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myles vylumnar

  1. Riamah


    Ra has been working many jobs over the past few months and has made a small amount of credits. Enough that she can take some time off for herself. She had met a Jedi recently in her travels and had noticed his lightsaber at his side. It looked very similar to an item she owned. The item didn't...
  2. Myles Vylumnar

    Finding Oneself [SOLO]

    CHAPTER I ACT I, WON SHASOT (Orbit) Myles Vylumnar War. War never changes. It was the dead of night. Rummaging through the forests, eyes peering at every corner. Creatures, tall in stature yet cautious by nature. No, these were not creatures. They were people. People plagued by...
  3. Myles Vylumnar

    The Sting of a Scorpion

    COMMENOR AN ABANDONED WAREHOUSE Myles Vylumnar It was yet another arms deal. While, initially, he found such things to be too tedious to be worth putting effort in, Myles realized the potential fortune that gun-running could bring. It was amazing how many credits you could make just supplying...
  4. Darth Abyss

    The Swarm Initiative

    Malachor V - The Blessing If someone came looking for capable mercenaries or bounty hunters on Malachor the path would lead inevitable to the Tainted City at some point. But Darth Abyss was not looking for more goons to throw at his enemies, no he had enough of them already. Recent events had...
  5. Myles Vylumnar

    Approved Tech  Myles' Cloak/Coat

    IMAGE Image Source: LucasArts concept art Intent: Fashion statement Development Thread: If needed Manufacturer: Myles Vylumnar Model: N/A Affiliation: Myles Vylumnar Modularity: Yes (Completely) Production: Unique Material: Leather-like cloth Classification: Clothing Weight: 1kg Quality: 1...
  6. Myles Vylumnar

    Feedback and Critique, Please

    So, lately I've been feeling like my character is really... cliche, or typical in some way. I just want to do and be so many things at once because it's been so fun RPing with you guys in the short time I've been here, but at the same time I don't want to over-saturate my character with...
  7. Myles Vylumnar


    <!DOCTYPE mcdb> <ACCESS databank.FILE="Myles Vylumnar"> <link href="//HOLONET.sisRECORD.606j/sis/security-HIGH"> var db.param= {}; db.param_id= 'M169-V392777'; ACCESS GRANTED! "This is the last time I catch that little bastard in bed with my daughter! I want his head and groin on...
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