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samka derith

  1. Kaalia Pavanos

    A Mirror to the Past

    Avacyn knew that it was highly unlikely the invitation she had sent out would be answered, if it was even received. The last time she and Samka Derith, who also carried the name Decitus Ren, had spoken was long ago and had been nothing short of a hostile encounter. It was a time before Kaalia...
  2. Itash Mecetti


    ETTI IV CORPORATE SECTOR [member="Samka Derith"] This meeting was unorthodox to say the least. It had been specially requested to occur outside of office hours and to stay out of the public ledgers. Odd, but Tash was starting to get used to dealing with Sith, so not entirely out of the...
  3. M

    Return of the Aberration

    The Bastion of Ren. Mishel stood with a cane the weight of her body half against it and the other half slumped against the wall. The cybernetic hand gripped the rounded edge of the handle, damp hair pooled to one side. A black robe draped around her body with a single red cloth tying it...
  4. WolfMortum

    Reclamation or Reckoning?

    Descending down upon the fiery glow of the burned world [member="Bryce Bantam"]'s little game of "Simon Says" had led them to, the Furious Class Corvette touched down against the black decrepit tarmac giving way a loud hiss as the hydraulic's in the landing struts expelled the churning hot air...
  5. C

    Unfinished Business

    The Imperial Palace Avalonia, Dosuun In reality, he could have taken the guards apart in two movements. The cybernetic arm could impale the faceplate of the Stormtrooper to his left, and his blade could cut the trooper to his right in half. But Connor stood under the guard of the First Order...
  6. Kaalia Pavanos


    Something was up, and Kaalia could feel it. She had been called to meet with the Master of Ren Samka Derith before, but this time the message felt off. Even the Force told her so somehow, after this encounter with the purple-haired Ren things would be very much different. That was all the woman...
  7. Kriel Firin

    Not just for Jedi hunters

    His apprentice’s competence in performing Force Lightning was a bonus for Talon Ren as he planned to teach her an ability that was both an offensive and defensive tool. It was an ancient ability, designed to destroy the connections to life – although with practice could be used to wound or just...
  8. Kriel Firin

    First Apprentice

    From a distance, Ambria looked beautiful. An orange world with striking violet rings, it was easily the largest habitable planet in the Stenness system. Yet anyone landing on the world would quickly realise that the beauty faded soon after entering the atmosphere. Unless they were a Knight of...
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