Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Tarjik Khen

    Character  Toth Kizrann

    TOTH KIZRANN Age 28 GSY Species Dathomirian Gender Male Height 1.73 Meters Weight 64 kg Voice Matthew Yang King as Liu Kang Force Sensitive Yes PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Toth appears to be within parameters for a Dathomirian male. He has peachy-orange skin akin to Brother Viscus...
  2. Lion Darman

    Character  Lion Darman

    NAME: Lion RANK: Mechanic SPECIES: Humanoid BIRTHWORLD: Corellia RESIDENCE: Mon Gazza AGE: 41 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 195cm WEIGHT: 125kg EYES: Brown HAIR: Brown SKIN: Fair FORCE SENSITIVE: No STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Fairly intelligent Talented mechanic Outcast Rogue Gruff personality...
  3. Mnoi Akûti

    Character  Mnoi Akûti

    [GENERAL] [TRAITS] [ABILITIES] [KNOWN ORIGINS] [GEAR] [MISSION LOGS] general G E N E R A L NAME: Mnoi Akûti FACTION: Rimward Trade League RANK: Outcast SPECIES: Mostly-Human Sith Offshoot AGE: 23 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 2 m (~6'6") WEIGHT: 115 kg (~253.5 lbs) EYES: Ice Blue (739bd0) HAIR...
  4. T

    Private  The Outcast and the Survivor

    SILENT OUTCAST TAG : Elina Cadirri LOCATION : Crystal Caves, Ilum THEME : Theme - - - - - Ilum. Home of the Gathering, a millennia old tradition undertaken by Jedi Younglings; a snow-covered world with a proud history, reduced to a hollowed husk of its former self. Caves which had, once, been...
  5. Sarcev Pestage

    Character  Armand Merovech: Undercover Outcast

    NAME: Armand Merovech FACTION: None yet RANK: Dark Jedi Knight HOMEWORLD: Zeltros SPECIES: Zeltron AGE: 33 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6’1 BUILD: Slim EYES: Icy Blue HAIR: Black SKIN: Pale FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes LANGUAGES: Galactic Basic, Zeltron, Droidspeak, Minnisiat, Huttese STRENGTHS...
  6. Bendak Crail

    Character  Bendak Crail

    Name: Bendak Crail Homeworld: Bespin Faction: First Order (Formerly) Crimson Hand (Formerly) None currently. Rank: Knight of Ren Age: 20 Race: Human Force Sensitive: Yes Hair: Black Eyes: One Brown, One Blind Weight: : 135 LBs Height: 6'0 Biography: Bendak began his life in the Tibanna gas...
  7. A

    Akita Silasrune

    NAME: Akita Silasrune FACTION: The Network RANK: None SPECIES: Gurlanin AGE: 201 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 180 centimetres WEIGHT: 70 kilograms EYES: Black HAIR: Black SKIN: Varied FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES : Strong in the Force Decades of training with the...
  8. Kaiah Sixsipita

    Kaiah Sixsipita

    KAIAH SIXSIPITA NAME: Kaiah Sixsipita; Pure Black Eagle FACTION: None. RANK: Spellweaver outcast from her clan. SPECIES: Near-Human (Supposedly half Kiffar and half Hapan) AGE: Nineteen SEX: Female; Heterosexual HEIGHT: 5'2" WEIGHT: 117 lbs. EYES: Hazel green like her father. HAIR...
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