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  1. Balun Vale

    The Calm - Prelude to the DE Invasion of GA Held Coruscant

    The Jedi Temple of Coruscant Balun Vale sat in one of the meditation chambers of the Training Wing, the room vast yet empty. There were no longer any students remaining, save for those able to fight in defence of the heart of the New Jedi Order. Despite disagreements with the clandestine...
  2. Toby Perris

    Private  Bookends

    THE WEIGHT OF REALITYJEDI ARCHIVES NEW JEDI ORDER TEMPLE CORUSCANT Silas Westgard Tobias Perris stared up at the rows upon rows brimming with knowledge, the waver in his lips a miniature war he struggled in against his own worries. The Archives had become his greatest haunt in the slowly...
  3. Alicia Drey

    Populate  The Prelude to War | Empire of the Lost's Populate of Kessel

    State of the Nation - Darth Empyrean convenes a war council consisting of members of the Sith Order to discuss their next target for invasion. The planet Florrum becomes a place of importance due to it's proximity to a Hypergate. Savage Solutions - The Mandalorian Protectors were brought in to...
  4. Phoenix Kasari

    Faction  (Please Delete)

  5. Kyrel Ren

    Public  Shadows & Visions: Prelude to Apocalypse

    Home... What was home? Was it the lush greenlands of a planet, a sound and tranquil ocean of a blue hue, perhaps bustling cities that came and went from one planet? Perhaps what viewed to many as what would or could be described as a normal perception of one's home. For Kyrel Ren it was the...
  6. Halketh


    II. E C L I P S E D K E Z E C LOTHAL "Stay with me. Please..." _ The padawan followed closely behind his Master, fingers picking and kneading at the hemmed sleeve of his tunic as together they ascended the stairs that would feed them to their collective destiny. The padded echo of her boots...
  7. Halketh


    I. W I N G S K E Z E C ILUM "I've nothing to say for myself. Not anymore." _ The weighted grasp of authority on his shoulder made the young miraluka tilt his head slightly, reaching back through the webbing flow around him to cast his vision towards the one who touched him. The gentle, humming...
  8. L'yoom Ka

    Cadence of the Indebted

    CADENCE OF THE INDEBTED Written with Ripley Kühn Togruta make for vicious combatants. Especially if pitted against each other in great numbers. There is a tale of a woman who attempted to insight such a conflict. In this tale, the daughter sees through the deception and outed her Mothers...
  9. Avernus

    Faction  Catalyst

    “Without strife, victory has no meaning. Without strife, we do not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation.” [ DECEPTION ] // Space, Unknown Regions // // Aboard The Dark Praxeum, Kabal Chamber // Everything was slowly falling into place. Many believed that the fledgling...
  10. A

    On the Gavel's Edge

    BASTION... IMPERIAL PALACE An interruption from the day to day operations has occurred. An emergency meeting - members of the Ruling Council having been summoned from all parts of the Empire. Whether in attendance personally or via holo, their presence was required. Events having unfolded...
  11. Paragon of Virtue

    Sleep, No More

    Geonosis: Golbah City [Vanguard of Polaris] Conference Room: Desert Rose [6th Floor] To the majority of the people on Geonosis it was just another day. The sun beat down unrelentingly while the extreme, dry heat, was mostly mitigated by an impressive habitation sphere. Similar technology...
  12. F

    A Spark of Hope [Rebels!]

    BORLEIAS [HR] Rebel Base Imooda Outside Pytheas, Capital of Borleias Beyond the stonework of Pytheas, and just outside of their pyramid temples where roads are marked by the worn in treadmarks and repulsor plates. Laid the rebel base Imooda, named for the native reptile with a spiked tail. A...
  13. Zark San Tekka

    The Last Stand (Underground/ORC)

    There was no place in the verse quite like the Outer Rim. Despite unknowable and incalculable dangers at almost every turn, there was nothing that made Mynock feel more at peace then when he was drifting out here in the black. Master and commander of his own destiny. Galactic powers rose and...
  14. Evoros

    Private Eye

    MANY MONTHS AGO... Evoros sighed and studied her reflection in the window, impatience writ across the lines of her face (save those, of course, she was flawless as ever). It was clear that she was disgruntled, but she kept it from leaking into conversation with the brunette sat next to her as...
  15. Katrine Van-Derveld

    Brotherhood of Darkness (The Prelude)

    Secluded section of the Library, Ryloth There was so much more the library could give her, Katrine was beginning to see as she took more to reading and studying what the secluded area had to offer her rather than finding new friends and getting into trouble. It was not to say Katrine didn't...
  16. Jotham Noktis

    Demon Cleaning

    Rear Admiral Jotham Noktis Kamino 851 ABY [hr] Jotham Noktis stood in the middle of the war room; he was effectively inside an arena. In a short span of time, he would be at the forefront in leading a military campaign against none other than the Galactic Alliance. Many dreaded, unspeakable...
  17. Zonia Kalranoos

    Coruscant: The Wounded Planet [Galactic Alliance]

    On board The Saratoga, a GA Dreadnought-class Mark III ship Enroute from Dulvoyinn to Coruscant Theme Cradled inside the metallic belly of The Saratoga was a small chamber, next to main engine room, barely bigger than a broom closet. Equidistant from both the left and right side of the ship...
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