trenches Aliases Sarge Bodach Class(es) Stormtrooper Special Commando Advanced Recon Trooper Birthplace Outer Rim Age Thirties Personality Traits Zealous Cynical Arbitrary Education Traits Skilled Tactician Lifestyle Traits Hunter Tradition Rank(s)...
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